177 Episode 176-Acquisition Method-Daisuke Waki's Eyes.txt

Well, it's good that I've decided on a goal, but I don't know how to get started.
You should aim for a skill 'brainwashing'-like thing, I understand that.
But I've never seen 'brainwashing' before.
No, I guess it's better if I've never seen it.
I wish I had something to refer to, but the curse placed on the princess of Leatis Castle is something different in my senses.
That was brainwashing, or a curse as it is.
I can't explain how it's different because I live by my senses, but it's different anyway.
After worrying that much, I decided to give up thinking on my own for now.
I can't do it by myself, after all.
I'll have to ask someone else.
Let's start with Hosoyama, who actually acquired the skill on his own.

''Huh? How do you get the skills?

During lunch time, I ventured to ask Hosoyama, who was inspecting his equipment at a little distance from everyone else.
Hosoyama looked up and blinked his eyes.

He said. I won't be able to get the 'bad food', but last night I asked Tsuda for some advice and I came up with something. I don't know how to turn it into a skill, and I'm stuck on it. Do you have any tips on how to do it?

I hadn't worked my head this hard since the last time I crammed the scope of the test into my head in the minutes before the test.
The results of the test were, of course, dismal.

'I see, I'm just washing up and I thought it was slow: ....... Hmmm, the trick. I just practiced what the knights taught me when I was at the castle.

I nodded my head.
We were basically taught things like status and skills by the knights and specialists that were attached to each of us.
In other words, we were all taught by different people, so what we were taught was also different.
Perhaps Tsuda hasn't been taught either.
Otherwise, Tsuda would have taught me yesterday.

'Ah. Maybe I haven't heard. A trainer's top priority is to strengthen the bond with the animals he trains.

The person I was put on was apparently someone who wasn't cut out to teach people.
Otherwise, they wouldn't have had time to train train trainers and other non-combatants, and yet they didn't have time to train people who weren't good enough to fight.
Competent people were put on the guys in combat jobs or people in the professions required for combat, like Hosoyama.
It's really a meritocracy or occupationalism in many ways.
Similar professions are treated differently for samurai and knights, and perhaps even differently for healers and undoers.
I've realized since I left there that I'm really glad I left the castle.

'Really? Well, I'll share it with you guys later on, just in case.

By comparison, Hosoyama's fairness is dazzling.
And he's competent, kind, and good looking.
I don't even feel jealous anymore.
The heavens give Hosoyama and Sato too much of a thing or two.

''First of all, what you need to acquire skills is a strong mind. It's invisible, and it's different for each of us to begin with, so many people seem to stumble here. It's something we don't understand very well, and it's not well understood by those of us who lived in a world of advanced science. But the people in the Order who taught me that status and mind are deeply connected,

Hosoyama cut off his words by muttering, "It seems there are people who specialize in such things, though.
Come to think of it, I think Tsuda said the same thing last night.

''So we just have to remember it for now?''

'No, I don't, it was probably just a moment. And I've been there.

I nodded my head, but as if Hosoyama couldn't explain any further, he said just that and held up two fingers.

'Anyway, next. The second one is magic power. Is it really possible to do that with the amount of magic you have? If you try to use magic that is greater than the amount of magic you possess, at best, you will live and die by depleting your magic power. At bad, I'm a piece of wood because of the magic power I've been forced to squeeze out of my body. My 'bad food' didn't consume that much magic power, so I didn't have to worry about that, but if the skill you're thinking about, Waki-kun, is going to use more magic power than the amount of magic you have in mind, then I have to stop you.

The seriousness of his eyes took my breath away.
Come to think of it, this is the first time I've had a conversation with Hosoyama this close, and this is the first time I've seen Hosoyama's eyes this close to me.
I nodded, dumbfounded by the absorbing eyes.

''Sato-kun said to me yesterday, didn't he? "I can't stand it if I'm missing one person. That's me too. I wasn't one of them until yesterday, but that's over now, so promise me, Waki-kun, too.

I nodded my head.
Was Hosoyama's reckless behavior during the "poisoning" and "bad food" periods a result of self-sacrifice?
When Hosoyama saw me nodding, he smiled with satisfaction and held up his third finger.

'Lastly, it must be an existing skill. Apparently, creating a new skill can only be done by those chosen by God.

The first half of the words were shocking to me as I groped for a target, but I was more interested in the second half.

'God's chosen one? What's that, that's some stinky story. What's that, some kind of religion?

Hosoyama raises his eyebrows at my words and shakes his head.

'No, it's not. There is only one god in this world, a creator god named Aitel. Many people believe that Aitel is real. They don't seem to be making any particular offerings or praying to him, but many people still believe in him, so be careful what you say, especially in front of the elves.

Apparently, there is some kind of connection between the Elves and the Aitel.
The people who believe in Aitel the most are also the Elves.
The elves have a long life span and there is a tradition that has been passed down within the elven race.
So, other races believe in Aitel as well.
It's because the elven race is the one with the most credibility about the old days.
The demon race is said to be speculating that their lore was reset once when the northern half of the continent was blown up, or that they are not to be trusted because the demon king is controlling them behind the scenes.
I wonder if Amelia-san also believes that Aitel is real.

''Well, let's put that aside and get back to it. Even if you don't know if it's an existing skill or not, if it's a skill that doesn't exist in this world, you'll just end up not getting it, so don't worry. So what you need to worry about is the amount of magic and a strong heart, Waki. If you can acquire a skill overnight, everyone in this world is the strongest, and we're probably back in Japan too, so don't think it's easy. If you ever get stuck, I'll be there to help you. Let's go for it.

With a snap and a wink, Hosoyama returned to the others, grabbing the equipment he had finished inspecting.
He fanning his cheeks with his hand to cool the heat on his face that had risen unexpectedly.

'Wow, I've never seen a girl who looks good with a wink. That's why Sato is in love with it: ......

I chuckle at the sharp gaze I've been feeling the whole time I've been talking to Hosoyama.
Even though I was behind Tsuda's shield, I too had walked through the line of death.
I'm able to sense the eyes that I would never have been able to see when I was in Japan.

'But I'm sure he's going to get his ass handed to him.

A heavy sigh escaped his mouth, unbecoming of a young man his age, as he thought about the future of his classmates.