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The Rikaku Order is dead.

 It was because we attacked their fortress and freed their peasants.
 It was also because we found an old magic circle when we attacked the third fort.

 When I restored the magic circle and reactivated the warding with Yukino as the lord, the nearby imam evaporated and the insects disappeared.

 As a result, the cult lost its strength and place in the world, and ...... was attacked by the army of the Kittle Lord.
 We heard this information from a neighboring village (which we later learned was called Mawar Village), so it's not accurate, but that's fine for us.

 The magic circle room in the fort has been sealed with Yukino's ice magic.
 After the fort was cleared of people, we dropped a large rock to block the mountain path.
 This should prevent the magic circle from being tampered with.

The wards have extended to the neighboring village, so it looks like we can live in peace for a while.

 I checked the status of the wards from the sky right after that.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something to help you.
 After activating a total of three magic circles, the wards formed a huge triangle.

 All of the frontier and the vicinity of Mawar Village are now within the boundaries of the wards.
 In particular, the route from Hazama to Mawar Village has become safer. If there are no demons, then you can trade with them without worry.

 Bandits and deserters sometimes appear on the streets, but Hazama and Mawar Village have decided to deal with them by making joint patrols. The villagers of both villages can now exchange crops and lumber with each other. I guess it's a big deal that humans, demons, and harpies can now share information with each other.

 Incidentally, the meeting to decide the schedule of the patrol was held in Hazama Village.
 How I ended up participating in the meeting is still a mystery to me.
 Also, I wish they would have stopped looking at me when they made the decision.

 So, the frontier is settled for now.
 All we have to do now is to go on the defensive and live quietly until the turbulent times are over.

 Before I go to .........

"I think I'd like to visit the capital once.

 That's what I told everyone when we were having dinner at the village chief's mansion.

 In the living room of the mansion, Lisette, Haruka, and Yukino are gathered. This is because the house is now the home of the three girls. They asked me to move in with them, but I refused to do so.

 I'm a former junior high school student, but I have common sense and the ability to deal with reality, which I've developed over a decade of working in the business world. I'm not comfortable with the idea of three teenage girls and me living together. Or rather, to be honest, I'm embarrassed.

 Besides, if I stay with Yukino all the time, I don't know when she'll find out that I'm the true master. I want to keep the fact that I'm the Organic Dragon King a secret until things settle down.

"...... I see. You've thought of it. Brother Shoma.

 I'm not sure what to do.

I'm sure you're not the only one. If you are recognized by the Dragon Emperor, you will be able to meet him. So if you expel the schemers who use the emperor, push the Dragon Emperor to the top and issue a decree to the whole country, the lords will have no choice but to obey.

 Lysette stood up, shaking her chair with a slump.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out which lords are against the Alicia Dynasty. Brother Shoma will be the forerunner to correct this turbulent world. Of course, Lisette, as a person with dragon blood, will fight as your sword! In other words, this trip to the capital is the first step in making your royal road, or rather the name of the "High King of the Deformed" known to the world! Isn't that right, Brother Shoma?
"............ No, it's not.

 I said.

............ I don't have such a deep reason, I just want to see the capital of this country, okay?
............ Is that so?
That's right.

 A silence fell.
 Lysette pulled out a chair, sat back in it, and said.


 She turned red and covered her face.
 No, I understand, but... I'm sure you'll be able to find something to help you.
 But it's too sudden. I'm not thinking that far ahead either.

Hey, Lizzy...
...... Don't look at me. Haruka. ......
You don't get it, do you Liz? I'm not sure if you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

 Haruka is nodding, shaking her large breasts.
 Yukino, who is standing next to her, nodded in the same way as she sipped her tea.

 Lysette is very passionate when it comes to the Dragon Emperor. On the other hand, Haruka is practical. She's a childhood friend of Lisette's and knows the flaws in her opinion. Then, Haruka gave her common sense opinion...

"Because if you do that, the Dragon Emperor might give up the throne to your brother!

 But that's not what happened at all!
 I'm sure you're not the only one.

I'm not sure what to make of this. There's no one better to rule the world than you, right? That's why I'm sure that the moment the Dragon Emperor meets you, he'll hand over the kingdom to you! That's zen! I'm sure she would do the same. I've never met her, but...

If you've never met her, why are you talking about her like you know her?
"It's a girl's intuition!

 Haruka pointed at me with a stern look.

"You know... Haruka.
What, my brother?
The throne is not something that can be handed over easily, is it?

 That's the way I feel, having studied history in the original world.
 It's because I understand it. Yukino, who is also from another world, nodded her head and said, "Yes, sir.

Whenever a country changes or the throne passes to someone from outside, there is always an uproar ...... and sometimes blood is spilled. Well, there are a few exceptions.
Well, there are a few exceptions.
What exactly?
Why don't you just marry the Dragon King?
Yukino-san! Are you okay? I mean, did the tea hit your brother in the face?
Geez... It's okay...
The Dragon Emperor is still a young girl, and there are rumors that she can't even go outside because of her evil vassals. You're going to free her from that. Put her in your palace under the guise of protecting her from bad vassals, and everything will be fine!
"It's not going to settle down, it's going to cause rebellions all over the place.

 That's just too delusional.
 There's no way a person from another world can do anything about the person on the throne just because he's 'recognized by the Dragon Emperor'.

I doubt it.

 But Haruka is not happy.
 You can't see it clearly because you're wearing tea and your eyes are open.

If I were the Dragon Emperor, I'd trust you to take care of me.
Not everyone lives by instinct like you do, Haruka.

 Lysette left her seat.

Oh, my God, my brother's face is covered in tea.
I'm sorry, Mr. Shoma. I'll clean it up for you. ......

 Yukino gets up and comes over to me.

I'll wipe your face. I'm going to wipe your face. Can you close your ...... eyes for a moment?

 I did as I was told and closed my eyes.
 Yukino begins to wipe my face with a handy cloth.

 But Yukino, you've gotten better. Her ice magic was useful when we attacked the fortress of the Rikaku cult. I'm sure Yukino doesn't realize that she's from the same world as me, but she's someone I've known for a long time, so it's nice to be able to ...... talk to her easily.

 I'm sorry.

 Yukino's chuuni disease is also calm except in battle.
 All that's left to do is to cooperate with ...... the mission she received from the goddess, which is to quell the turbulent world. That way, Yukino can be resurrected in her own world. How it all fits together is literally a matter of "God only knows", but I'm sure Yukino's parents will be happy. You can at least do that: .......

 Sawa sawa. Sawa.

"...... Yukino. What are you doing?

 I've been feeling thin fingers crawling all over my face and head for a while now.
 After that, I felt like he was checking my arm and hand and then the shape of my fingers. ......?

No, no, no, no. You know what?

 I'm sure you'll agree.

I was just checking out Shoma's fighting strength. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.
I'm sure you'll be fine. I don't think you can use your current state as a reference.
...... I see. But I think you're getting tougher.
I'm getting tougher. ......
No, no, I'm talking about this. Anyway, Mr. Shoma.

 Yukino coughed and pulled away from me.

Can you take me with you when you go to the capital?

 Yukino said with a serious face.

I'm from the capital. I'm from the capital, so I know the conditions there and the way. Who better to show me the way than you?
"Yeah, I'm going to ask Yukino and Lisette to come with me.

 I said.
 Yukino knows the way, the state of the other side. And she has information on the same summoner.
 Lisette is related to the dragon. We can't know about the current emperor, the Dragon Emperor, or anything about him without her.

What about me?
I'd like you to protect the village, Haruka. Even if the demons are gone, there's still a chance of bandits and rogues attacking. Haruka can use the magic of the land to fight off most of them, right? It's safer for you to stay behind.
"...... Mm-hmm.

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but it's a good idea.

If you're sure that no one is going to attack your village, you can take me with you, right?
...... That's right.
Yeah. Okay. I'll do my best.

 Haruka clenched his fists.
 I'll do my best." Haruka clenched her fists. I don't know what she's doing, but I nodded anyway.

 The timing was just right, so I left my seat.
 I washed the dishes by the well and went back to the house with the voices of Lisette, Haruka and Yukino saying good night.
 By the way, I heard that the water in the well has increased considerably.
 According to an old man in the village, "the water quality has improved, and I feel more energetic when I drink it," but that's probably a placebo effect. I think it's just a feeling that the magic of the land has been activated and that's affecting the water. ......

 I'm sure you've heard of the ...... good crops.

 ............ I'll try not to think about it too much.

 Anyway, I've made plans for the future.
 I'm going to check on the village for a while, and when things seem to have settled down, the three of us will go to the capital. Then we'll check the level of civilization of the dynasties in this world, and if possible, their war potential. I don't think they will be hostile to the Alicia Dynasty, but I want to be prepared.

...... Well, I guess nothing will happen for a while.

 The next morning, I went home and went to sleep.

"Brother Shoma! Oh my god! "Brother Shoma, there's been a messenger from the Lord Keeper of Kittle!

 I was shaken awake by Lisette, who came rushing in.