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I'm Not Serious Yet

Weird development where the main character, who is the fourth son of a noble household and is called...

235 57152
The Adventurer Reincarnated in

Ootori Tenma, who lost his parents and was raised by his grandfather’s and grandmother’s friends...

186 113454
Boy Who Has Been Reincarnated

“I have reincarnated again”A baby, Rex was a reincarnation with two previous lives, a hero and a...

179 60848
The Second Life Cheat Reincarn

A mage who has become too strong, bored with his first life, reincarnates 1000 years later.But when ...

124 12460
Heavenly Castle

An angel made a mistake, resulting in Shiihara Daiki’s death. In order to hide the mistake, he was...

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Isekai Tensei... Sareteneee!

 The protagonist, Yuki Kosuke, is excited about his upcoming high school life, and he loses his li...

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