139 Episode 138 ~ Victor ~.txt

It was not a good idea to fight inside the building, so I went out into the courtyard.
I was a little surprised when I went up there, about three steps higher than the ground, and saw Victor.
The part of him that had been hidden by the throne earlier was now exposed.

'Centaurs ......?'

The figure was truly half man, half beast.
In the audience room, the hooves of his feet were visible, but the torso of the horse that stretched out behind him was not visible.
Since he came to the Beast Race territory, he had seen various beastmen, but this was the first time he had seen someone with such a thick beast blood.
Most of them had a body that looked like the body of a human race with beastliness added to it, so it would be rare to see a horse with a whole lower body.

Where did I hear this from, duel(?) By the time it was time to do the "I'm not going to do this" thing, a lot of people started gathering.
There were so many that I wanted to ask them where they were until now.
Only here, in a quiet corner of the place, it becomes noisy and noisy.
Most of them were soldiers, but some of them looked like officials, and I was a little worried about whether their work was okay.

Or rather, just like in the elven tribal territory, it's all dueling.
No, if it was the beastman tribe that had a lot of blood in their veins, is it strange that they had a duel in the elven tribal territory with a gentle nature?

When King Igtham, Ria, and Amelia came out of the second floor balcony, the soldiers of the quintessential stone were also silent.
The soldiers of the largest nation of the beastman tribe are as expected.
Their skill level is different from the soldiers in Leatis Castle.
It's rare to see Amelia's face without a murmur.

''Well, I've asked you all to gather here, Akila Oda, the heroic summoner, and Victor, the strongest in the castle, will face off.''

To my surprise, the strongest man in the castle was Victor.
It was a surprising word, since from the outside, he looked rather like he was writing a report at his desk.
There was a man among the soldiers who was more muscular and bigger than Victor, but Victor was stronger than those guys?
People are not as good as they seem after all.

The word "brave summoner" was flying around from the soldiers.
Well, it seems that all of my classmates, except for me and the other brave men, are still holed up in Leatis Castle, so it's not surprising that they are surprised.
We don't even know if they're alive or dead.
It was solely rumored that this time the summoning of the heroes was a failure.

''This is not a private battle, but a genuine duel conducted in the name of the Beastman Domain Uruk King Igtham Lagoon. I urge both sides to give each other their all.

Victor carries his weapon, a battle axe, on his shoulders, while I hold the daggered Night Sword God in my hands.

Then, begin!

The moment King Igtham said that from the second floor, with a snapping of hooves, Victor instantly closed in on him and swung the battle axe over his shoulder.

''Ooh, that's badass.''

Well, I'll avoid it in plenty of time.
The outside world cheered.

'Oh! Avoid that speed!

I'm not sure even I could have avoided that one: ......

After avoiding the blow, a standoff at a distance ensued.
He walked in circles and slipped on the edge of the field, keeping his spacing intact.

'I thought ...... assassins would do something stupid like frontal combat, but apparently not so much.

Victor says as he mutters.
I'm surprised when he suddenly starts talking.
I don't answer and wait for them to answer.

'But ...... how about this!

He half-avoided the battle axe, which was swung down with more speed than before, but he followed it as if he had read it.


He jumped to avoid the battle axe moving to cut his body in half and landed on top of the swinging battle axe.



I swing my dagger at his neck, but Victor dodges, launching his battle axe upwards.
I spun in the air and landed a little farther away.
And before I could catch my breath, I kicked the ground and slashed at Victor.

'Oh! You carry yourself like a lightworker!

What a quick move!

I didn't see him.

Two daggers and a battle axe crossed amidst the cheers.
I was the one who was being pushed around in a battle of wits, even though I was clearly the one with the weaker strength in terms of my body type.
The battleaxe blown away by the dagger dances high in the sky and pierces the ground.

''That's it!

I drew the dagger I was holding up to Victor, who was on his ass at the sound of King Igtham's voice.
I looked up at the upstairs balcony and met eyes with Amelia.
When I looked closer, I saw that she was saying something with her mouth full.
Too much fun?
Sure, I thought it wouldn't be fun to hear that he was the largest and strongest of the beast race's largest nations and to end it in an instant, but it's quintessential to have been spotted.

''Hey, can you stand up?''

I held out my hand to Victor, who wouldn't get up on his butt for any length of time.
He's muttering something all the time, as if it's so unlikely that the human race will do it to him.

'Don't touch me!'

The hand I held out was flicked off with a pasty flick.

'Don't touch me as a human being! Why you! You and others!

He stares at me with bloodshot eyes.
Unlike before the duel, he tilts his head in a somewhat nonchalant manner.
Did I do something to offend you?

For some reason, the screaming Victor was taken into the castle by the soldiers who were around him.
The rest of the soldiers gathered around me.
Then one of the soldiers apologized for Victor.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Victor," he said, "but there was a time when there were problems with the humans and whenever one of them was about to touch you, he would do that. If you don't touch him, I think he'll calm down, so you should give him a shout out again.

Yeah. Okay.

They're surprisingly adored.
Well, if there was something wrong with him, it couldn't be helped.
I felt like it was clearly a grudge against me personally, but I decided not to think about it.