158 Episode 157 ~ Prologue ~ Part 2.txt

'This is the end! --'Roaring Thunder'!

Saying something like a cliché when unleashing a special move, the demon man swung his arm raised to the heavens.
The strong light dazzled his eyes and shocked his hand in front of him.
His vision turned white and then returned to normal.
A flurry of dust danced around.

...... Huh.

After the dust cloud that blocked his vision cleared, he heard a sound as if someone among the demon clans had gasped.
No wonder.
Seeing the human race unharmed by a direct attack that not only blew up one person, but even tens of meters of demons disappeared without leaving even a shrapnel behind, the demon race finally understood what they were trying to do.
Disappointment appeared on the face that still had a little bit of infancy on it that the demon race was paying attention to.
Its eyes were black and cloudy, and the color of its eyes seemed to have taken the darkness of this world in its stride.
The man sighed and lowered his right arm, which was a bit numb.

'Does this mean you're licking me?'

No way. A normal person would not exist in this world anymore.

In front of us, the horizon is not a horizon line or a horizon line, but a monster line.
There were so many monsters lined up in front of us that it was almost as if they were covering our field of vision.
They are several times their height, and they look like they are in the lowest levels of the labyrinth.
The only humans are the demons and the man in line in front of the demons.
It's a situation where ordinary humans would not only beg for their lives, but would not be laughed at if they ran away, throwing away their shame and outward appearance.
Nevertheless, a giggle escaped from the man's mouth.
Perhaps it was because they had seen the scene earlier, but several of the demon tribe backed away a few steps.

''You, you're crazy. You're not even human anymore, you're a monster.

The demon man said that with sweat on his forehead as he looked at the man who was smiling and laughing even though he was in this situation.
The man is not angry, but simply accepts the words.

''Oh. If you say so, it must be true. I'm sure you're not the only one who has done this, but you're the one who made me crazy from the moment I came into the world. Hey, Abe Mahiro.

The man deliberately called the demon tribe's name in a way that was different from this world.
The eyebrows of the demon tribe, who had a face with no room to spare, twitched up.
The man raised his lowered arm to his chest again and released a single word of magic.

''Shadow magic--activation.''

A darkness greater and deeper than ever before covered the world.
It was so dark that you couldn't even see the faces of your compatriots right next to you, and voices of bewilderment came from everywhere.

I'd like to thank you for turning me into a monster. Thanks to you, I can kill that man. And regret it. I'll never forgive you.

The man holds out his hands to the sky as if to welcome it all.

'Lord, I am the embodiment of all the evil in the world--'Heavenly Punishment'.

The moment those words left his mouth, the darkness changed its shape into various things.
Screams came from everywhere.

'Be eaten to death by what you fear.

In the blink of an eye, the only person standing there was a man of the demon race.
Even the remaining silent pieces of flesh were eaten and disappeared.
What should have been a war, a battle that should have been one-sidedly advantageous to the demon race, was turned into a one-on-one battle by a single monster.