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 That night.
 I left Yukino, Lisette and Haruka at the village chief's mansion and decided to stay at another house.
 I thought that Yukino wouldn't feel at home if I suddenly moved in with her, even though she had finally found a place where she could relax. She had traveled a long way from the capital to here after her reincarnation, and I wanted to give her some time to relax. Yukino is also my guest, after all.

 I'm staying at the house where Lisette used to live.
 This is the first place I settled down in this world, and I hardly use it now.
 I stay at the chief's house because it's easier to manage the warding magicians there. There are more rooms there.
 So today is the first time I've lived alone in a while. .......

...... I feel restless.

 I muttered to myself as I sat in the living room drinking tea.
 I've been living alone in my original world, so I should be used to it. But now, for some reason, I feel restless.
 I guess it's because I've always ...... had someone by my side since I came to this world.

Well, I'm supposed to have a guest today.

 When I said that, I heard the presence of a person outside.
 "Well, we're expecting another guest today.

"Your Majesty." "Sorry to keep you waiting.

 I heard footsteps.
 I turned around and saw two harpies standing in the doorway of the house.

"We've just returned from gathering information. It's Leroux! It's Leroy!

 The two harpies stretched out their wings and bowed.

We've been waiting for you. We've been waiting for you.
"No, no, no." "For the king.
"Sit down first. I'll make you some tea.

 I sat Leroy and Leroy in the chairs and went to the fireplace.
 I've already boiled the water, but it's already cold. The wood fire is out too.
 Well, what can I do?

"Dragon Seed Awakening! "Dragon's roar!



 Leroy and Leroy shouted with joy.
 I lit the wood with a flame of minimal power.
The dragon's roar can be adjusted by squeezing its mouth. The "Dragon Seed Awakening" can be used for survival. It was originally designed for siege warfare, endurance warfare, and even cold-weather combat against the Enemy of the World. This ability.

...... I really wonder what kind of strong enemy I was going to fight. I was.

 I waited for the water to boil and made a pot of tea.
 I poured it into a long-mouthed bowl and mixed it with the pre-prepared water cooler.
 Since harpies are clumsy, lukewarm tea is best to avoid burning their tongues.

 There was also a "chimaki" given to me by a villager of ....... It was filled with wild boar meat. Put it on a plate and say.

I'm sorry to ask the king to do that. I'm sorry, sir.
It's for your own dinner. Don't worry about it.

 Don't underestimate the experience of a single woman living alone.
 I'm a good cook. I don't mind cooking.

"Thank you for the .......

 Leroy and Leroy pushed the bowl of tea with the tip of their wings.
 You'll be able to get a lot more than just a cup of tea.

 The Harpy's arms are wings, so he can't hold the bowl. They usually drink water by dipping their mouths directly into the river, but for official meals, they have proper manners.
 ...... I'm learning a lot.

"Then report back to me on the results of your reconnaissance. How was the Rikaku Kyoudan?
"Yes, sir. I've been watching their fortifications from a distance, as you ordered.

 Rului, the long-haired harpy, said.

Their fort is on top of a small rocky hill. There are three locations.
From the ground, there is a narrow mountain path!

 Leroy, the harpy with his hair tied behind his neck, said.

"There were tents on the ground, and about a hundred people lived in them.
I've been listening. The people on the ground were 'peasant soldiers' who had been forcibly dragged there. I heard there were about ten other big men holed up in the fort above.
I took a peek. There were creepy bugs around the people on the ground. I heard that they are controlled by the top brass, who are trying to scare the peasants into listening to them.
There was no sign of the cadres.

I think he's upstairs or out.
"That's all I have to report!

 And with that, Leroy and Leroy bowed their heads.

"Please stroke my wings as a reward!
Yes, yes.

 I stroked Leroy's and Lerui's wings after I had awakened them with my Shoshu Kakusei.
 The two of them rubbed their cheeks together as if they were enjoying it.

"That's enough information. Thank you.

 Their fortress is in the rocky mountains near the territory of the Kittle Patriarch.
 There are three locations. There are peasant soldiers on the ground. They said the Order was raiding villages and burning them, so they must have been dragged here then. The peasants are obeying because they're frightened by insects controlled by the cult leaders. If they disobey, they will be eaten or killed.

 And there are about ten leaders in the cult's stronghold.
 The peasant soldiers can be controlled by the insects, so there is no need to stay near them. On the other hand, if you stay close to them, you might be attacked by angry peasants. I guess that's why you are hiding in the fort.

 And I think there is an old magic circle in the fort to create a ward.
 There's no need to capture the fort, but if you want to neutralize it for the duration of the investigation, you'll have to go to .......

I guess I'll have to get help from the ...... guys.
I'd be happy to... ......


 The cup of tea Loloi the Harpy was drinking nearly fell over.


 I reached out to support the cup.
 It's hard to drink with both hands on the wing.

"Be careful. Here.

 I picked up the bowl and brought it to Loloi's mouth.

"......, my king.

 Loloi looked at me, his puffy cheeks reddening.
 Then he put his mouth on the bowl and began to sip.

"Wow. I think I'm going to spill some on Leroy. King. King.
"Yes, yes.

 I'm starting to feel like I'm taking care of my sister.
 That was a long time ago. That kind of thing.

"Uh, uh... King?
What's up. Louie.
Actually, the harpy is birdseye. He can't see very well in the dark.
...... Is that so?

 It's pitch black out there.
 But ......2 you just got here, didn't you?
 Didn't we just fly into a pitch black place?

I did my best to report to the king. I'm not really good at night.
"I know.

 Leroy took over Leroy's line.

"So, can we stay at the king's house today? "I'm afraid of the dark.
I'm afraid of the dark.

 Leroy and Leroy move their tiny wings with a flapping motion.
 The two elementary school-aged people are nodding their heads.
 ...... Well, that's okay.
 I'm not sure what to do.

But I think we should go to the chief's mansion. It's bigger, and Lysette and Haruka are there.
That makes no sense! It has to be this way!
...... Is that so?
Please have mercy! - Please have mercy!
...... Well, if you insist.

 I'm the one who made you work.
 You don't mind if I spend the night?

Okay, okay...
No, of course not!

 There was a scream.
 Me and the two harpies looked towards the doorway at the same time.

 There stood Lysette with anger in her shoulders.

"What are you going to do to Brother Shoma while Lysette and the others are away?
I want offspring, and the children of those with strong wings are precious.

 Leroy and Leroy are standing on chairs, ahem, with their chests turned out.
 Wait a minute. When did we start talking about this?

To the Harpy, a man with strong wings is a king and worthy of his love.
So I thought I'd come by and report back and ask for your love.
...... Sorry. I'm just not in the mood.

 That's true.
 I'm not in the mood for that kind of thing when I've just arrived in another world.
 In the first place, I might go back to the original world when the world becomes peaceful.
 Leaving my child alone in this world is a bit .........

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will work for you.
If the king says so, you can always change your mind.

 If the king says so, then whenever you change your mind..." With that, Leroy and Leroy flew out of the house.
 Then they flapped their wings and headed towards the harpy village.

I thought you were blind at night, .......
I can see just fine. The Harpies.

 Lysette sighed.

"They're naughty, you know. You'll have to be careful, Brother Shoma.
Sorry. I was careless.

 I said.

"I'll explain more about my wings later. Then you'll give up.
I don't think that has anything to do with .......
Is it?
They may be naughty, but their loyalty is real.

 Otherwise, they wouldn't have listened to orders so obediently. Lysette added.
 I see.

 Using people in another world is surprisingly difficult.
 I'll think of some other reward for the harpy later.

By the way, Lysette, what are you doing here?
"I almost forgot .......

 Lysette clapped her palms together.
Yukino was acting strangely, so I came to report it to you.
"Yes. She has a slight fever and is having nightmares. A medical expert told me that she was probably exhausted from ....... You and Yukino are from the same world, right? I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to handle this.
"Okay. I'll be right there.

 Yukino, you were sickly in your original world, right?
 You've been reincarnated, so your body should be healthy. I'm having my physical and mental strength restored to its peak by the goddess.

 But I can't just leave her there.
 I believe there was a bottle of mineral water and some chocolates left in the King's Vessel. If I tell him that I'm from the same world and give it to him, he might calm down mentally.

 Also, there's still some water left to boil, so you can put that in the King's cup, too.

"Don't bother, Lisette.

 I left the house with Lysette.

"Yukino is my guest. I should probably stay with her and take care of her.

 Lysette shook her head.

If you're my brother Shoma's guest, you're a very important guest for Lysette.
Thank you.
I'm also curious about .......

 As she walked next to me, Lisette looked at me, her silver hair shaking.

I'm not sure what to make of it. It's like the scent of a brave person who stands up to ...... evil.

 I think it's probably the smell of chuunibyou. Lysette.

...... I'm sure mine is cured. ......

 I know you're .......
 I hope you're doing .......
 I hope you're doing ....... .......

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