14 Episode 14 "The King Will Give The Weapon a New 'N...

It's an emergency. I need to be able to use 'Naming Breath' somehow.

 If this is an enchantment skill, it'll be useful now.
 I was going to wait until things had settled down, but it looks like there's no time to lose.

 If the villagers are in trouble, I need to go help them right away.
 Right now, there are only three combatants who can move: Lisette, Haruka, and me. We're overwhelmingly outnumbered.
 If that's the case, we'll have to strengthen our weapons to increase our overall strength.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to use it.

 Then try ...... in your own way.
 The method of strengthening with names has been successful once. If the "Dragon King Shoma" is powerful in this world, you may be able to enchant your weapon in the same way.

 I took out a long sword from the King's Vessel.

"What? "What are you doing?
"Are you doing something amazing? Is the king amazing?

 The children and the harpy are looking at me with great interest.
"Now I'm going to try to strengthen this sword. I'm going to try to strengthen this sword. What do you call this weapon?
"Chouken. Longsword.

 You get exactly what you think you get.
 They think it's a pistol. That's how they recognize the weapon.
 So what happens if you give it a name similar to ......?

"Naming Breath activated.

 I declared, grasping the long sword.
 The next moment, something like a window appeared in front of me.

 The words "Longsword" and "Longsword" were displayed in the center.
 There are only three slots for the letters. That seems to be the current limit on the number of letters that can be named.

"'I now weave the words of a king.'

 The words flowed out naturally.

"In the name of the Demon Dragon King Shoma, I bestow upon you a new attribute.

 The long sword took on a pale glow.

In the name of the Demon King Shoma, I bestow upon you a new attribute.

 ...... How can I learn to fight demons with ease?
 The black goblin and the lord both had skin so hard. The skin of the Kuro Goblin and the Lord was so hard that the long sword was chipped.

 So what we need is strength rather than sharpness.
 If you're a demon, just the fact that your weapon doesn't break is a strength.
 If that's the case, then we'll just make it ...... hard...

"The Longsword... is now known as the Chouken.

 I breathed in, and declared.

"Accept the King's naming! Naming Breath!

 A blue-white line ran across the surface of the long sword.
 After a few times, it drew the word "Cho-ken" and disappeared.
 If there was a reaction, then this was the correct answer.

"What? Did it light up? What did you do? King.
I'm sorry. Excuse me, can you hold this?

 I handed the newly strengthened long sword to the kid in front of me.

I have a question, are the wrists and elbows of demons strong? Can they handle cutting hard objects?
"They are quite strong. Otherwise, they won't be able to fight the black demons.
Okay, well, try cutting that rock.

 I pointed to a rock in the yard that was about the height of a child.

"Big brother? If you cut it, you'll break your sword.
It's okay. It's broken and it's a gift.

 I said.

Don't worry about the sword, just do it quickly and easily. Don't strain your wrists.
"If you insist.

 The child obediently readied his sword.



 The rock was cut.
 Or, more accurately, the upper part of it was sliced off.

"...... What?

 The children's and Harpy's eyes lit up.

""Yeah, yeah, yeah, !!!!?"

 This is because the upper half of the sword was cut with a long sword with 'added attributes'. And yet, there was not a single crack on the sword.
 As you can see, it's 'super hard'.

"Wow!" "Big brother is amazing!

 I'm so embarrassed when people praise me.

 I'm just using the Dragon Emperor's skills, arranged in a midget way.

 I can't name the land or give names to people yet.
 That's why I gave the attribute of "demon, dragon, flight, and demon" to "Masamasa Kiryu," and gave the attribute of "super hard" to the "long sword," just like I named the "pencil" "flaming brush" and tried to draw a magic circle to call out Efreet.

The word "hard" is a synonym for "brittle" and means "firm and unbreakable.
 That is why the sword became 'super hard'.

 As a result, the rock was defeated by the 'unbreakable sword' that came at it with the power of the demon tribe.
 Also, there's something I've learned from using it.
The Naming Attribute can only be used on items I own or borrow.

 But even if you lend it to someone after you've enchanted it, the ability lasts. Maybe for half a day.

"Shoma, brother. What's this weapon?

 The demon girl brought a wooden stick as long as I am tall.

Is it the same one Haruka's using?
"Yes. The demon tribe is better at using clubs.

 It is hexagonal in cross section and gets thicker the further you go. It's made of wood, but it's absurdly heavy. I can barely hold it in my normal state. A child can wield such a thing? Amazing. Ogres.

What do you call it?
"Kongbo! "Oudabo!

 The most appropriate is "cudgel".

"In the name of the Demon Dragon King Xiangma, I add the naming breath, your name is the weapon, the club, accept the similar words, and the attribute I give you is...

 Inhale, and then I'll tell you.
 I'm pretty sure there's a word for something hard, ......, and it's called 'Kongo'.

"A cudgel, or a club, or a metal rod. "Be as strong as metal" "Be a stick". Let its strength and flexibility exceed that of the hardest iron! Accept the King's naming!

 And a line of light runs through the iron rod.
 The new attribute is the "metal rod" - a weapon that is "like metal" and "is a rod".

The word 'rod' means 'something long and straight'. In other words, this cudgel is as hard as metal and will remain straight. It is hard to bend and hard to break.
 It is the same as the "super stiff" mentioned above. The strength must have increased tremendously.

Let's go!

 The girl from the demon tribe threw her club down at the rock.


 The club just cracked the rock.
 Good. It's strong enough.

Now I want you all to do me a favor.

 I said to the kids.

"Now I want you to take this long sword and club to your families and tell them about the enhancements. If you're willing, I'll strengthen the weapons in the village. This will make it easier for us to fight the Kuro Knight, and if the Kuro Monster attacks while we're out helping the villagers, we'll be able to face it.
 Can you please go to ......?

"Yes . Brother Shoma!

 The children run out with long swords and clubs in their hands.
 I have to do this in a hurry. We have to do it quickly, while the Shoshu Awakening takes effect.

 The children worked fast.
 It took less than 10 minutes for everyone to gather up all the weapons in the village.
 Three minutes for me to strengthen them. By then, Lisette and the others had finished their discussion.

"Master Shoma.
Have you decided on a plan?
Yes. Lysette and Haruka will go ahead and rescue the villagers. The rest of you will be in charge of defending the village.

 Then Lisette touched the long sword on her hip.

Then Lisette touched the long sword on her hip and said, "Thanks to the sword that Shoma-sama strengthened, I can fight with peace of mind.
You said you'd help defend the village. I said I would help defend the village.

 It's part of my job. I'm indebted to you.

Besides, it'll help me finish my work faster. Take it easy on each other.

 In the original world, you streamlined your work so that you could slack off.
 Well, I was still getting work in rapid succession. Because they didn't treat me like one of them.

Just to make sure my enhancements are working with Lisette and Haruka. I'm an amateur at combat. I'm an amateur in combat, so I need a professional to check me over.
"Yes, yes.

Oh, and my wings still work.

 This is where a former junior high school student with a high capacity for reality processing comes into his own.
I'll use the mass of skills called "Demon Dragon King Shouma" with maximum efficiency for the safety of this village.

It's just that only one of us can carry it. I'm not sure if it's better to carry Lysette or Haruka. ...... Isolating her is counterproductive, so I think I'd better do my best to carry her back and forth. ......

 I don't have much experience in actual combat.
In the event that you've got a lot more than one, you'll be able to get a lot more.
I've never used the Demon Awakening, so I'm not sure how to use it.

 That's why I'm going to be the support. But then I'd have to make either Lisette or Haruka fight alone. That doesn't make sense, does it? What should I do ......?

What do you want me to do? I'll help you, King.

 Next thing I know, the harpies are looking at me.

With our help, we can carry at least one person.
Are you sure?
The reason we Harpies are so naughty is because we have no one to serve.
It's nothing to ask for help when you've stroked our wings.

 The harpies knelt before me.
 Apparently, for them, being stroked meant submission.

 ...... Well, I did tell them to kneel.
 I even ordered him to kneel like a king. .......

...... You can take it back later. I'll give you something in return.

 I feel like I'm getting deeper and deeper into this. .......

I'm not sure what to say. The harpy and the others will carry Haruka. I'll take Lysette and carry the weapon. As soon as you drop off Haruka there, run to safety.
"Yes, sir. My king!
Good luck. My king!

 Even the children!

I'm sorry, brother. I'll tell them later.

 I sighed.
 When the battle is over, I'll slack off enough to drown out the respect.

"Lisette. Tell me your plan.
Yes, sir. But if you have information about the Harpy, you can go directly to where the villagers are fighting. I think it would be better to go directly to where the villagers are fighting if we have information about the Harpy, and hit them in the back from the air.
So, you're saying that the villagers and Lisette and the others will attack each other?
Yes. With Lisette, Haruka, and enhanced weapons, we can break through the center of the enemy line. Then we can split up the enemy and join the villagers to hit them at once.

 It seems to make sense to me.
 My knowledge is limited to the simulation games I've played recently and the fantasy and military books I read in school. I'll leave this to the experts.

Okay. The Harpies and Haruka will go first.
Yes, sir. My Lord!
Lysette and I will follow. I'll carry the weapons. Lysette, hold on tight.

 There's no time to waste.
 I put the enhanced weapon into the King's Vessel.
 And hold Lisette in both hands. I moved my wings and rose at once.

"Hold on tight. Lysette!
"Yes... ............ Shoma-nii-sama.

 You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few things to do.