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The Adventurer's Guild in Uruk had the impression that it was kept clean for being used as a renovated tavern.
The Adventurer's Guild in Uruk was the opposite, dimly lit and dirty.
There were reddish-black stains on the walls in places, and one could guess that drunken adventurers would go on a rampage or something.
In a bad way, it's just as I imagined the adventurer's guild to look like.
Am I the only one who feels that the guild master's personality is directly reflected in the guild?

There was a large counter in the Adventurer's Guild, and the staff was busy inside.
There were fewer staff members than in Uruk, and no requests were posted.
Presumably, both the purchase of demon parts and the acceptance and ranking of requests were done within the counter by the staff.
Obviously, this is inefficient and not rational.
On the other hand, adventurers were stirring up drinks in what looked like a resting area in the Adventurers Guild.
This is the same for adventurers everywhere.
Don't drink alcohol in the morning.

When I opened the door and walked in, all eyes were on me first, then Amelia, and then moved on to the night.
It's always like this when I'm walking around, so you get used to it.

'Welcome to the Uruk Adventurer's Guild. What can I do for you today?

A staff member, his face pale at the sight of Amelia, walked out of the counter and rushed over.
Amelia's face is widely known for that contest.
That's why when you go out, you're going to get a lot of stares, and although she doesn't mind at all, it's very uncomfortable for me.

''That's Princess Amelia, right? ......

'...... Why haven't they kidnapped you yet? The person who won the contest would definitely be gone.

It's a fake.

The voices of the drunkards echoed well within the Adventurer's Guild.
They must be saying this on purpose to be heard.
Why is it that drunks are such a troublesome lot?
It seems that the reason I can't hear the snide remarks about the night is because I can't see them from a positional standpoint.
Well, I won't keep my mouth shut when someone says bad things about the night.

It's a very good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

Amelia's eyebrows twitched when the red-haired man who was seated a little further away said that.
I didn't mind, but it seemed to have disturbed Amelia.
She was answering the guild official, but her eyes were on the adventurer.

''There's nothing much to do. I just came to see what the adventurer's guild of the largest beast race nation is like. But it seems that the only adventurers here are effeminate people. The Adventurer's Guild is also annoyed by all the noise they make in the morning.

Amelia's eyes at times like this are exactly the right way to describe it: absolute zero.
Changing the temperature of the room just by getting angry is a trick that only Amelia can do.
A nearby staff member hissed and took a step back.

''What? I'm telling you, I'm Master Raul, a silver-ranked adventurer! It's Raul the Whirlwind! Who the hell are you to be a pussy?

I want to say something to the lion adventurer who kicks his chair and gets up.
So what's the matter.
I looked at him coldly, and Amelia's eyes narrowed as if she was thinking the same thing.

'So? If you're a silver-ranked adventurer with two names, what are you allowed to do? What am I allowed to say? Enough with the hubris.

The lines are the kind of words you'd say to a motherly, mischievous child, but they contain a chilling intimidation that is scary to say the least.
I would apologize instantly, but this adventurer seems to be different.

''Shut up, shut up, shut up!

Screaming like a child, the lion adventurer raised his fist at Amelia.
The other adventurers shouted for stillness, but their hands did not stop.

''I can't miss that ...... quicksilver.

I held Amelia from behind and took that fist in my hand with a paciously.
Not only did it blow away, my body didn't move a millimeter.
As for me, it's as much of a shock as a baby hitting me.
Raul, or rather the lion adventurer, looked at it in disbelief.

'Amelia, you're provoking me too much. I'm sorry to make ...... noise. But it's best not to say anything unnecessary because your heads might physically fly off. Besides, Amelia is a real elven princess.

He said a few words to Amelia in his arms and then turned his attention to the drunks.
When I warned them that, the drunk ones remembered what I had said and their faces turned blue.
Even the guild staff who were looking at Amelia with scowling eyes averted their gaze.

''You, rather than that, let go of my hand!

I looked at Raul, who was barking gawking like he didn't give a d*mn about other people, and his dusky gold eyes were glaring at me.
It's more beautiful gold at night.

'I don't like it. If I let you go, they might hit me again. You don't even know what they're capable of, don't come at me. Didn't your parents teach you to cherish your things?

He looked at the chair he had kicked over and said.
The chair had broken one of its legs from the impact of being kicked down.
Raul doesn't listen to me, he wriggles around and tries to pull his fist out of my hand, but neither my hand nor Raul's twitches.

'Okay, let me go!

I don't know if he really understands what he's saying to me, but I let go of his hand anyway.

'I'm sorry! Raul, you're too stupid to be so dexterous in assessing your opponent's strength!

A girl from the guild staff, in what looked like a wheelchair, with mountain-blue hair, came out of the guild staff and bowed to us.
I mean, she made fun of us in a very serious voice.

'What? Kerriacola! What part of me is stupid!

The part where you pick a fight with anyone and the list goes on and on!

Raul said that to the girl in the wheelchair, but the girl called Kellia puffed out her cheeks and clenched her fists.

'Ha, do it again,'

I don't get tired of it every day.

I felt like the air inside the Adventurer's Guild, which had been tense because of us, had loosened up, as if it was always the case.