13 Episode 13 "Tribes with Wings and the Third Awaken...

 The next morning.
 I'm sitting on my bed, thinking about the future.

 I listen and I hear a noise outside. Lysette seems to be awake already.

I'd better check my skills.

 I've got the "Demon Awakening" and "Dragon Awakening" skills, and the "King's Vessel" storage skill.
You'll be able to use the "Naming Breath" and "Dragon Veins" that you can get at the Dragon Emperor's Temple.
 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

I'm not sure what to do with it.

 I don't know if it was the same in the original world.
 The more work you get, the more you improve your skills and increase the amount of work you can do in a unit of time... and the more work you get. Because no one else can do it. When I increased the amount of work I could do in a unit of time, I found myself doing the same thing over and over again, and eventually I reached my limit.

...... I was really close to losing my temper at that time.

 I should try not to do the same thing. Also, make it as easy as possible.
 I checked the location of the village and the forest in my head.
 This village is in the middle of nowhere. Because it's on the outskirts of civilization, it's vulnerable to demons.

 So, the quickest way to make things easier for me is to raise the village's own defense.
 For example, I should have a strong weapon that can defeat even the hardest of enemies. The long sword the goddess gave me was chipped in battle. Weapons get worn out when fighting demons.
 It would be nice if there was a skill to strengthen people or things, if possible. .......

I'm not sure if it's the Naming Breath.

 But how should I use this skill?
 ...... Let's try an experiment.

 I took out a long sword from the King's Vessel.
 It was broken in yesterday's battle and is now about two-thirds its length. To strengthen it, I'll use the following command.

"Add Naming Attribute: 'Longsword, Increase Sharpness'".

 ...... No response.
 To be sure, I put it against the sleeve of my clothes and pulled it. It won't cut. The blade's falling apart.
 Maybe I'm using it wrong.

So, "Longsword. Your name is Excalibur. Here comes the sharpness of the holy sword.

 ...... No response either.
 I know because I can sense magic now that I'm here.
The "add naming attribute" isn't working. The long sword is still there.

I thought 'naming' meant giving it a name.

 Apparently not.
 I'll have to ask someone at .......
 If it's a skill that the Dragon Emperor gave you, you should be able to get a clue by learning about the Dragon Emperor himself.
 I decided to go outside.

"Oh, it's your brother Shoma!
"Good morning. Shoma-sama!

 Children were gathering in the village square.
 In the center is Haruka. In the center is Haruka, wearing a white nightgown, stretching out her arms and legs and taking a deep breath.

"...... phew.

 She exhaled with her eyes closed and then looked at me.

"Good morning. Brother.
"Good morning. Haruka.

 That's right. Yesterday, Haruka and I became brother and sister-in-law.
 I'm so embarrassed to be called your brother again. .......

I'm not sure what to say. I'm not sure what to do.
I've got things to do with everyone!
Where's Lysette?
She wanted to see her brother sleep.


 There was a sound of water behind the house.
 Lysette ...... I wonder what she was doing while I was asleep .......

It's only natural for a sister-in-law to want to see her brother-in-law sleep. It's a rule of this world.
...... Is that so?

 ...... If it's the rules of the world, I guess I can't help it.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

And what are you doing with it?
I'm sure you'll agree.

 Haruka put her hands on her hips and stretched out her large breasts.
 The kids line up on either side and do the same. They're so close.

"Demons are powerful, but not so powerful in magic. This is how we take in magic power from the air and ground every morning. That way, their regeneration ability will be improved.

 Then Haruka stuck out her finger in front of me.
 It's the finger I cut yesterday when we took the vow of brother and sister. There's not a scratch on it anymore.

Is this what you mean by increased regeneration ability?
Yes. Why don't you try it, brother?
Yeah. Then you can teach me.

 My "Dragon Seed Awakening" consumes magic power.
 You should know how to recover magic power.

First, raise your hands and focus on the soles of your feet.
Like this?
Yeah. Now close your eyes and breathe in as if you were a part of the world. Swoosh.

 ...... Yeah. Something's coming in.
 My hands and feet are getting warmer. I remember doing something similar in the original world, but the effect is different here. So this is what it means to be in a world full of magic.

"Brother ......
Brother Shoma, you're amazing! "Magic is in the air!

 The next thing I know, Haruka and the others are looking at me with wide eyes.

...... Your ability to absorb magic power is unbelievable. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it. I'm not sure what to make of that. ......

 ...... I remember that from the goddess' letter.
 My world has little magic. I've been training to take in magic in that world.
 I did a few random things, and I was able to take in magic power and manifest skills.

 And this world is full of magic.
 And this world is full of magical power, which makes me more susceptible to it.
 In short, it's like I've been training at high altitude - exercising in a place where oxygen is thin, and then coming down to the lowlands.

If I didn't have that, I wouldn't be able to use the 'dragon type awakening'. ......

 And then I remembered the skill.

I forgot. I had something I wanted to ask Haruka and the others.
"You have a question? Okay.
It's about the Dragon Emperor.
Yeah. I know a lot about him. The Dragon Emperor was a man who treated subhumans without distinction, and all the children in this village are taught stories about him.

 Haruka and the children clapped their hands.
 Then we can talk quickly.

"Then tell us, please. About the Dragon Emperor's power of naming.
"It's the power to give a land or object its attributes by naming it.

 Haruka sat down on the nearest chair and patted the one next to him.
 He said, "Sit down.

...... good.

 When I sat down next to her, Haruka leaned her shoulder against mine. She opens her white palm and traces it with her fingers. She seems to be drawing the shape of a river or a castle or something like that. But it's too close. Haruka, you've just been working out and you smell like sweat. And your nightgown is open wide at the chest... well, I'm sorry to say I can't see it. .......

Are you listening? Brother.
Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

 Oh, yeah. I'm Haruka's brother-in-law.
 Then it's rude to worry about it.

"The Dragon Emperor named the dry river.
That's right. The dragon emperor gave the dry river a name that means 'full of water' and gave the land full of water a name that means 'dry'. In this way, the dry rivers became filled with water, and the messy land became dry and livable.

 That's the ability of "adding naming attributes".
 Essentially, it's the same thing I just tried.
 If it doesn't work, then you're not high enough. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong.

 I know how to give the ability by ...... name, though.
 I'll try it myself when I get settled.

"The demon adults have been found.

"The Kuro Knight is attacking them.

 While I was thinking this, I heard a voice above me.
 A shadow like a bird falls around me and the children.

It's ......!

 I look up to see a group of winged girls flying around in the sky.

"The Harpy wakes at dawn.
"They can see the whole world.
"The demon tribe just sleeps without knowing it.
"They don't know that their friends are in danger.

 The winged girls are looking down at us, singing softly.


 I heard a voice.
 I turned around and saw Lysette running toward me, holding a tub.

Were you in the middle of fetching water?
It doesn't matter. I just heard the Harpy's voice...
Harpies? They're called harpies?
Yeah. They're a type of subhuman that lives in the mountains.

 Lisette answers my question.
 In my world, harpies are thought of as demons, but in this world, they're one of the sub-humans. It's true that the girls flying around are aware of us. Their speech is intelligent, and they don't seem to be demons.

 The wings of the Harpies don't grow on their backs, but on their arms.
 The arms must have been transformed into wings. Other than that, it's just like a human child. The body is clothed in a thin robe that is almost transparent to the skin. With their brown hair fluttering, the harpies are happily circling above the village.

 That's what Lisette said yesterday. The grown men are out.
 I was so busy with myself yesterday I didn't have time to think about it. .......

I'm sure you're not the only one.
"Yes ...... Shoma-sama.

 Lysette nodded.

In the depths of the forest, there is an old castle that has been occupied by demons.

 It was inhabited in the distant past, but now it has been abandoned and left in ruins.
 The forest is full of demons and it's a long way from the village. It's not easy to get back and forth.

 A powerful demon called the Kuro Knight came to live there a few months ago.
The Kuro Knight began to attack the forest and village with his men called Kuro Soldiers. There were not many demons around the village to begin with, but after the Kuro Knight appeared, the number of demons increased and they became more violent.

 The troubled villagers asked the human lord for help, but there was no response.
 That's why the adults in this village started their own countermeasures against demons.

I didn't tell you ...... because I didn't want to worry you, Shoma-sama.

 I'm not sure what to do.

The adults in the village have been out since the day before yesterday to conquer the abandoned castle. The full-scale attack will start next time, but before that, they are planning to build a base between the village and the abandoned castle. I was supposed to come back today, but ......
The kids went to catch some fish for ...... you to eat when you get back?
"...... Yes.

 Lysette nodded.
 We have no way of knowing what happened to the villagers who left a few days ago. But the Harpies, who can fly, can easily go and see them.
 The question is whether the information is true or not.

"As the protector of this village, I ask you! Is it true what they say?

 Haruka looked up at the sky and shouted.

"Hey." "Hey.

 "Well, well, well.
 The Harpy is looking down at Haruka with a smile.

"...... Really?
The Harpy is a naughty boy, he lies a lot.

 You're right, he does look like a naughty boy.
 It's like they're pointing at us gathered on the ground and laughing in each other's ears.
 It's starting to piss me off .......

I'll ask you again. Is it true what you're saying? If it's true, we need to go to the rescue right now. Answer me!
"I don't know.
I'm not gonna tell you if it's true or not.

 The Harpies laughed at Hulka's question.

"The demons are setting up a trap to defeat the Kuro Knight.
Halfway through the night, the guards found them.
"Is it true that they ended up fighting?

 The Harpies are totally playing.
 They look like they'd fly away if we pulled out our weapons.

"...... Lisette.
"Yes. Shoma-sama.

Can I be a part of this village's defense now?
Huh? Oh, yes. Of course.
Then can I say something to them?

 Lisette seemed surprised by my words.
 But she didn't deny it. She gave a slight nod and pushed me back.
 Okay, then.

 Let's talk to them like adults, in moderation.

I want to ask the Harpies.
If what you're saying is true, we need to go save the villagers right now. Otherwise, this village could be destroyed.
I don't know, I don't care.
You're subhuman, aren't you? Aren't you bothered by the demons?

 They laughed at me, but I don't care .
 I continue.

If this village disappears, the subhuman power will be weakened and the demon power will be expanded. Wouldn't that be a problem for you?
It doesn't matter... the Harpy has wings.
They can just run away and fly wherever they want.
"Don't you dare talk to me like I'm an inferior species without wings.

 What do you mean, "inferior"?
 You're looking down on me like that?
 ...... You look down on me and the people in this village that could be my place like that.

"...... all you need is wings, right?

 I glared at the harpies directly above me.
 I catch the two little ones laughing in my line of vision.
 I'm convinced.

 There are subhumans in this world that can fly. Confirmed. I'm convinced.
 Just like when I was convinced of the existence of dragons and demons.

 Well, and... It's an emergency, just for now.
 Let's pretend I'm the old me for once and just listen...



"In the name of the demon dragon king Shouma, the supreme king of the deformed... 'Shoushin Kakusei'!

 I kicked the ground.

"──── What?
"...... How long are you going to look down on the king's head?

 In an instant I was flying and I was above the harpies.
 My back felt weird. Like I'd grown another hand around my shoulder blades.
 My wings are all white. Huge. Several times the size of a harpy.

"Flying species awakening.

 A skill activated by the belief in the existence of flying humans and subhumans.
 This skill is activated by the belief in the existence of flying humans and subhumans.

This is the fourth skill of "Demon Dragon King Xiangma". The effect is the ability to fly.
 You can keep flying as long as your magic power lasts. Its flying ability is better than the harpy's. Maybe, but...

"How dare you laugh at the High King with such meager wings!

 So I laughed anyway.

"If you look down on the deformed High King, let me cut through a cloud!

 I was bluffing.

"Oh, King? There is no such thing. But...
But you are weak and wingless. "Come down to earth and tell me what you know.
"......" "......
Speak, or go! But I will not forget how you disrespected and laughed at the king!

 It's an emergency.
It's time to get some information from the Harpy and the others in "Demon Dragon King Xiangma Mode".

"...... I'm sorry, .......

 The harpy and the others turned their heads and went straight down to the ground.
 I'm going to land right in front of them while I'm still in the flying kind of awakening.

"...... Haruka.
"Yes, yes. My brother!
I don't think they'll lie anymore. I don't think they're lying anymore.
Okay, okay.

 Haruka looked at me, then turned to the harpies.

Is it true that the adults in that ...... village have been found by the enemy?
I would never lie in front of that person.

 The harpies looked at me and answered.

"Just now, when I went to get breakfast.
I saw some demons and some black soldiers chasing them.
They were trying to stay and fight, but they were wounded.
If you want to help, you'd better hurry.

Thank you. Thank you.

 I stepped forward and bowed to the harpies.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Don't thank me, just stroke my wings.
Don't thank me, just stroke my wings so we can fly faster.

Like this?

 I touched the harpy's wings with my fingertips.
 I touched their wings with my fingertips, and the harpies looked ticklish, as if they had nerves.

"Thank you very much!
"Thank you for the information, too. Sorry I'm mad at you.

 Then I looked at Lisette and the others.
 Lysette and Haruka nodded seriously.

 From here on, I'll wait for their judgment, as they know the village and the forest well.
 In the meantime, I'll do what I can.