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Are you Amelia-sama and Akira-sama?

A man dressed like a butler was standing in the central fountain, about where Morning Leah was.
The somewhat feeble-looking man called my name and I couldn't help but look at Amelia.

'Yeah, it's us,'

The man looks relieved and bows his head in place.

'By order of Master Crow, I will escort you both to the inn, Emile.

I relaxed as Emile bowed his head once more, saying nice to meet you, and I relaxed.
Suddenly a stranger called my name, and apparently I was wary without knowing it myself.

''We'll head out on foot from here. Your feet will be slippery, so be careful.

Even though it is a water town, of course, there are roads and bridges to walk on, so it is possible to move around on foot.
However, it is very complicated and all the buildings are of the same shape and color, so it is not safe to walk around without a guide who knows the way.
A long time ago, one of the adventurers tried to map the maze of the city, but it was so complicated that he failed to do so in a year and a half.
Even so, thanks to him, he was able to map out most of the main streets of the town and the number of tourists increased.
As we walked along the road, we heard from Emil, the grandson of the adventurer, "I'm not sure if it was a good job or not.

'There's nothing you can't do if you work hard and do your best, but not in that town,' my grandfather used to say. I hope you two will take care when you're on foot.

After a twenty-minute walk from the central fountain, Emile stopped in the middle of the hotel district, which looked very expensive to look at.
The top floor was far up, and it hurt her neck to look at it.

Welcome to the Caesar Hotel. It is an honor to receive the princess of the elven tribe and the brave summoner.

The sight of all the employees lined up and bowing like in any other inn made me want to take a right turn and leave.
The other day at the Hotel Raven, as a commoner, it was hard for me to feel out of place.

You're not going, Akira.

Oh, no, I'm coming.

But since the hotel was chosen by that Crowe, it must be safe.
If that's the case, then Crowe has a very broad face.

We were led to a room on the top floor.
I'm afraid to ask the price.

''Ah, so you're finally here.''

Crow was elegantly sipping tea in a room that was clearly too big for the three of us to use.

It's a good thing that the hotel you take is only a luxury hotel, just like the hotel in Mari. We don't have that much money.

I put my bags down and said it, and Amelia nodded yes.
Well, the main reason we're short of money is because of Amelia's food expenses.

'Don't worry about it. This is another one of those guys who owes me a favor.

You seem to be walking across the street to get the loan back.
I mean, aren't they often lending to hotel personnel?

'Like getting rid of the drunks at the hotel. This hotel, as I recall, was being run by a rival company that was jealous of how well it was being run, and they were trying to get a rampaging horse to go into it.

Could you have done the physical instead of the sticky harassment?
I wonder what would happen in such a case in Japan.
If it were in Japan, they would be charged with damage to property or injury, but there is no constitution or penal code in this country, and there is no organization like the police.
Even if a person commits murder, there is no place to judge him or her, and there is no law to serve as a norm.
What is it like to live in a world without the concept of sin?
It's been quite a while since I came to this world, but I don't think I'm familiar with the rules, or the tacit understanding, because I haven't settled in one place.

How did you stop that?

I held the horse down and I asked him to give me an anesthetic because there was a guy nearby with an animal tranquilizer.

Is it just me, or does it seem like it takes a lot of strength to keep a runaway horse at bay?
I still have a pretty strong image of Crowe, but I wonder how strong it was in its heyday.
I mean, what's the status of having a guy with anesthesia nearby?

What happened to that rival company?

It's fallen into disrepute, but it's still operating in the building across the street.

As we were talking about such trivial things, Amelia started to pedal the boat in a hurry.
Indeed, it's usually time to go to bed.

"Amelia, if you're sleepy, you need to go to your bedroom and get some sleep.

Ummm, yeah, .......

He restrains Amelia's hand from rubbing her eyes while raising his voice, which he can't tell if it's an affirmation or a denial.

'See, if you rub your eyes, they'll turn red,'

'N-....... Akira, hug.

When she wants to sleep, Amelia becomes even more childlike and spoiled than usual.
It's times like these that I'm lucky to have a spoiled sister.
I'm very grateful to be able to deal with it without bothering her.
I started talking to Crow again with Amelia in my arms.
The warmth of Amelia in my arms made me feel a little chilly inside, but I didn't mind.

'...... you look like an elven tribe,'

Crow tells me that, perhaps seeing how greedily he absorbs knowledge.
I laughed and held Amelia back in my arms.

'You remind me of a man. The man isn't elven either, but like you, he's asked me a lot of questions.

Crowe smiled a little sadly at that.