152 Episode 151 ~ Raul ~.txt

'Anyway, I'm really sorry! I don't mind beheading Raul-kun, so please, no meekness in the Adventurer's Guild, please!

'f*ck you! You sold me out!

The adventurers who had been swearing at me must have sobered up from my words and left the adventurer's guild with pale faces, so I sat down in an empty seat at Kellia's suggestion, but it was interesting to see that the teabag was a husband and wife comedy.
The other guild staff members were not only stopping but laughing as well.
By the way, at night, he doesn't move still on my shoulder like a figurine so as not to scare the beastmen, but he seems to be holding back his laughter with the occasional twitch and shake.

'There is no meekness in the Adventurer's Guild, nor in you guys. I was the one who was narrow-minded. I'm sorry.''

Amelia was completely poisoned by the marital comedy that was unfolding in front of her, and she bowed her head, saying that she had said too much.
Kellia is upset by that.
On the other hand, the person in question turned away and puffed out his cheeks.
A kid.

''No, no! It's all Mr. Raul's fault! Here, Raul, you owe me an apology, too.

Where is that kind of power in a white, thin arm that has never been exposed to the sun, Kellia held Raul's head down and made him lower his head.
Is this girl really a human race?
It's the first time I've ever doubted the World's Eye.

Holy shit! What the hell are you doing?

'Well, originally, it was because of your bad language, Raul! Besides, I'm not going to beat up on a new person for pointing a finger at a figure! That's what you promised me a while back! You're banned from here!

I wonder when this will end.
I'm somewhat convinced that "ken couple" is a term that refers to them.
They are the very embodiment of the fact that the more they fight, the closer they get to each other.

The two of you, Princess Amelia and the "dark assassin" are stunned.

Oh, I'm sorry, too!

The two finally stop jostling each other when a threadbare human race man in indigo kimono calls out to me.
I narrow my eyes as I wave my hand at Keria, who lowers her head and says she doesn't care.
What's it really like to be an assassin whose name is roaring on the surface as well as being revealed in my face?
I mean, I've never done anything that looks like an assassin.

''It's nice to meet you for the first time. My name is Mamoru, I'm the deputy guild master in the Uruk Adventurers Guild. I've heard a lot about you two.

The name and the clothes look very Japanese.
No, there are not so many people who wear Japanese clothes nowadays.
I'm not sure if he is from Yamato, the country of the human race, because it is said to be a Japanese-looking country.
Mamoru looked down at me and Amelia's fingers.

I'm sure that no matter how many fakes appear, no one else wears a ring that deep.

Following Mamoru's gaze, it was the ring finger of his left hand.
Unlike the other wounds, that mark, which was quite deep, remained intact without being covered by a pressure ulcer.
The same was true of Amelia's finger.

'What, it's known over here too?

'Yes. But few things really hurt each other's fingers like you two do, and usually they put an iron ring on their fingers, but people who don't know when their turn will die, such as two adventurers, are more likely to do what you two do.

Amelia tilted her head at those words.
From the look on her face that wasn't surprised, she'd heard of the "ring" before.

''But Leah said there are more people in the castle who wear the marks than there are in the castle.

''I've heard there's a lot of sycophancy in the castle, so it's probably some kind of marking. And the marks won't disappear completely unless you cast a very powerful recovery spell.

I see... it's like a safeguard against infidelity.
I didn't know that.

Anyway, the two of them aren't fakes, Master Raul.

Apparently, the lines so far were the ones he had been explaining to Raul.
But the person in question is vague.

...... are you really a 'dark assassin'?"

There was no reply to Mako's words, her dusky gold eyes turned straight at me.
I nodded, confused by the difference between my earlier childlike tantrum and the one I had just had.

'I don't really like that name, but it's me.'

As soon as he heard that, Raul sat down on the ground and bowed his head.
I don't know where he learned it, but it's a great way to get down on his knees.

''I'm sorry!

What about ......?

Suddenly, I let out a dumb voice.
When I was puzzled by Raul's lack of face, Kellia explained to me from the side.

''Actually, Raul-kun, I'm a fan of the 'dark assassin' I was in Ur when the Brut Labyrinth was flooded with demons, and it seems I saw the "dark assassin" from a distance. ......

At that time, I was annoyed when I found out that Amelia had been kidnapped and blasted off the shadow magic, but where was the element of being a fan in that?
The black shadows are swallowing up all the demons.
There would be nothing to fear but the element of fear.
When I was in Japan, I'd have been a bit of a coward if I hadn't been in Japan.

And then when someone dressed like the "dark assassin" came up to me, I went at him: ...... Raul, you're an idiot, and you're convinced that the person you admire can't possibly be in a place like this.

What's that?
How do you get that idea?
I couldn't help but open my mouth and exclaim.
It's true that it would be strange to have an assassin walking around in broad daylight, but there would be no end to it if they were to poke at every single person in the same outfit.
Or perhaps the fans are fans, but they're still stubborn.

'Ah ....... Why is being a fan of mine equal to poking at someone dressed the same?

I asked Raul, who kept his head down, and he replied in a muffled voice: "I was disgusted at your imitation.

"I was disgusted by your mimicry," he said. I regret that.

You're the one who got caught by the police.
The thought process is really dumb or daredevil or something ...... I don't understand.
At any rate, I know from my interactions with Kellia that serious sermons don't work with this kind of person.

'...... Anyway, don't do it again. Also, get your head out of your ass.


Raul looked up as he replied cheerfully.
His eyes sparkled.
I had a bad feeling.