Different World Slow Life Begu

I, who was hit by a truck in order to save a cat which turned out to be something really important, was transferred to another world as a reward.There, I chose to be a blacksmith.Though my family incr

Being Able to Edit Skills in A

Nagi who was summoned to another world acquired the「Skill Structure」skill.Nagi felt the hints of black job from the king’s request 「To defeat the devil king」. He leaves the castle and starts

The former hero, who was calle

 Blessings and gifts from the gods. The power given to those who have reached adulthood is extremely powerful. It was said that the rest of his life depended on the gifts he could get, but Allen

Virtuous Old Man, SSS-Rank is

This world judges the deeds and good karma of your previous life, and grants you a rank when you are reborn. The benevolent man, even surprising the heavenly beings through this, decides to be reborn

Hellmode ~Gamer Who Likes to S

Yamada Kenichi is a 35 year old salaryman. Although he’s habitually absorbed in speedrunning through games, he had been lamenting over the current trend of ‘nuregames’* (ヌレゲー).And as s

A Demon Lord’s Tale: Dungeon

One day, I woke up only find out that I’d become a Demon Lord, an individual responsible for protecting a dungeon. The world I’d been spirited away to was one filled with violence. Gigantic monste