156 Chapter 155 ~Encounter~.txt

The man laughed as he called himself that.
The guy who welcomed the demon tribe that tried to kidnap Amelia into the Brute Labyrinth, tried to dismember and sell her after she won a contest, and killed Crow's sister.
None of this was direct and the Amelia relationship ended in an attempt, but it was still a harm to us.
Normally I'd go into the first person of this guy, but I don't seem to have time to say that.
How are we going to get out of here?
Hopefully we can get out peacefully.

I felt like my greasy face made a slimy sound because I'm rejecting this guy physiologically, but I don't want to look directly at his face, anyway.
I didn't want him to look at me like that, so I did Amelia behind me.

'Oh, who are you? I am speaking to Lady Amelia, sir.

This time, his eyes are on me, with Amelia hidden behind him.
I get goosebumps.
It's rare for me to hate others this much.
I've never disliked a teacher who gives incomprehensible lessons or yells at me as much as I do.

When I didn't open my mouth, Gram looked at my clothes and hit his hand.

''Well, you're Amelia-sama's bodyguard. Then, thank you for your services so far. Now you can go back home and relax.

What the hell is he talking about?
I'm not going to deny that he's an escort, but the problem is what he said afterwards.
It's as if he's saying that from here on out that I'm no longer needed because I'm at Amelia's side.


A low, earth-crawling voice came out of my mouth, surprising me.
Raul and Kellia, who were near me, shuddered with a jolt.
A slight killing spirit seemed to have leaked out of them.
Unfortunately, Gram couldn't seem to sense it and continued in the same tone of voice with a thin smile.

''What, you say the reward isn't there yet? How much did the king of the elves say he would pay? We'll pay you twice that and you're no longer needed. In the first place, how did you approach Lady Amelia as a human being? A body?

Apparently, this guy also thinks that the human race is inferior.
There's nothing more troublesome than a guy who thinks his side of the story is absolutely right.
And there was no way Raul could keep quiet about his insulting words to me.

''Keep your mouth shut. No matter how much of a guild master you are, I will not allow you to insult the "dark assassin" who came to this world by summoning a hero.

He steps forward and politely explains me to me with his chest out.
But I'm glad I didn't mention that.
Obviously, Gram's eyes changed color.

''Are you saying that you're a brave man who came with a heroic summoning? That's odd.


I finally spoke up with a hunch.

'From what I have heard, the brave men have only left the castle of the Leytis State once, when they went to the Kantinen Labyrinth, and since then they have been holed up in the castle? Why are you here, my brave friend? Are you ready to kill the Demon King?

The successive heroes have contributed to the development of this world.
Although there are some brave men and women who have not defeated the Demon King, they have still done something for the people of this world.
The things in this world, such as the cameras and other things in this world that make you feel somewhat strange are things that the brave men and women brought to this world.

But since we were summoned, we have done nothing, except for me and the others, who have refused to fight and have been holed up in the castle, we are regarded as "cereals" by the human race.
In fact, that information is accurate.
We just came to this world to learn how to fight and went to the Kantinen Maze.
But they don't know how unreasonable the summons of the brave is.
They don't know that they come from a peaceful world and that they don't know how to fight.
They think it's normal for the brave men to do things for themselves.
I don't know how selfish that is.

'First of all, I'm here because I was summoned to be a hero, but I'm not a hero. And we don't kill the Demon King.

'Not a brave man. But what a joke! A heroic summoner kills a demon king. It's a natural thing. It's the law of the land.

Why do people in this world try to get others to do what they can't do?
I can still understand if you're really in trouble and begging for help from the bottom of your heart.
But King Raitis, who actually asked us to defeat the Demon King, wanted to use us.
We're not puppets that only listen to orders.
We have feelings and resistance to killing people.
That's why he wanted to use the princess to put a curse on us.
"Gestures, actions, and words like a brave person to a brave person" is the curse that princess was putting on the brave person.
That is to say, be the brave man that the inhabitants of this world want you to be.
I don't want to do that.

"I don't give a shit about the rules of this world. We were living in a peaceful world and we were forced to come to this one. You can solve the problems of this world by yourselves. Don't look to the inhabitants of any other world for help.

I'm not a saint like the previous brave men and women.
Well, it may be that the other brave men were also forced by a curse or something.
I don't like to do anything for others for free, and I won't move if I don't get anything in return.
I don't care what happens to the people of this world.

Gram muttered to himself that he did, and he chuckled and moved his face closer to mine.
I take a step back.
Gram whispered to me so the people around me wouldn't hear.

'Right. Then you are not going to grant the wishes of the foolish man who sacrificed himself to get you out of the castle. Shall I tell you what that man said to you in his last moments?" He means you, doesn't he, "Akira-kun"?

In an instant, I felt as if the veins running through my body were boiling.

"It was like watching a funny skit, you know." You were right to put a camera on those 'night crows'."

I knew you were the Commander Saran: ......

I didn't see the Commander Saran's last moments.
Of course I was very curious about what his last words were, but I was more glad to find out that the man in front of me was Commander Saran's avenger.

'Now, wouldn't you like to know? If you want me to teach you, you'll have to come with Lady Amelia.

Gram said again.
I sneered and shook my head.

'You've made one mistake. You made a mistake in telling me that.

I moved my face closer this time.

'Be careful when you go to bed tonight.

I finally found him.
I found what I needed to kill.
My kill box.

...... It's a shame, isn't it? We have no intention of letting you leave.

The moment Gram snapped his fingers, three men dressed in black appeared from somewhere.
Their eyes were somewhat vacant, and I could tell that they were being controlled by the "enhancement drug".
The Adventurer's Guild is made up of just me, Amelia and Raul.
The other staff members, perhaps because of their keen ability to sense danger, seem to have evacuated the guild as soon as possible.
Well, it's good that it's easier to do.

Just as I was about to take a look at the situation, before I could stop her, Kellia stepped in front of Gram while sitting in her wheelchair.

''Guildmaster, what is this all about! What the hell are you doing to the adventurers: ......

You have no respect for the part of the human race that calls out to me, who am royalty, on the part of the people. Kill me and my insolent people. I am to return what is mine.

After those words, Kellia was blown up by one of the black-clad men in the entire wheelchair.
It looked like he just swung his fist, but that wasn't enough to blow up a single human and a wheelchair.
Enhanced humans are tricky.


With a sideways glance at Raul catching the blown-up Keria, I catch the fist swung down at me.
As expected of the two names of the whirlwind.
His movements are fast and without hesitation.

"Keep your hand on your precious one, Raul.


I pulled Amelia into a hug.

'Bow down!'

This one can use gravity magic to return fire with the black clothes around it, but Kellia doesn't seem to be able to fight at all.
Kellia is being held up by Raul with one hand, but her movements are slow, perhaps because she can't use both hands.
This one is dealing with Amelia and the two black-clad men, but that one, who is alone, is struggling more.

You're not going to have to worry about this one, I asked for Raul's. Don't kill him.

Yes, sir.

When I called out that to the night on my shoulder, the night that had changed its appearance to Turchy, who was also seen in the Brute Labyrinth in 'Transformation', went to join Raul and the others.

''That person is my property! You will have to return it to me.

Now, as I turn forward to take down the black clothes, Gram comes over, holding out his hand to me.
I frown and play that hand.

'You don't own Amelia! It's mine, don't touch it!

I clench my black-clad hand even more as I accept it.

''Activate 'Shadow Magic'!

Me and a hand-connected shadow in black writhe and spring up.

'Eat the doorway!'

With a cracking sound, the doorway of the Adventurer's Guild was devoured.

'Night, Amelia, we're leaving!


Yes, sir!

Amelia's 'gravity magic' caused the three black-clad men and Gram to sink to the floor, while Tarchie's Night jumped out of the open doorway with Raoul and Kellia on his back.

''d*mn! Get after him! Don't let him get away! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get after it!

We too leave the Adventurer's Guild with Gram's voice screaming in the background.
We thought we had at least surrounded ourselves, but there was no black clothing at all.
There were only adventurers and onlookers who had heard the commotion and come over.
The night was already gone and I didn't know which way to go as I couldn't remember the way.

'Hey, this way! My lord!

I looked up at the sound of Lattice Nail's voice and saw Lattice Nail holding onto something and flying through the air, holding out his hand to us.



He grabbed Amelia's hand, kicked the ground and grabbed Latisnail's hand with his other hand.
The moment I held Latisnail's hand, my body lifted up with a gusto and I flew through the air.

''Oh no, it's fun to fly after all.

Lathisnail said in a voice so calm that it was hard to believe he was supporting the weight of two people.
I looked down and saw about four black-clad enhanced humans looking up at us.

''Even though they're enhanced humans, they don't seem to be able to fly.

...... Thanks, Lattice Nails.

I said, looking at the scars on its body in places.
Perhaps the Adventurer's Guild was surrounded by them.
I don't know if they noticed it at the right time to enter the guild building, but they seemed to have eliminated it.

''Bessie! I won't be able to sleep when you're dead, and you're my favorite!

Lattisnail says proudly.
It really helped.
If I had run on the ground, it would have caught up to me one day.


The altitude is getting higher and higher, and we can see the whole of the water town of Uruk.
Boats were slowly advancing in the canal, and people the size of grains of rice were walking down the street.
The water in the canal glistened and reflected off the water like a jewel.

'Yeah, it's beautiful,'

At the same time, I muttered the words, not knowing that Crow and Leah were looking up at me in another place.