160 Episode 159-Impossible-Rear Lagoon Perspective.txt

If you ask me what is the most improbable thing in the world, I will say...
--that it would be the murder of my uncle.

My uncle, to say the least, is a scoundrel.
He takes advantage of being the king's brother to do a lot of bad things, and lately it is said that he has been doing bad things not only in this country, but also involving other races.
The reason why they don't seem to have any information coming to me is partly because my uncle is hiding it well and my father-in-law is also helping to cover it up.
Truly, this is what it means to be irredeemable.

A royal family does bad things, and the king, who should be admonishing them, is covering it up.
That's probably the reason why the king crushed the original security organization by making all sorts of difficult decisions.

He's not afraid to bring others down and sip sweet honey.
They are hesitant to speak on behalf of their adopted children, and there is no one in this country who can stop them from doing this.
My father-in-law, the king, of course, and my uncle are more closely guarded than that.
So I didn't think anyone could break through them and assassinate my uncle.

'...... I'm sorry, can you say that again?'

'Yes, sir. His royal brother has been assassinated by unknown assassins.

The most well-informed maid of honor in the castle has been investigating the reason for all the noise in the morning, and it seems that my uncle is dead.
The most improbable thing in the world has happened.

...... "Who the hell is ......?

The reason I was adopted by the royal family is because my occupation is 'guardian'.
Conventional wards originate from the ground and therefore cannot be moved, but the wards of a 'guardian' originate from a human being and therefore can be moved, and the effect of the wards will last almost indefinitely unless something bad happens to me.
There is no reason for them not to take advantage of it, and of course my wards are also placed on my uncle.
The fact that my uncle was dead could only be detected by me by breaking my wards, or in other words, through my wards.
Yet I did not know that my uncle had been killed until my handmaidens told me.
If I sharpened my senses, I could see that the 'divine wards' on my uncle were still in place, and incidentally, the wards of the silent people who were his subordinates were also safe.

''What about the subordinates?''

'According to the report, they were all suffocated. It seems they were stabbed in the vital point, probably with some kind of knife. They must have hired a skilled assassin.

Even without my wards, I know that my uncle's men are very strong.
Those men were killed with a single stab, and moreover, the wards are still in place.
This means that the assassin who killed my uncle and his men slipped through the wards and killed my uncle and his men.
There would be only a few people in this world who could do that.

...... No way!

Master Leah?

An assassination technique that can slip through wards.
I know a person who has such an inhuman and inhuman skill.
And that person was ordered by my father-in-law to assassinate my uncle just the other day.
A young man from another world, about the same age in appearance.
A human who had buried the lowest level demon in the labyrinth in an instant in front of me, a human who was a human race but possessed a fighting power that was second to none, probably the strongest assassin in this world.
And Crow-sama is with that human.

When I realized that, I had started running.
The maidservant was shouting behind me, but I ran through the corridor without paying attention to her.
I don't know why I'm so frustrated.
But for some reason, I felt like I had to go see Crow-sama.

I felt that something had definitively changed from yesterday.