155 Chapter 154 ~ Accident~.txt

You have to take me on as your apprentice!


The eyes that stare into my face are wide open, like a dog with a snack in front of it.
I can almost see his tail wagging like it's about to be snapped into little pieces.
How did that happen?
I look up at the ceiling.
Raul, who was on his knees earlier, is in the same position and now he's begging me to be his apprentice.

"You know why?

I don't take disciples, and I'm not made to take disciples. And I don't know anything about you.

What a thing to say, Kellia joins in and starts talking about Raul.
What's up with these guys?
Stop laughing at Amelia, too.
Also, remember the night you're pulling and shaking on your shoulder when you get home.

After Raul got down on his knees to me, the adventurers who were talking bad about Amelia, who seemed to have heard the conversation as well, hurriedly left the guild and we sat down in the empty seat.
There's no reason to stay when you don't really have anything to do, and we were about to leave the Adventurer's Guild thinking about the hassle of encountering Gram, but before we could, we were interrupted by Raul, Kellia, and Mako, who seemed somewhat stinky because of her threadbare eyes, and we were treated by the Adventurer's Guild staff, including an apology.

The teacakes are about Raul and his friends.
I thought they were in love, but apparently they were just childhood friends.

Raul and I have known each other since we were born. I'm not sure if it's because of my limp, but as you can see, Raul is taking care of me. In addition, he's a worrier, so when he's not doing anything, he's in the Adventurer's Guild like this on days when he's not doing anything else.

Duh! I'm not doing this for you! I'm bored, so I'm doing my duty as a silver-ranked adventurer!

'Hai Hai, saying that stopped the drunken adventurers from fighting, and the adventurers who were talking shit about me won't be in this town before I know it.

'By chance! Eventually ......

The two of them start arguing again despite being warned by the deputy guild master earlier.
They're close.
If they're this close, I'm sure I wasn't wrong.
It's just that there are more tsunderees than Crowe.

Apparently, Kellia was born with a limp, and after her parents died early, Raul was always there for her.
I may be biased, but I never thought Raul was capable of taking care of people.
I thought he was more of a caretaker.
People don't look like they do, nor do they have character.

You can cook a meal better than most chefs, and you can do all the housework. Surprising, right?

Amelia nodded at Kellia, who boasted as if it were her own.

'Unexpected. Very unexpected.'

You don't have to repeat yourself.

Raul bared his teeth and snarled.
Kellia's face turned pale at the tone she took towards Amelia, the royalty.

As we were talking, it seems that the strength chart in Raul's mind is me at the top, followed by gold-ranked adventurers, followed by myself and silver-ranked adventurers, and then others, including Amelia, below that.
Raul's standard of respect is whether or not he is strong.
In other words, Amelia seems to be considered weak, perhaps because she doesn't look like she can fight.
I think Amelia is definitely stronger than me.
In terms of the amount of magic power, she's probably the only human who has surpassed the demon race, and the time she's lived is different.
In contrast, I come from a peaceful place, and I'm not doing anything like that in the habit of being an assassin.
If I had to say anything, I only eradicated a large number of demons.
Still, I slept for a few days after that.

Well, but as long as Amelia doesn't mind Raul's tone of voice, it's fine.

''What are you good at?''

Well, it's a stew of meat and potatoes from the General Boar. There are carrots and other things in it, too.

When I ask, Raul replies by scratching his cheek as if embarrassed.
He looks like a different person than he did with Amelia.
Or perhaps it's more like a meat and potatoes.
In our house, we use meat, potatoes, carrots, konnyaku, burdock and taro.

The general boar is a boar-like monster that a mid-level adventurer can defeat with ease.
It's the very embodiment of a boar's rush, and when it senses a human, it runs straight at you, making its movements easy to read and defeat.
Its meat tastes like beef and is delicious even when grilled.
By the way, there are regular boas that are a size smaller than general boas, but these are covered with thick fur instead of being eaten, so you can make money if you sell their fur.

''So, what do you think? If I disciple Mr. Raul now, though, he could live with me in my home!

He's one of them.

I thought I'd diverted the conversation, but I didn't want to give up.
His mountain-blue and red hair swayed expectantly.

'I'm sorry, but we have a place to go. Sorry, we can't settle down.

'A place to go? Where are you guys going to go, Akira-sama?

An adventurer usually settles in one or two towns and lives in the adventurer's guilds in those towns to earn money.
Every adventurer's guild wants adventurers of higher rank and strength to settle in their towns.
The reason for this is that having a strong person nearby is a mental relief and if something goes wrong, you can have them deal with it right away.
But I'm no ordinary adventurer, and I signed up for the Adventurer's Guild only because I needed to get into the Brute Maze.
And my home is the only home I have with my mom and dad, and I'm not going to create a place for them to call home.
I've communicated this idea to Amelia and Yoru, and I've gotten their approval.

I'm sure that if you answer seriously, you'll make fun of me. That's about it.

He replied deceptively.
As long as there might be someone within this adventurer's guild who wants a war between the human race and the beast race, I can't talk flippantly about going to the demon race territory.
Well, even if I told them honestly, I wonder if there would be anyone who would believe me.
It's true that I was summoned by a heroic summons, but I'm not a heroic person, and I don't have any intention of killing the Demon King at the moment.
There's no way they could understand that - and one of them is an unimaginable idiot who just met them today - they can't understand that.

'You mean the part where we make fools of ourselves if we talk? ...... Kelia, do you understand?


It's become a riddle.
I drank the tea I was offered and stood up.

"I guess I should go join them. Raul and Kellia, thank you for your help.

I'm sure they're having a good time over there too, but I have to find Crow and Leah.
Both Raul and Kellia had a look of regret on their faces, but when I told them they were still in town, their faces lit up instantly.
Earlier, I thought only Raul was a dog, but Kellia has the same expression as Raul.

'The tea was good.'

Amelia also stood up and moved to get out of here.

'Would you mind waiting a moment?'

Just as my hand was about to touch the door, I heard a voice from inside stopping me.
It's a voice I've never heard before.
It wasn't the voice of the staff around us, and it wasn't Makoto's voice either.
When we all turned around, there was a fat man standing there.
There was no indication that he entered through our door, so he probably entered from the back.
So, that means he's a member of the guild.
...... But the signs are disastrous for that.
Besides, the staff around us seemed to be getting pale.
The man looks at Amelia as he licks her around unceremoniously.

'Are you Amelia Rose Quartz-sama? I am the Guildmaster of the Uruk Adventurers Guild, Gram Craster. I would appreciate it if you would come to my office for a few words.

The smirk on his face made me frown unknowingly.