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Gielbarg, what's that man doing here?

I looked off at the pitch-black back of the building that served as a safe house for the brave men who preceded me, and I asked Jielbo, who was about to walk past next to me.
Zielbo stopped and stood next to me.

The first time I met him was about the time he lost his mother because of his folly.
The boy, who was as tall as I was, was much taller than I was and was beginning to lose his youthfulness by now.
He had a cocky tone in the beginning, but that has been corrected before long.
As someone who has lived a long time, those years were a blink of an eye, but in this way, it was somehow very emotional.

What do you mean?

I pointed to the back of his head with my chin at Jielbo, who tilted his head.
The question and answer just a few minutes ago revealed a tremendous amount of determination in him.
I don't think he would have made it this far if he had only lived ten or twenty years.
You are young, but you talk like an old man.

'Oh, he's ....... Well, I don't really understand it either. It seems to me that the Commander Saran was favoring him and him alone. And in fact he is the strongest of us all, including the brave Satou-kun.

I muttered a ho-hum at Jirubou's words, which he said toothlessly, and I stroked my lips with my index finger.
Indeed, the way he kept avoiding my attacks, the way he carried himself, and the way he moved better than any of the brave men who had arrived before me.
Come to think of it, he might have been the first one to avoid my fist.
And he didn't even show any killing intent.
Besides, if that Saran Misrai favored him alone out of all the brave summoners, there might be something about him.
The body of Jirubou, standing next to me, saw my gesture and shuddered.

'That Saran Misrai is ...... right?

If Saran Misrai was a patron of mine, then I guess that means I'm worthy of a look.
The pitch-black figure disappears into the front of the building.
For a moment as I turned the corner, I felt my eyes meet with the jet-black eyes.
After he disappears from my sight, I turn to Jielbo.

'...... When do you get to ......, Jielbo, how much longer does that foolishness last?'

I hadn't realized an ounce of my own son's life span until I heard that little boy's words.

That's right.
If my son had been on the verge of being killed by me, he would have jumped into the fray.
Even if he was a competent and trustworthy person, if there was a chance that he might be hurt in front of me, I would take a stand to protect him.
That was my son.
But earlier, he had raised his voice, but he hadn't come into our midst.
It's not that he didn't come in, it's that he couldn't come in.
I guess my body couldn't keep up with the aging process.
At all, I feel old, even though I am immortal, that I can no longer notice anything wrong with my own son.

...... My sense is that if you do nothing but recuperate for a year. But if I continue to fight like this, I'll have to .......

Ziel Boy shushed him, looking as if he was about to cry.

'...... I see.'

Oh, what do I look like now?
My daughter died early and my son, who I thought was immortal like myself, is nearing the end of his life due to aging.
When you live long enough, most of the people close to you are deceased, but even then you never get used to it.

I'll be left behind again: -----

Giel Boy jerked uncomfortably, as if he'd heard a small mumbled voice.

'I'm always sorry,'

'Yes and no. It's -----, but I think it's best that you talk to me properly before you regret it.

Oh, yes.
We have a lot to talk about right now.
That's why I moved my base of operations all the way down here.

'Yeah. Yeah.

I wondered if she would listen to me.
He used to walk behind me saying "mommy, mommy," but now he is in that state.
If he is nearing the end of his life span, his rebellion should be over.