153 Episode 152 ~ Crow ~ Looking at the rear lagoon.txt

'I said I'd give you a tour of Uruk. ......'

The three guys behind me and one of them were gone before I knew it.
I don't know how long they had been gone, but I didn't realize it until much later.
This disqualifies me from being a guide.

''Did you notice it, Master Crow?''

Of course you do. Who do you think I am?

I've never felt so resentful of this person who speaks so casually.
I puffed out my cheeks and glared at Master Crow.

"Then why didn't you stop me?

You're the concierge. I didn't. You were the one who got caught up in the conversation. ...... It doesn't matter, can't you do something about the way you call me?

I don't feel like I could change the subject, but I nodded my head, wondering if there was something wrong with it.
No matter how much I think about it, I don't think there's anything funny about calling me Crowe-sama.
Seeing this, Crow-sama sighed.

It's true that I used to call Master Crow when I didn't know anything about him and followed him around, but I can no longer call him the hero of the beastman tribe because he was a former member of the brave party and is said to be the hero of the beastman tribe.
As if he had read my feelings, Master Crow shrugged his eyes.

''What is your relationship with me?

Um, the child named after his godfather?

I was told that my name was not given to me by my parents, but by Master Crowe.
I don't know the origin, but he borrowed some of the names of people whom Master Crow respected.
Who it was, I still don't know.
At the time, I didn't understand the honor, though, and I thought of Master Crow as little more than the uncle who lived next door to me.

'Where in the world would a child have a surname for a godfather?

Here: ......

I was about to say I'm here, but a too-sharp stare made me close my mouth.
Come to think of it, I used to get stared at like this in the past as well.
Crowe-sama's figure is the same, but I'm taller than I used to be, and the distance between our faces is closer, making me more intimidating than before.
How could I not be afraid of these eyes in the past?
As I stared into those eyes, deeper blue than mine, Master Crow looked away from me as if embarrassed.

...... Well, that's fine. Let's just change places. It's uncomfortable here.

Looking around, I blushed.
I had received confirmation from Amelia-sama herself yesterday that Akira-sama and Amelia-sama were in love, so I had been going around the famous dating spots in the water town of Uruk.
There were a number of people around them who dodged kisses as if they were showing off rather than shielding themselves from the public eye.
It's not an uncomfortable level.

''I'm sorry too! We'll come to another place at once!

He took Master Crowe's hand and hurried out of the place.
I ran into the street next to one and finally took a breath.

''Fu......, hahaha!

When I stopped and was regulating my disordered breathing, I looked up as I heard a blowing sound, and the source of the sound was Master Crow.
This person, who seems to be frowning all the time and even smiling is rare, is holding his belly in front of me and laughing.

''Ku, Crow-sama!

I might have laughed as well if I was dealing with someone other than Crowe-sama, but not if it was this person's partner.
Even though everyone was laughing hysterically at the village festival, his facial muscles didn't twitch.
I didn't think he had eaten something strange.

'I knew you were funny.

With a smile on my face, Crow-sama's hand is placed on my head.
His face, which is looking down at me because of the height difference, is colored by a smile I've never seen before.
I stop moving at the head and its face as it is crumpled and stroked.
I found myself feeling the heat gathering in my face like never before.

'Oh, wow, ...... na.'

I wanted to say what I was going to do, but the words were stuck in the back of my throat and wouldn't come out.
The words I wanted to say didn't turn into words I could understand, only fragments of them leaked out of my mouth.
Master Crowe is still a bachelor, but his face is quite beautiful, and it's a wonder he's single.
If he didn't always have a Buddha's face, he would have already had a wife or two.
What I'm trying to say is that a man's smile and skin-to-skin contact like that is tremendously destructive.

'Hey, are you okay?'

When I came to myself with a huff, I saw that Master Crowe still had the same look on his face, not knowing what he was thinking, and his hands were nowhere to be found on it.
I shake my head at the curious face of Master Crow and say it's nothing, and then I start walking away.
When I caught up with Crow-sama, who quickly walked forward, wondering if it was a dream, I looked up at his face and saw that his mouth had a lingering arc like the one I saw earlier.

'It wasn't a dream. ......

What did you say?

I hurriedly shake my head at Crow-sama, who looks down at me muttering dumbly.

''No! It's nothing! Where are you headed when you go to ......?

Instead of wandering around aimlessly and walking aimlessly, I felt my steps were firm as if I had a destination in mind.
The town is so intricate and maze-like that even I can't figure out my destination.

I'll answer that question when I get there.

'You'll have your answer then! It's just too much work to answer!

There was no response to my protests.