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The moment Akira won the duel, King Igtham was quite upset.

''Stupid ...... human race defeated the beast race? That's not possible!

Leah didn't lose her expression because she had seen Akira's strength in the Brute Labyrinth, but that was why King Igtham was so upset.

'Why are you so upset? Akira has beaten my sister as well. If you can't win with that much time to spare. Besides, you knew what we were up to. Then it would be strange if you didn't know what happened with Kirika.

King Igtham's silence convinced me that the hypothesis I had been considering was correct.

'All the information you mentioned about us, it was all about the beastmen. ...... Can you explain, please?

I secretly heard Akira talking about how the bandits who attacked us in the Elves were wearing the Uruk crest.
The ringleader seems to be Gram, but if they had the crest on their swords, it could be a soldier from here.
I don't want to think that King Igtham was instructing his countrymen to kidnap them, but if they're going to harm Akira, it's a different story.
Whether it was a king or even a god, he had to get rid of anything that stood in Akira's way.

King Igtham walked into the room from the balcony and sat down deep on the couch there.

'All right. You can hang it there. Leah, I'm sorry, but could you go ask for drinks for a few people?

Yes, stepfather.

After Leah walked out of the room, I sat down in the chair across from King Igtham.

'First of all, how much do you know about Gram?'

'I was your sister's child, and she loved me because it was hard for royalty to have children. But she got too carried away and started using the authority of royalty to do whatever she wanted. Even after he was made a guildmaster, that didn't stop him, and eventually he even dabbled in medicine, and even the king couldn't stop him.

King Igtham frowned and nodded as he summed up what he'd heard from Leah on the ship.

''That's right. Even with our current troops, we can't beat mercenaries strengthened by Gram's medicine. Besides, the bandits who attacked the elves in their territory are our own soldiers, but they too have been driven mad by the potion. I want to separate the soldiers who are being controlled by the potion from those who aren't, but I can't tell them apart. It's too much for me. That boy was always a smart kid.

Then why did you ask Akira to assassinate me? You don't trust Akira's abilities.

If you want to make sure they are killed, you can leave it to the royal family's assassins.
No nation can exist without a dirty job, so I'm sure they have an assassin or two on their side.

'If they fail, they'll come aboard with a story about it. That must be avoided. On the other hand, that man doesn't even know what horse's bones he's on, and he's not a resident of this world, is he? If you fail and die, it won't be an intercontinental problem. Isn't that the best way to use it?

I don't want you to ask me to agree with you, but I understand that kings sometimes have to make those choices.
But there's a difference between understanding and agreeing with him.

'Akira will never be your tool. But what if Akira goes back to the world he came from? If you ask me, the country that Akira was in is considerably more civilized than this world. If we end up in conflict with it, we might be destroyed.

'Hmmm, hahahahaha!

As I said this, King Igtham opened his mouth wide and laughed.

'It's not hard to imagine what it must have been like where he was, given his gestures, but it's never going to happen. That future will never come.

As I recall, King Igtham's occupation was a transcriber.
He shouldn't be able to see the future, but he was assured of that.
When I nodded my head, King Igtham's mouth twisted into a sneer.

'Impossible is impossible,' he said. They live in this world and die in this world. They will never return to the world they came from. ...... Well, it's beautiful to see them pursue a single dream, though. Even more so if it's out of reach.

I haven't known this king since I met him when I followed your father, so I didn't know him very well, but I think I finally understand him.
It makes sense that this scoundrel Gram is a relative.
In a word, he has a bad character.

''He may have taken you out of the Elven Tribal Domain, but you should decide how to behave yourself sooner rather than later. You may be with him for fun now, but you're the next queen of the Elf Clan.

The word "plaything" hit me like a punch to the gut.
I have no intention of becoming the next queen, but I've been told a lot of times that I'm the next queen.
But the fact is that being with Akira is not a game.
I want to say that out loud, but I can't.
I followed Akira of my own volition.
It's not that Akira took me out.
But would it be perceived that way if an elven princess and a heroic summoner's human race were together?
Would it be a problem for Akira?

'Excuse me ....... I'm sorry for the delay. I was out of tea leaves and I brought you some lemon water.

Nevertheless, Leah, who was still very slow, came in.

'Oh, I see. Well, I'll have to go buy some more.

Yes. Lady Amelia, it's time to send you home.

Leah, who was pale, said so, and I nodded and got up from my seat.

''Now, if you'll excuse me.''


In the end, I didn't get to say a word back.