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Um, ...... Lady Amelia?

Leah looks at me like she's afraid.
I stopped to meet Leah who stopped.


Oh, I'm sorry. I overheard you earlier.

He shook his head at Leah, who lowered her head.
Then I start walking again.
Leah hurriedly follows behind me.

I'm aware of that when Leah came in at that point in time.
I don't have the skill of 'sensing signs' like Akira, so I don't know when it started, but the only person who can come in at that timing just as the conversation was interrupted would be the one who was listening to the conversation.

'I don't care. ...... What did Leah think? Do I look like I've been forced by Akira?

Leah looked a little sad, then nodded, albeit modestly.

'I may be prejudiced, but I believe that when a brave summoner is with the elves, he is either a party member or has been taken out. In my father-in-law's case, I know how strong Amelia-sama is, so I suppose he saw it as the former.

In other words, they think I've been made one of the party members.
So they're taking pity on me without permission.

'But, of course, not all of them are! I, of course, have noticed, as have all the women in this castle!

When I nodded my head to Leah, who was wavering for some reason, she glanced down at my left hand.

The "ring finger" on your left hand is the rumored act of perpetual happiness when done between people who are in love! There was a mark on the ring finger of Akira-sama's left hand, and several pairs of the same marks in the castle, so I recognized it immediately!

Leah says with a twinkle in her eye.
I didn't know it was such a famous act.
There was something wrong with me and Akira at the time, so I didn't think about the pain that hit me after I fell asleep and woke up, or the stinging I felt while I was taking a bath.
I would have hesitated a bit if I had.

'Is it prevalent?'

'Yes! As I recall, it was written in a book that was passed down from the human race. It seems to have been popular among the human race, and it's read by many people in the Beast Race territory as well!

I wondered if Leah had read it, and then I got to the courtyard where I thought Akira was.

'That's nice! A drink or two!

You're not gonna grow up to be a man if you don't drink!

I don't drink, for Christ's sake!

The buzzing and noisy courtyard was filled with Akira and the country's generals.

''After that, there was a crowd of soldiers who wanted to deal with Akira-sama, and it seems that they are being offered drinks by the generals who came after they had probably dealt with all of them. Akira-sama, he likes you, doesn't he?

Leah's explanation gave me a general idea of the situation.
As I recall, in Akira's country, you can't drink alcohol unless you're an adult.

''I have to be back by sunset or I'm out in the field. So, move out of the way!

They are trying to wade through the soldiers, but there are so many of them anyway that Akira is getting buried.

'Well, I'll take care of the soldiers, so Amelia-sama will go to the ship with Akira-sama. I'll visit you at the inn tomorrow!

Then, without hearing my reply, Leah went towards the soldiers.

''General Zarath! Are you done with the office today?

'Gee, Dear Leah: ......'

The generals all frowned as soon as they saw Leah's face.

''Besides, General Sheila is supposed to be under a prohibition from his wife!

You tipped off Master Liura... ......

While Leah was stopping the generals, Akira slipped out from among the soldiers.

'Oh! Master Leah's sermon is about to begin!

"I'm loving the fact that you're pissed at the generals, Lady Leah. ......

Leah herself said she was adopted or something, but the people of the castle seem to have accepted Leah.
It's a little bit unacceptable that Leah, who is like a sister to them, is being treated like a mother, though.

''Akira, we have to go quickly or we'll be in the field.

I said, and Akira huffed and took my right hand and ran off, taking my right hand.
I looked down at the ring finger of my left hand, which was on the right side of my right hand.
The ring was shaved so deeply that it still has a dark red color.
I have the same ring on my left hand.

Sorry Amelia, we have to hurry!

I squeezed Akira's left hand tightly.

If I mentioned Leah's name, we could get on board the ship, which was already ready to sail.
Akira sank down on the couch and breathed.

'We didn't get much of a date after all, did we?'

Akira muttered to himself.
I shook my head at that.

'It's been a long time since I've seen Akira fight. I like seeing Akira fight. You were cool again today.

When I laughed at that, Akira put his hand over his mouth and turned away.
Surprisingly, Akira is shy.

''I see. Then I'm glad.''

I sat down next to Akira, wanting to be a little nasty.
Gently, I leaned over and looked into Akira's face.
I couldn't see much of her face, but the ears I could see through her hair were bright red.

''I'm glad I followed Akira. If I was in the elven tribal territory, I wouldn't be living such an exciting life. I don't even have a good meal, and most importantly, I have Akira. So every day is a treat for me. Thank you ....... For getting me out there.

I was shocked to hear that it was all just for fun.
But even if it was my choice to leave the elven tribe's territory, Akira was the one who took me out.
So I wanted to thank him again.

Then Akira met me with a serious expression on his face.
Her face was still red, but she thought it was serious and turned to me.

'I didn't take you out. It was Amelia who wished to follow me, and she chose to do so. Amelia has decided what she wants to do on her own. So I guess I should be the one to thank her. Thank you for taking me rather than spending time with my family.

Apparently I was more concerned about the words from King Igtham than I thought I was.
That's why I was really happy to hear Akira's words.
My cheeks loosened up enough that I could see it for myself.

''Amazing. Akira always gives me the words I want.''

That's great. ......, we'll be at the central fountain. We need to get ready to come down.

Looking a little embarrassed, Akira said and pulled my hand away and went up to the deck of the ship.
I could see the sun setting just beyond the central fountain.
I'm glad we're going to make it before the sun goes down.