The strongest sage of the inferior job - the world's strongest with room to maneuver from the lowest [villager]

The six major occupational magic [Warrior], [Clergy], [Mage], [Blacksmith], [Searcher] and [Scholar].

There was a great sage who captured all of them through repeated reincarnations and became the strongest in the world in each of their occupational magic.

However, he realized that there was a limit to his strength in one occupational magic in one life, and he despaired.

The sage almost gives up, but realizes that the only inferior occupation [villager] that was thought to be unable to use magic is actually an all-powerful occupation, and is reborn.

The Great Sage is reborn as a villager and silences the people who mocked him for being an inferior person, and becomes the strongest in the world.

Author: Masayuki Nono , 延野正行
Chapters: 204



1-Prologue, wise man, decides to reincarnate several times.
2-Episode 1: Reincarnate into a wise man and a villager.
3-Episode 2: Sage, Plow the Field and Become Stronger
4-Episode 3: Raise potatoes, wise man
5-Episode 4: A wise man becomes a lumberjack
6-Episode 5 Expose the Culprit
7-Episode 6: Defeat the Sage, the Greater Demon Beast
8-Episode 7: Sage, apply for duel
9-Episode 8: Sage, Surprised by Father's Ability
10-Episode 9: Sage, Grow!
11-Episode 10: Sage, exterminating pests
12-Episode 11: Sage, Helping Rivals (?)
13-Episode 12: Sage, Creates a Class B Beast at the Age of 7
14-Episode 13: negotiate with wise men and merchants
15-Episode 14: Philosophers Help the Orphanage
16-Synopsis up to this point (Prologue ~ Episode 14)
17-Episode 15: The Sage, Tears for the Father's Kindness
18-Episode 16: Blind off the wise man and the instructor
19-Episode 17: Sage, Creates the Devil
20-Episode 18: Sage, Overwhelming
21-Episode 19: Sage Leaves the Territory
22-Episode 20: Sage, kicking thieves
23-Episode 21: Sage, Use Great Recovery
24-Episode 22: the wise man misunderstands
25-Episode 23: Sages Tell the Change
26-Episode 24: Sage, Kill the Half Demon
27-Episode 25: Sage, Train a Maiden
28-Episode 26: Sage, blow off magic silver
29-Episode 27: Sage, Break Again
30-Episode 28: Sage applies for a duel
31-Episode 29: Sage, Without Mercy
32-Episode 30: Sage, Pass
33-Episode 31 Teaching to the Sages and Instructors
34-Synopsis up to here (Episode 15 to 31)
35-Episode 32: Sage, put a sleeve on the uniform
36-Episode 33: Sage, Erase Magic Only with Magic
37-Episode 34: Sage Shows Overwhelming Power
38-Episode 35: Sage, Read the Answer
39-Episode 36: Sage is invited
40-Episode 37: Helping the wise men and squires
41-Episode 38: Sage, Kill the Wind
42-Episode 39: Sage, Fierce (Part 1)
43-Episode 39.5: Sage, Fierce (Part 2)
44-Episode 40: Sage's Companion
45-Episode 41: Sages increase... Increase? ?
46-Episode 42: Sage Goes to the Dungeon
47-Episode 43: Sage, Gives Out Magical Power
48-Episode 44: Sage, defeat 70 demon beasts with a single blow
49-Episode 45: Sage, Unsealing
50-Episode 46: Sage, Showdown with Ryu
51-Episode 47: Sage, Dating
52-Synopsis up to here (Episode 32 to 47)
53-Episode 48: Sage Prevents Terrorism
54-Episode 49: Reunion with the Sage and Sister
55-Episode 50: Overwhelming Sages
56-Episode 51: Overwhelming fellow wise man ②
57-Episode 52: Sage, praise the strength of my sister
58-Episode 53: Sage, Praised
59-Episode 54: Sages Reunit for the First Time in 300 Years
60-Episode 55: Sage, Beyond the Past
61-Episode 56: Sage, teach multiple activation
62-Episode 57: Sage, Refining the Gems
63-Episode 58: Sage, Making a Legendary Class
64-Episode 59: Sage, Make Transfer Team
65-Episode 60: Sage, Cooks a Superb Cuisine
66-Episode 61: Sage, Step into the Sealed Area
67-Episode 62: Sage Forces Underwater Battle
68-Episode 63: Sage Fights the Hierarchy Boss
69-Episode 64: Suppress the High Dragon, the High Dragon
70-Episode 65: Sage, Show Out the King
71-Episode 66: Suspected to be a wise man and a brave man
72-Synopsis up to this point (48th to 66th episodes)
73-Episode 67: Become a Sage and an Instructor
74-Episode 68: Sage, Pledge to Win All Wins
75-Episode 69: Sage, giving a lecture
76-Episode 70: Sage, Call for Helper
77-Episode 71: Living with a wise man and sister
78-Episode 72: Wise Men, Strong Men
79-Episode 73: Sage, Looking to the Future
80-Episode 74: Sage, Acquire Top Magic
81-Episode 75: Sage builds a safe monster subjugation system
82-Episode 76: Sage, Surprised by the Sister's Cuteness
83-Episode 77: Sage and Rivalry
84-Episode 78: Sages refuse the alliance
85-Episode 79: Sage, Make You Know!
86-Episode 80: Sage Responds to Cheers
87-Episode 81: Sage's Sister Shows Despair
88-Episode 82: The Sage's Sister Grows Up
89-Episode 83: Sage's good opponents
90-Episode 84: Sages, Beyond Genius
91-Episode 85: Uncover the Sage and Hero
92-Episode 86: Encounter with a Sage's Companion (Part 1)
93-Episode 86.5: A Sage's Companion, Enemies (Part 2)
94-Episode 87: Defeat the Genius, the Sage's Sister
95-Episode 88: Sage, Defeat with One Fingertip
96-Synopsis up to this point (from episodes 67 to 88)
97-Episode 89: Sage, Angry
98-Episode 90: The Sage, Plays with a Trick
99-Episode 91: Sage, Beat the Highest Score Ever
100-Episode 92: The Sage, Feeling an Unusual Youkai
101-Episode 93: Philosopher Saves Life
102-Episode 94: Encounter the Sage, the Villager
103-Episode 95: Sage, Detect
104-Episode 96: Thanks, Sage
105-Current ranking and points earned by each school
106-Episode 97: Sages are Surrounded by Enemies
107-Episode 98: Sage arrives on the battlefield
108-Episode 99: Sage, Pity the Naked King
109-Episode 100: Know the Identity of the Sage and the King
110-Episode 101: Total War of the Sage's Companions
111-Episode 102: Sage, Super Recover
112-Episode 103: Sage, Seriously Release
113-Episode 104: Defeat the Magi and the Devil
114-Episode 105: Sage, Flying in the Air
115-Episode 106: Become a wise man, waiter
116-Episode 107: Sage, Tell the Truth
117-Episode 108: Sage, Remembering a Self-Proclaimed Disciple
118-Episode 109: Sage Gives a Reward to His Sister
119-Episode 110: Sage, spending family time
120-Episode 111: The Sage's Father Is Recognized
121-Episode 112: Philosopher's Epilogue
122-"Third Class Students"
123-Synopsis up to this point (Ep. 89-112)
124-Episode 113: Sage, Become a Third-Class Student
125-Episode 114: Sages Stand at the Top of Students!
126-Episode 115: Sage is selected as an examiner
127-Episode 116: Sage, Entangled
128-Episode 117: Sage, Explain the Exam Content
129-Episode 118: Sage Fights Rival's Sister
130-Episode 119: Sage, Make a Little Serious
131-Episode 120: Sage, Ride on the Plan
132-Episode 121: Sage, Struggle with Old Friend
133-Episode 122: The Sage Deceives the Spy
134-Episode 123: Sage, Pursue
135-Episode 124: Sage, the King invites you to become King
136-Episode 125: Sage, Creating the World
137-Episode 126: Sage, Controlling Time
138-Episode 127: The Philosophers, Those Who Crossed the Hell (Part 1)
139-Episode 127.5 The Philosophers, Those Who Crossed Hell (Part 2)
140-Episode 128: Sage, Lend Your Breast
141-Episode 129: Witness the Power of the Sage and the Devil
142-Episode 130: Sage, Wearing a Flame
143-Episode 131: Sage, Playing the Spirit
144-Episode 132: Sage Proposes a Trip
145-Synopsis so far (episodes 113-132)
146-Episode 133: Sage, Controlling Costs
147-Episode 134: Sage Searches for the Legendary Beast
148-Episode 135: Sage, Tasting the Legendary Beast
149-Episode 136: Sage Gives God Punishment
150-Episode 137: Sage, Feed
151-Episode 138: Sages Decide Destination for School Trip
152-Episode 139: Sage, Control Legendary Beast?
153-Episode 140: Sage Receives Hospitality from the King
154-Episode 141: Sage, Leaning on Mysterious Words
155-Episode 142: Sage, Surprised by Swimsuit's Low Defense
156-Episode 143: Sage, Enjoying Swimwear
157-Episode 144: Sage, complimenting fellow swimwear
158-Episode 145: Sage, Teaching Ball Game
159-Episode 146: Sage Awakens to the Fun of the Valley
160-Episode 147: Sage, Break the Sea
161-Episode 148: Sage, Makes a Bad Face
162-Episode 149: Sage, Escort
163-Episode 150: Sages Respect the Friendship of Friends
164-Episode 151: Sage, Confirm the Sea Dragon
165-Episode 152: Philosophers Trust the Friends
166-Episode 153: Sage, Save Power
167-Episode 154: Sage, Marvel at the Appetite of the Legendary Beast
168-Episode 155: The Magi Fixes the Dungeon
169-Episode 156: Sage, Believing in the Enemy's Presence
171-Episode 157: Sage, Modify
172-Episode 158: Promise with Sage and Sister
173-Episode 159: Sage, Do You Enjoy Shopping?
174-Episode 160: Wise Man Witnesses a Previous Era of Failure
175-Episode 161: The Crisis of the Sage's Student
176-Episode 162: Sage's Secret Weapon
177-Episode 163: Defeating the Sage Pet and the Bad Man
178-Episode 164: The Sages' Betrayal, Betrayal
179-Episode 165: Enemies of the Philosopher
180-Episode 166 Talking about Chivalry, a rival of wise men
181-Episode 167: Sage Comes Late?
182-Episode 168: Sage, Modeling for Juniors
183-Chapter 169: "Sage, Sage, Sage...
184-Episode 170: Master of [Warrior], a rival of wise men
185-Episode 171: Sage, set a flag?
186-Episode 172: Sage, Impressed
187-Episode 173: Helping the Sage's Friends
188-Episode 174: Collaborate with a Sage
189-Episode 175: Complete Defeat of a Sage's Companion
190-Episode 176: Sage Reunites with a Witch
191-Episode 177: Sage, Thinking
192-Episode 178: A Sage's Fellow Cooperates
193-Episode 179: Sage, Participating in the War
194-Episode 180: Sage Overwhelms the Dragon
195-Episode 181: Infiltrate Hidet's Companion, Hidet (Part 1)
196-Episode 182: Infiltrating Hidet's Companion, Hideto (Part 2)
197-Episode 183: Sage, the Sage's Sister
198-Episode 184 Look Down on the Sage's Sister
199-Episode 185: Sage, Fear of My Sister's Power! ?
200-Episode 186: Sage, Challenge the Big Boss Finally
201-Episode 187: Sages Face Past Self
202-Episode 188: Sage, Struggle with Sage
203-Episode 189: Sage, Die...
204-Episode 190: Sage Starts Counterattack