188 Episode 187 ~ Noah ~.txt

Really. How did this happen?

I blurted out as I moved to avoid the fist that was looming in front of me.
Originally, he should have been resting by now to relieve himself from the exhaustion of his walk through the forest.
He should have been sleeping soundly in his futon by now.
And yet, the place you are now is behind the building where you are going.
Moreover, in front of you is an exterior Lori ...... who raises her fist in the air and is about to attack you.
I wanted to look up at the heavens.
Someone give me a break.
A lot of things are happening too fast, and I'm about to run out of steam.

Immediately after we arrived and were introduced one way or the other, it was a small fist that fell.
It was a slender fist with seemingly no power put into it, but I saw where it had just punched Kyousuke away.
The fact that he was able to avoid it on the spur of the moment is probably the result of his previous experience.
The fist that swung empty without hitting its target gouged out the ground with the same momentum.
The ground is cracked and punctured, and I can't help but grimace as I look at it.
I wouldn't be able to speak for others either, but it's a monstrous force that is hard to believe for a human race.
Noah's eyes widen at the sight of me lightly avoiding him.

'Ho ....... Apparently, you do more than the brave man there. Interesting.

A chill ran down my spine as I watched him lick his tongue belligerently.
The air that Noah wears changes.
I put my head down according to my 'sense of danger' and intuition, which sounded the alarm from that moment on.
In an instant, Noah's fist passed over my head as he spun around behind me.
The tip of my hair snapped off and fell to the ground.
I gasped at the sound of the wind ripping through me.
Am I the only one who has the feeling that he's coming to kill me in earnest?
I feel like a lot of things will end if I eat this.

'Hey f*cking old lady! You're killing me!

Even the quintessential Crowe thought it was dangerous and hurriedly tried to stop it.
Noah raised his eyebrows at the sight of him.

''You're trying to kill me? My foolishness is a strange thing to say. Of course I'm going to kill him.

A dense killing atmosphere begins to waft from its small body.
My body temperature drops all at once from the ends of my limbs and I begin to tremble.
Probably Noah's ability is even better than Crow or me.
No one here can match her.
I hear someone gasp.

'Otherwise, it would be the second coming of the previous generation. 'You haven't forgotten, have you? They were the ones who were hailed as the best, but you and the previous brave men were the only ones to reach the Demon King's doorstep. And even then, the demon king's second-in-command beat me to it.

What's the point of being brave? What brings you to demon territory? Noah asks quietly, swinging his fist directly at me.
As I lean back, the fist passes through the tip of my nose.

''That's why I'm here. You've done a great job up to this point. But I can't let you through from here.

Those determined eyes are the quintessential father and son.
It's just like Crow when he asked me to kill Gram.

''I can't let any more youngsters die in vain for the sake of the demons, so...''

I couldn't help but like the way he said it.
I kept dodging the blow-by-blow attack in the conversation, and for the first time I received that fist.
I shook my shoulders with a huff, and my attention, which had been on Crow, was turned to me.

''I don't know if you're Crow's mother or what, but please don't nod without any knowledge of what's going on over here.

We have our own reasons.
That's why we've come this far.

I don't know if this path is the right one.
I'm not sure if it's the right way to go or if it's an opponent to the Demon King, even though the levels are visualized.
I'm not even sure if I can return to my home world with the magic circle that Mahiro creates, even if I could meet Mahiro.
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get back to the same time frame as this one.
I'm not even sure what kind of special skills the Saran Commander was talking about.

Thus, when I think about it again, there are many things I don't understand.
Even now that I'm groping for a path, I may be off the shortest path.
But we still have to go on.

I don't care what the previous generation says, we're going to move on. If we're not good enough now, we'll grow up now. Thank you for your concern. But we don't need it.

I'm sorry that my family died without my knowledge.
With that, I let go of a small fist that fit in the palm of my hand.

'Guys! I'm ready to eat!

Hosoyama's voice comes from inside the building.
I thought I couldn't see any of the members except for Kyosuke, Nanase, and the heroes, but it seems they were preparing lunch inside the building.
It's lunchtime before I realize it.
Come to think of it, I'm hungry.

''Since you seem to be mistaken, let me tell you, we're just looking for a way to get back to the world we came from. Going to the demon territory is just a transit point for that. We may or may not be able to fight the demon clans,''

If possible, I'd choose not to fight, but I don't think that's going to happen.
I thought of my countryman, who is the Demon King's right hand man.
He wants to do everything he can, but he won't be willing to cooperate honestly.

I'm sorry to be so cocky, but we're running out of time. But we're running out of time. Not for me and not for Crowe.

Noah's eyes widen as he realizes what the words mean.
He knew from watching the battle to get here.
There was little time left for Crowe.