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This is what it means to be roadless.
Currently, the demon race was cut off from all other races, and this had been going on for hundreds of years.
The location of the beast race territory closest to the Demon Race territory is covered by a deep forest, and even in its vicinity, there is no path of population at all, as if they are avoiding it.
We haven't entered that forest yet, and even now we're still on a pathless path.
It was even more eerie that there wasn't even an animal trail.

The first Crow, who is advancing without hesitation, seems to be advancing in a straight direction to the confluence point.
The forest is filled with the traces of a large demon's rampage everywhere, but it is filled with an eerie silence where no other animals exist.
That's probably another reason why humans and animals don't go near it.
Even the annoying insects that used to buzz around my face are nowhere to be seen.
I'm sure the number of attacking demons is increasing as we get closer to the depths of the forest and the demon tribe territory.

It's not that taut and vigilant thanks to Leah's constant warding, but even so, this situation where you have to be on edge all the time is stressful.
Unlike the labyrinth, it was painful to have to pay attention in all directions.
The brave men who went ahead must have felt stressed as well.
Did the brave men make it through safely?
No, did the brave men take this path in the first place?
There were no human footprints on the ground at all.
All there were were only large claw marks, and not even small ones that looked like they had been put on by small animals.

As I observed the area, I was reminded of that.
My training was basically followed by Commander Saran, so I don't know much about Ziel's abilities.
From the fact that he also lightly performed the inhuman feat of running on the wall while wearing heavy armor in the labyrinth, I know that he has considerable mobility, and he was able to perform one wing of a complex coordination technique all by himself, but I wonder if his simple sword fighting ability is okay.
I left the brave men in charge because of Crow's endorsement, but are they really okay?
No, you're not going to put aside your combat prowess and get lost, are you?
It's times like these that I need a mobile phone that allows me to make and receive calls and messages in real time.

'Akira-sama, do you have a moment?'

While hurrying to the rendezvous point with the brave men, I slowed my steps as I was approached by Ria.
I'm not going to be able to get to know them, but I'm going to be able to get to know them.

I'm not surprised Amaryllis is able to keep up with our speed.
I thought he was getting less exercise because of his imprisonment, but it seems that we were all spending as much time together as we could in that small cell as healthy as possible.
One of those men was a doctor.
However, it wasn't a combat job, so he seemed to have less strength than Leah, and when Amaryllis' speed started to slow down, Leah or Amelia was carrying her forward.
The composition of the elven princess and the former princess of the beastman race happily arguing over who will hold her next, and the human race who are just plain horrified, really never gets old.

Leah and I hadn't spoken since we left Uruk, but I wondered if she was gathering her thoughts to talk with me.
Crowe and Amelia glanced at me, but they were smart enough to move far enough away from me that the conversation couldn't reach me.
From the look on Leah's face, she must have decided that it was better not to ask.
If Crowe can be this kind of caring, by all means use it in his daily life.

'So, what is it?'

I looked down at Leah after making sure the two of them were far enough away from each other to be out of earshot.
She squeezed her wand in front of her chest and looked up at me as if she'd made up her mind.

''It's strange for me to say this, but as a member of the Beast Race, I have something to say to you.

I gulped.
If there was anything to say at this time, it would be about Gram.
I'd been busy in the morning with a flurry of things to do.
Nine times out of ten, it's the person I killed .......
My heart is racing with a bang.
It's as if I'm afraid of a word from Leah.

'Hey, they're coming!

Just as Leah was about to open her mouth, Crow's voice echoed through the forest.
I was immediately on the verge of war due to my habit of hiding in the labyrinth for a long time, but the demon immediately fell prey to Amelia's 'gravity magic'.
Apparently, Amelia and Crowe think that me and Ria should talk properly to each other.
I raised one hand to Amelia and thanked her, and after smiling, I lined up next to Crowe.
Those guys have been talking a lot since they became master and student.
Amaryllis was wandering here and there, her eyes shining on the rare medicinal plants growing in the forest.
Well, I guess it's okay since Crow is watching her.

''Akira-sama, if you don't mind?''

It seems that we're going to keep talking to each other.
I'm not very good at having a serious conversation like this in person.

"Oh, yeah, sorry. Go on.

Now, once again. As a former princess, Akila Oda. I would like to apologize for the great inconvenience my race has caused you. Not only did you cause trouble to other races, you not only caused trouble to other races, but you also trafficked people, confined them, and covered them up despite the fact that you are royalty. And our response to the brave man who saved us from the danger of flooding the labyrinth. There is no end to the list of others. I am truly sorry.

I don't know what to do with the Leah who lowers her head and I don't know what the right thing to do, so I just pat her on the lowered head.

'Raise your head. I don't particularly care. In the first place, all I did was be unreasonable when I came to this world.

I don't deserve an apology for my actions on my behalf.

'More importantly, what did Leah herself think? And that includes Amaryllis.

When I explained about Amaryllis and the fact that I was going to accompany her, including the fact that I was going to accompany her, there was no reaction from Leah.

''I cannot forgive my uncle ...... my former uncle. As the same beast race, I can't forgive him for the human trafficking he's been through, nor for Crow-sama's sister. And about Amaryllis-san. She deserves to die, I think so. But .......

Saying that, Ria turns her face down.

'However, I just can't agree with you that Akira-sama took Crowe-sama's enemy. I understand that Akira-sama had his reasons for doing so. But if it goes on like this, Crow-sama will have no reason to live. Do you think I don't understand what kind of actions a person whose longed-for wish over the decades has come true would take?

That's what I should have known.
Crow is in a lot of danger right now.
Having avenged my sister's death through me, it wouldn't be surprising if Crow died at any time.
To begin with, a lot of time has passed since he started aging.
It's not hard to imagine what Crow will do when he finishes guiding us to the demon tribe territory.

''That's right. I'm sure that both I and Crowe had no idea what to do. But please understand that Crowe also made up his mind after much consideration.

I said, and Leah nodded with tear-stained eyes.

'I know. I understand. ...... but Master Crowe told me. "As soon as you think of revenge for your sister, when you put it on the young man, you're going to hell," he said. When this is over, Master Crow is planning to pass to hell without being happy or living. I can't stand that, .......

The tears I couldn't hold back fell to the ground with a polish.
I'm not qualified to wipe those tears away.
...... Really, what are you doing, Crowe?
I sighed and looked up.
In the meantime, I used 'shadow magic' to crisply drop the heads of the whale demons that drifted in the air as they swam above me to get some food.

You'll be able to see that it's all about food. And then we need to figure out what to tell Crow. I'll help you. And of course Amelia and the night.

I don't know about Amaryllis, but I'm sure she'll be willing to help.