12 Episode 12"History of other worlds and future poli...

"I'm still embarrassed about ...... it, after all.

 Lying in bed, I was looking at the ceiling.
 I can't seem to sleep.
 Maybe it's because I'm nervous,......, or maybe it's because I'm still feeling the way I did when I talked to Lisette and Haruka. It's like after a party.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

 To be honest, I'm from another world.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
 So ...... I want to repay them as much as I can.
 In order to do that...

I'm going to need to know a little more about this world.

 Earlier, Lysette told me about the turbulent times in this world while we were eating.
 Lying here reminds me of what I just heard.
As a descendant of the Dragon Emperor, Lisette knew a lot about the history of this world.

 A few hundred years ago, there were several small countries in this world, and they fought repeatedly.

 The one who ruled them was a king called the Kuro Flame Emperor.
 Using strict laws and black magic, he created the strongest army and destroyed the other countries one after another.

 However, due to the excessive use of black magic, a large number of demons began to appear and threatened the country.
It was during this period that the Kuro Flame Emperor mobilized the people and built a huge Great Wall in the north.

 Afterwards, the Kuro Flame Emperor declared that he would never die because he had mastered magic, and then died.
 As soon as the second emperor ascended to the throne, rebellions broke out all over the world, and the empire of the Kuro Flame Emperor was eventually destroyed.
 After that, the one who unified the continent was the Dragon Emperor. That's Lysette's ancestor.

The Dragon Emperor wielded the power of purification to exterminate demons and created a peaceful country.
 He made rules so that humans and subhumans could live together equally and banned black magic.

 However, as time passed after the death of the Dragon Emperor, the persecution of subhumans began.
 And the power of the Dragon Emperor's descendants gradually weakened, and now they are rarely seen in public.
 Especially in the era of the current emperor, the wise men around the emperor have come to hold the real power.
 It is said that they are using the authority of the emperor to do as they please.

 Because of this, demons have started to appear again, and even a dark cult with the ideal of the Kuro Flame Emperor has been born.
 Already, the local lords who have given up on Alicia have become independent and are ignoring the orders of the central government.

It's a good idea to take a look at the website and see if you can find anything you like.

 I think something similar has happened in my world.
 I'm sure you've seen the same thing in my world. A great king creates a great empire, and after his death, it splits and declines.
 Maybe human history really doesn't change no matter where you go.

"My basic policy is to protect this village, right?

 I'm not looking to expand my territory. Lysette only wants world peace. Haruka doesn't want to conquer the world either. Anyway, I'll keep using my skills to protect this village from enemies. That's all.

 I'm done with the "second childhood disease.
 Now I'm an ex-chuunibyou with the ability to handle reality. I'd better focus on my "reality processing skills" in case I run into other summoners.

 Okay. I've got a plan.

"...... wow

 I'm starting to feel sleepy. I fell asleep earlier, but I guess I'm still tired.
 As I lay down on the futon, I saw a window on the ceiling.
 There's a single moon in the window. It's a normal crescent moon. Apparently it's the same here.

 Lisette and the others are still talking.
 I'm not sure if I should really be helping them, but at this point I have no one else to turn to.
 I'll try to be as helpful as I can. I'll try to be as helpful as I can.

 I'm sure you've heard of it.

 I wonder what that is.
 As a former junior high school student, I'm interested in cool names.

"......For example, if you were to give Lysette a different name, what would it be ......?


 The more I thought about it, the sleepier I got. ...... I closed my eyes.
 I think I saw a semi-transparent window floating at the edge of my vision, but I was dozing, so I didn't see much...

I hadn't seen most of it because I was asleep.
 Naming objects: possible.

 The mysterious letters in the window were easily forgotten in the dream.

 Lysette's point of view...

"Dear Shoma, is your brother asleep?
"Yes. He was tired after all.

 After Shoma went to sleep.
 Lysette was having a tea party with Haruka.

"It's good to be 'siblings-in-law'. Sister Liz.

 Haruka smiles at Lisette with a cup of tea in her hand.

She wanted to be a family member of the one with the dragon's blood.
It's not that. Haruka.

 Lysette shook her head.
 It's not that I'm not a good person.

The reason why Lysette wanted to become brother and sister-in-law with Brother Shoma was because she felt righteousness towards him.
Lysette asked Brother Shoma to help the Emperor and put an end to this turbulent world.
That's a bit ...... sudden, isn't it?

 Haruka chuckled.

You've just met him, haven't you? You just met him, right? You don't know anything about him yet.
You're not going to tell me .......

 My cheeks burn when I think of it.
 I guess I was getting carried away.

"What do you think Brother Shoma would have said to that?
...... I can't imagine.
"He said, 'You know what? "He said, 'I may disappear from this world someday. I can't be irresponsible. Instead, he said he would lend us his strength to protect the village.

 It was then that Lisette decided to trust him.
 Shoma could have used Lisette if he wanted to.

The fact that the Dragon Emperor's Mausoleum is for selecting the successor to the Dragon Emperor and the fact that Lysette called him "Dragon Emperor". You already knew that.
 So if he was a bad guy, he would say, "Fine. Follow the Dragon Emperor's heir" and order Lisette.
 Brother Shoma was summoned to this world by mistake. You can't blame him for doing that in order to survive. It was supposed to be .......

But Brother Shoma told me everything.

 I am an exception to the rule that I was transported to this world.
 There is a possibility that you will be sent back to your original world.
 That if I were to take the lead in helping the emperor, I might have to abandon my mission along the way.

And then he said he would lend Lysette a hand.
"...... Liz-sister.
"That's why I wanted to be a 'step-sister'. As a step-family while in this world. I want to repay her for her righteousness. I wanted to quell this turbulent world myself.
"Sister Liz: ......

 Haruka sighed deeply for some reason.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it. It's not her fault that she has the blood of the Dragon Emperor in her veins. You don't need to be bound by such words to fulfill your role as a descendant of the Dragon Emperor, you know?
"...... But still...
Yes. It was Lisette who made the decision.
That was when you were little, wasn't it? I wonder what you think, brother. I wonder what your brother would think if he heard that you're going to fight the enemy of the world and change the inevitable world?
"Maybe. ...... Maybe I'll be taken aback.
...... Oh, I'm sorry. I take back my words. Liz.

 When I looked up, I saw Haruka smiling at me.

I'm sorry, I take it back. Since you met my brother.
"...... What?
"Because you've been talking about him all the time.
I don't know.
Maybe, but... Shoma... Maybe your brother is trying to change your sister Liz. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I think it's a good idea.
"That's .......

 I don't really know.
 But the fact that she is of the Dragon Emperor's blood is a source of guidance for Lisette, who does not know about her father.
 It's a proof of who I am.

The ultimate goal, of course. This is. Protecting the village for now. That's it.
I know. The adults are already on the move. Preparing for the attack on the forest demon stronghold.
That's right. Once we get there, Brother Shoma will be able to live in peace.
Look, he's talking about you again.

 Hey, Haruka. Why do you look like you're saying "no"?
 Please stop it. Lisette and the others are brother Shoma's sisters-in-law. They'll laugh at us if we keep acting like children!

I'm going to follow my brother and sister Liz.

 I'm going to follow my brother and sister Liz," Haruka said and put down her empty bowl.

 She stroked her pearly horn, scratched her cheek shyly, and giggled.

"This Haruka-Karmillia. I hereby swear that I will help my brother and sister Liz achieve their goals until the end of my life. As the youngest sister, it is only natural for me to fulfill the wishes of my brother and sister.
"...... Haruka.
I'm going to go home now. When the adults return, the three of us will move into the village chief's mansion. After the adults return, the three of us will move into the chief's mansion with everyone's permission.

 Then, Haruka laughed.
 Lisette couldn't help but laugh back.
 Because it looked like a very fun future.

See you later. Good night. Liz.
"Good night. Hulka.

 Hulka waved and left, carrying a wooden club on her shoulder.
 Now, Lisette, let's go to the other room to rest. The villagers have brought blankets for you.

 When dawn comes, I'll wash the dishes and wake up Brother Shoma.
 After that...

 I'll go check on the adults in the village to see how they're doing.
 So that you and I can live more gently.