140 Episode 139 ~ 4 to 1 ~.txt

But you're moving like a maniac!

'Yes, yes! Let's have a fight with me, too!

Me too!

One of the characteristics of the beast race as a whole is that they are belligerent, but I didn't expect them to be so stuffy.

''Wow, okay. Come over and take it one by one, as many as you want.''

When I said that, the soldiers cheered.
Would this not be in a private fight?
Is it good because a man of high status is standing on the sidelines, as you can see?
Four of the soldiers went up to the top of the stage, which was three steps higher, and the others were buzzing about.

''Then the fifty-fifth company commander, Thomas, will be the judge! Whoever yields Lord Oda will have my special drink! Get fired up and go!

'Oh! Squadron Leader Fatty!

It's our turn now.

Before I know it, it's going to come with a prize, and I feel like more and more people are mindlessly participating with it.
If I don't get home before dark, I'll be in the field today.
I looked up at the upstairs balcony to see if they wouldn't stop, but I didn't see Leah or Amelia, let alone the king.
I desperately need healing just to look at them.

'Then begin!'

As soon as I gave the signal to begin, I used 'air cover'.
It's too much trouble, so let's just end it all at once.

''Hey, where did he go?


"Doesn't anyone else have a 'jailer'!

He crept through the dark clouds of soldiers wielding their respective weapons and crept up behind the highest status man I saw.


When I bite him from behind with a so-called neck bite, the man loses consciousness before he can scream.

"Oh, Captain Gen has been eliminated early! You sunk it without even allowing me to scream! That leaves three! Who will take his head? Hey, someone, get Captain Gen out of there without getting involved!

Before I knew it, the courtyard was abuzz with activity.
I followed suit and slammed the hilt-head of my dagger into the pigeontail of the second highest status man.
He collapses with a groan.

'Followed by Ardorf's platoon leader dropping out! That leaves two!

Now, it's time to unravel "Concealment of Signs".
It's so much fun, it's going to be boring to watch you disappear from the very beginning to the very end.

''Oh! This is where Master Oda shows up to unleash his skills! Do it now!

Isn't the actual situation neutral?
Well, if the referees are neutral, it doesn't matter.

I have nothing against you, but...

We'll take your head!

The other two come together as if they are working together as an indication.
If it's the last two, then so be it.

'But I'm sorry.'

After dangerously dodging their attacks, I put a blow into the nape of his neck one at a time, and he froze a bit like a movie kill shot, then fell to the ground.
I didn't know that was actually possible.
I always thought it was a fake.

'That's it! The winner, Lord Oda!

Maybe it's because of Amelia's sermon that I got into the habit of looking at statuses, but it's easier to build a fight.
However, if you keep looking at it for a long time or shift your perspective to things like objects, you get a headache due to the amount of information that comes into your field of vision.
The time of use is important to note, but it's good to know that you can use it in battle.

I sighed when I saw the two unconscious men being dragged cunningly away and the five who came up to replace them.
I look at them and see many soldiers excitedly waiting their turn.
I wanted to ask King Igtham a lot of questions, but would we be able to get it done before the evening in the first place?

'Akira, can we get this done in time?'

...... I don't know.

After that, the soldiers who challenged me all fainted, leaving bruises on their bodies.
After defeating them all without a single breath, I shook off the high-ranking executives who invited me to join them for a drink and joined Amelia.
It seems that no matter how many times I told them I was underage, they just nodded their heads, so I got them to agree with me by telling them that drinking was bad for their race.
If it weren't for that, I could have left the castle earlier.

By the way, the sun is already halfway down.
And the ship is slow.
We've borrowed a boat for the royalty, and we're moving leisurely through the middle of the waterway, but will we make it in time?

'We didn't get much of a date after all, did we?

I had decided that I was going to spoil Amelia to the hilt today.
When I sat down on the couch where people were about to be ruined, Amelia smiled and shook her head as I said that.

'It's been a long time since I've seen Akira fight,'

Was it? I nodded my head.
It's true that before coming to Uruk, I never had to pull out anything other than grooming the Night Sword God for contests and such.

I love seeing Akira fight. You look great today.

I put my hand over my mouth in an unexpected surprise and turned away.
I could never let Amelia see my face now.
I don't have a mirror, but there's no doubt that I look pathetic.

'I see. Then I'm glad.''

Amelia sits down next to me.
Even without looking at her face, I could see what Amelia looks like.
She must have a melting smile on her face.

''I'm glad I followed Akira. If I were in the elven tribal territory, I wouldn't be living such an exciting life. I don't even have a good meal, and most importantly, I have Akira. So every day is a treat for me. Thank you ....... For getting me out there.

It was embarrassing to be told that again.
But I turned to Amelia, thinking I should return it seriously.

'I didn't take you out. It was Amelia who wished to follow me, and it was Amelia who chose to do so. Amelia decided what she wanted to do on her own. So I guess I should be the one to thank her. Thank you for taking me rather than spending time with my family.

Amelia's eyes widened for a moment, and then she smiled a melting smile.

'Awesome. Akira always gives me the words I want.

That's great. ......, we'll be at the central fountain. We need to get ready to come down.

He pulled away from Amelia, who nodded, and went up to the deck of the ship.
I saw the sun setting with the same red color as in Japan.
Apparently we'll make it before the sun goes down.