197 Episode 196 ~ Secret Base ~ Tomoya Tsuda's Eyes.txt

Then we examined five collapsed passageways.
One of them had completely collapsed and there wasn't even a gap big enough for a human to pass through, so we asked Yoru to make sure it was small enough, but it was completely collapsed and only one journal could be brought to us.
A yellowed and worn notebook that reminded me of how long it had been a long time ago.
The barely visible color would be red.
Crow-san tilted his head to see if he didn't recognize it, but since he didn't have time to read it now, he put it in the luggage I was carrying along with the other magic stones.

''Well, how many more places do you have left?''

Yoru looked up at Crow-san walking in front of him.
Crowe-san, who had a somehow sinking atmosphere, looked down at Yoru-san lazily.

''The rest is where we used to be based. That's where we were making tools and other things using the magic stones that were in the passage. Maybe there's something we can use.

We hurriedly follow Crow, who starts walking briskly.
When you actually see them in person, you can see that the brave men and women of the previous generation were really amazing.
I wonder how long it took them to make all the passageways to the demon tribe territory.
Unlike us, who have no choice but to go to the demon king, they have a family and a place to stay.

What would we have done if it were us?
I am sure that when they were here, Noah would not have been around, and predecessors like Crow would not have been around.
If we had been in the same position, could we have done the same thing?
No, I'm sure we wouldn't have been able to.
I smiled and followed Yoru and Crow.

We soon arrived at the place Crow-san had mentioned.
It's natural that it's close, since it's the place where the passage was opened.

''It's here, right?''

The place was exquisitely hidden from view by the trees.
It was a building, but to look at it, it looked abandoned and somewhat tarnished.
It felt like a secret base and it was tingling.
Looking at the place, Yoru sniffed.

''Ho, how did you find a place like this?''

Yeah, I know.

Those days were fun, Crow-san said.
How should I have reacted to the sound of his voice, which was filled with all kinds of thoughts?


The moment we entered the hidden building's even more hidden doorway, Leah, who was walking in front of us, cheered.
The clean interior of the building was unmistakable from the outside of the building, the cleanliness of the interior was unified by bright colors.

''This is .......''

Mr. Yoru, too, opens his eyes and looks at the lights in the high places and some unknown tool that is covered with dust.

"Don't touch it unnecessarily. You might lose parts of your body.

I listened to Crow's threatening advice and hurriedly withdrew my hand from the thing I was about to touch.
I don't even know what it is that I was about to touch because it's covered in dust.
That's why I'm tempted to touch it.

'I didn't keep much of anything dangerous in this room, but some of it may have changed over time. Be careful.

Crow-san said, squinting her eyes as if she was reminiscing.
It seems that the previous generation's brave party was four people, one from each continent except for the Demon Territory, and a brave man.
Among them, the two survivors were Crow-san and the heroes.
The previous generation of brave men are no longer alive, so the only one still alive today is Crow-san.
He is living in a different time than the people around him, and he must have parted with many of his friends in death.
I wonder what that feels like.

Perhaps it was because he was thinking about such things that he didn't notice Crowe-san coming from before.
I moved in a hurry to clear a path, but something caught my foot and I almost fell down.
I touched something nearby to scoot over to the nearest thing.


It was something that Crow had warned me about earlier when I tried to touch it.
I couldn't help but wonder what it was, so it seems it was my fault for being so close to him that I was going to ask him later.

I froze in place, and out of the corner of my eye, I felt my magic slightly taken away by the dusty and coarse thing that was in front of me and Crow-san, who couldn't fully react to the spur of the moment.

''Fool! Now get your hands off me!

Mr. Crow hurriedly grabbed my hand as I was taken aback.
At that moment, a light emitted from something at hand enveloped the room.
I've seen the light close up, and Crow and I close our eyes because it's too bright.

''...... What was that?''

The moment the strong light faded and disappeared, Crowe-san muttered that.
Apparently, it was a phenomenon that even Crow-san couldn't understand.

''Hey! Who are you people?!

In the flickering, white haze of vision in places, Yoru was threatening something.

''...... e .......''

There was a man and woman standing there who should not have been there when they entered this place.
No, they are standing, but their bodies are transparent.
The word "ghost" comes to my mind.
I felt the hand of Crow-san, who was still holding my arm, tremble.

'You look fine, Crowe.

"Long time no see, brother!