157 19280
Higawari teni ~ Ore wa Arayu

Hey, you. Have you been summoned to another world before?Defeat the Demon King as a Hero. Transferre...

60 5055
I've been transferred to anoth

Suddenly, one day, Azuma-Ren is transferred to another world and is told by a girl, Serena, to find ...

40 4898
My otherworldly life has been

A high school student, Kurokawa Sho, who was living an indoor life, was suddenly told by an angel th...

181 23908
The exiled universal magic swo

"I...I want to be you!"It was a semi-entrapped lonely princess, Philia, who declared to Solon, a mag...

226 67694
Mushoku no Eiyuu ~Betsu ni Ski

“Classes” are given at the age of 10, and the presence or absence of “skills” greatly affect...

78 12164
Sabaku darake no Sekai de , Os

Kato Taro, an unmarried, middle-aged salaryman, woke up and found himself in a different world full ...

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