196 Episode 195 ~ Words ~ Tomoya Tsuda's Eyes.txt

This is a mess.

Crow-san muttered as he looked at the collapsed passageway that once connected the Demon Race territory to the Beast Race territory.
What he had once made with the brave men and women has been completely destroyed.
I wonder how much time and effort it took to dig through the underground to the other continents.
Even I can tell that it was the demon tribe that did it from the fact that they left behind a dense amount of magical power that even I can see.

''I'm sorry, but I don't have time to lament. Do you still have any of these things available?''

Yoru-san said as he looked at the lights of the magical stones that served to illuminate the passage and the somewhat strange colored ore.
In the form of a black cat, Mr. Yoru arrived shortly after the departure of the combat troops who seemed to be sparks to each other.
I honestly don't want to remember what Amaryllis-san looked like when she saw the herbs he brought with him.
She was so beautiful that she had won a contest, and she was looking at the precious herbs with drooling, glittering eyes.
As expected of Yoru-san, I think she was drawn to it as well.

''The magic stones and ores over here ...... will still be useful. There is a slight hint of magic power. This one is completely screwed.''

With a somewhat dejected look on his face, Crow-san answered.
I wonder what the brave men and women of the previous generation were like to him.
I'm sure they were closer to each other than we were to them, who were just in the same class.

'...... Aoi, Luke ...... Litter ......'

I repeat it in my mind, like the spell he muttered to me when I saw the rubble.
Is it someone's name?

'It's this and that. Okay, let's retreat before it collapses. Crowe, let's get to the next one quickly.''

I thought I heard something snap at Yoru's nonchalant voice.
There's a limit to my inability to read the air.
This is the kind of thing that may have made me look like Oda.
I grabbed the black cat that was walking in front of me by the neck and dangled it in front of me.
As many cats do, it seems that he, a demon, loses his strength when he is grabbed there.

''Oi, what! Let go of me!

I gave Leah-san a look and left them on the ground with Yoru-san in my grasp.
Leah-san's wards would be able to protect Crow-san and myself.

''Hey! I told you to let go!'

For a moment, its body grew in size, and after escaping from my hands, Yoru-san landed on the ground in his small size and threatened me.
Come to think of it, the cat I had at my grandmother's house was also threatening me like this.

''What the hell is this?!

I stood in front of Yoru-san, who made a shuffling cat-like sound, and I stood in front of him.

''You have no feelings! Didn't you think anything of it when you saw Mr. Crowe in that form?

"I have feelings. But with the way things are going, it could take days to get around. You know that, don't you?

He certainly has a point.
If we continue to grieve in all of these places, days will pass, rather than days will pass.
That's how many passages left behind by Crow and the rest of the previous brave party, and moreover, all of them had been politely destroyed and were about to crumble at any moment.
If we continue to consume time, there is a possibility that some of them will completely collapse and become blocked.
But I didn't want to affirm that claim and shook my head violently like a child throwing a tantrum.

'Not so! ...... It's not. As a demon, you may not have lost anyone close to you, but the fact that you will not see them forever is something no one can bear! And more importantly, Mr. Crow has lost a lot of important people. Some people just can't bear to lose just one person!

You may think you know this, but I've never lost anyone close to me before.
But after hearing all that grief, there was no way I could stay silent.

...... I'm not qualified to care about that guy.

For the first time in my life, I screamed emotionally as the words flew out of my mouth, and I breathed on my shoulder and stared at Yoru-san.
It's a very good idea to be able to have a good time with your friends.

You heard that I was created by the demon king and worked as his right hand man, right?

Come to think of it, the first time I met up with Oda-kun at Crow-san's house in the Beast Tribe territory after leaving the castle, I heard a lot of things from Crow-san, Amelia-san, and even the man himself while waiting for the unconscious Oda-kun to wake up.
At that time, I think I didn't know if there was such an interesting cat among the demons, and I didn't listen to them half the time.

It's a good thing that you're able to get the most out of it. I was there to protect the demon king in case of an emergency and to free him. They were defeated at the door of the throne room by the demon tribe's second best, and when they escaped back, they laughed at them with the other demons.'

I gasp as Yoru-san quietly proceeds with his story.
I can't imagine what she looks like now that she's on Oda-kun's shoulder.
I don't know what happened after I met Oda, or what happened before we met, but it seems that Yoru-san was "the right hand of the demon king" both physically and mentally.
I've always thought that you were the Demon King's right hand man, both physically and mentally.

Furthermore, "Adria's Nightmare". I heard that Gram dropped off his sister in a boat and she was crushed to death by a building, but I was the one who carried out Adrea's Nightmare at the behest of the Demon King, as well as the one who rampaged the building to the point of collapse. I wanted to be a part of the Demon King's help and this is what I did.

I have yet to see Yoru-san fighting.
Amelia was proudly talking about the dragon that seemed to have 'transformed' when she first met Yoru-san.
Of course, my lacking imagination, which hadn't seen the scene, couldn't replay that in my brain.
Not paying attention to my reaction, Yoru continued his confession of guilt.

'It was only after I saw the stone monument that was later erected that I regretted it, but until then, I wasn't even interested in what in the world I had done wrong or what I had taken from anyone.'

Suddenly, a pair of gold eyes shot through me.
Without realizing it, my body tensed up.
It's not that I was directed to kill or cast some kind of spell, but just looking at those calm eyes, I couldn't move.

''You understand? I'm the one who killed a lot of those people you call "many people" you lost. How can a murderer care for and comfort the people he killed?

I muttered that such things are to be left to Lord-dono and Ria-dono, and with that tail hanging down, Yoru-san went back to the basement.
I stood there, unable to move even after Yoru-san disappeared.
The first time I was able to say what I wanted to say to someone straight away, but it didn't fill my heart.

'It's so hard to .......'

When I was in my old world, I never thought of words as being so difficult to understand.
The clear blue sky was very warm, despite my heart.