40 Episode 40 "Heo, Welcome the Serge"

"I am here on behalf of Master Sylvia Kittle, the third daughter of Lord Kittle.

 A man in armor said.
 There were about twenty messengers from the Lord Keeper's territory. All of them are armed.
 The one talking to us is a man who looks like a swordsman. He is tall and has a double-edged sword at his waist.
 Next to him is an old man in a robe. He seems to be the one in charge, judging from the way he is responding to the swordsman's words.

 We decided to meet the messenger outside the village.
 It's not safe to let so many armed men inside the city walls.
 We decided to let the messenger enter the village only after hearing his business first.

 The receptionists were me and Haruka. Lisette and Yukino are in the back.
 The location is outside the fields surrounding the village. Behind a wooden fence that was built to keep out animals.

 Neither Haruka nor I have any weapons. Let's be friendly first.

I'm Haruka Karmilia, the village chief. This is my brother-in-law, Shoma Kiryu. My siblings and I are honored to be here in the presence of the emissary of the son of the renowned Grand Patriarch Kittle.

 Haruka recited in one breath the greeting that Lysette had taught her.

"This is the frontier. We are subhuman. What business brings you to a place like this?
"Your head is high.

 The man with the sword said.

"How dare a subhuman stand and greet the princess's messenger? Get on your knees. And be silent until I have finished.
"...... Um...

 Haruka looked at me as if she was confused.
 I guess he didn't expect me to be so uptight.

 Before welcoming the messenger, we had a short talk with the village.
 There had never been a messenger from the Kittle Patriarch in the frontier. So we have no idea what they want. If they're friendly, we'll be friendly. If the other side is arrogant, I'll just let them get on with it.

 If the other side is so arrogant that we can't even talk to them...

In that case, I'll leave it to our king.

 Lysette, Haruka, and the rest of the village all smiled and said.
 No, I don't want to be left to my own devices.

"......, brother.

 Haruka muttered.

I'm not going to kneel to anyone but you.

 I'm not going to kneel to anyone but you.
 I'm not going to kneel to anyone but you. She touches my hand lightly and we change players.
 It's too early to give up, even though it's been less than three minutes since the messenger arrived.

 ...... can't help it.
 Let's use the reality processing ability of an ex-worker here.

"To the messenger, sir.

 I said.
 On the other side of the fence, Lisette, Yukino, and the adults and children of the village are looking at me with concern.
 Don't worry. I'm used to dealing with incomprehensible people in my old world.
 Let's use the manual to deal with them.

This is the frontier. I'm sure the wise princess will understand that I don't have the courtesy of the center. Also, this place is under constant threat from demons, and it is the custom of the frontier to be ready to fight at a moment's notice. To kneel is to fear for your life. Therefore, I would like to talk about it.

 For now, just say what you mean. For now, I'll keep it straight and try to be supportive.

I understand that you have come all this way because you have something important to say to our village. It would be impolite to proceed without seeing the face of the person who has come with such a mission. Therefore, even though it is the etiquette of the frontier, I think it would be best if I stand here and let you proceed. How?

 That's about right.
 I'm an ex-worker. I used to type greetings by e-mail. Also, I've changed jobs, so I'm good at saying things in a cocky way. I didn't think it would be useful in the other world, though.

"............ you're ...... amazing.

 Haruka sighs next to me.


 On the other hand, the messenger man is gnashing his teeth.
 He's reaching for the sword on his hip. ...... Hey, come on. You're not going to draw your sword here.

"That's enough, Dimms!

 The old man next to the swordsman shouted.

You're going to pull your sword out here? If you can't talk straight, back off.

...... Tsk.

 The man clicks his tongue and steps back.
 The old man in the robe stepped forward instead.

"Excuse me. Even if you're dealing with a subhuman, you should at least be polite.
"......, I see.
"I am Master Sylvia Kittle's representative, and my name is Dougal.

 The old man squared his chin and said his name.

"Thank you for your kind greeting...
You know that the Rikaku Order has been destroyed, right?

 Ignoring my words, the old man said.

The other day, people from the village of Mawaru and the demon tribe brought the leader of the cult to the territory of the Great Patriarch. With the information of the leader, the army of the Grand Patriarch of Kittle was able to get behind the cult and destroy it. The story goes that a human man (・・・・・) from Hazama Village was instrumental in capturing the leader. That would be you, right?
"Well, ......?

 I don't mind admitting it, but I'd rather not .......
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 I'm not sure what to make of this.

"I'll give you a reward. The right to serve the princess.

 I don't want it.

 But behind the old man, the soldiers are shouting "Oh".
 The old man is proud of his chest.

"Master Sylvia has a wide pool of talent. Besides, the Kittle family has produced several high-ranking officials of the dynasty in the past. Normally, you would have to wait three months for an interview, but you will be exempted from this requirement. I want you to pack your things and come immediately.
I refuse.
Furthermore, if you have any subhumans under your command, I order them to accompany you. At least ten men who can fight will be included in the princess's unit. You will be paid the same as a normal soldier, and the subhumans will receive 50% of the pay. That's all.
I said no, sir.
What are you talking about?

 That's what I'm saying.
 Now that the frontier's settled, why do I have to join someone else's army? That's ridiculous.

You came to the frontier for a reason, didn't you?

 The white-haired old man said with an eerily gentle face.

The old man said with an eerily kind face, "If you become my servant, Princess Sylvia will protect you. In exchange for fighting, she will forgive your sins. Not a bad deal, is it?

 Oh, I see.
 He thinks I committed a crime in the center and fled to the frontier.
 He thinks I committed a crime in the center and fled to the frontier, so he can take me under his wing so I won't be punished.

...... You've made a terrible mistake.
"...... My brother.

 Haruka is looking at me with concern.
 I don't know what to do. I've already decided to refuse.
 I just want to make sure I don't cause trouble for everyone in the village. They're related to the Lord Keeper, who has an army.

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to decline.

 I looked over at the old man and said.
 I didn't want to sound pushy. He wasn't listening to me anyway.
 It's a waste of time to have a long conversation with someone you can't understand.

I'm better off in the middle of nowhere.
"...... was a waste of time. Lord Dougal.

 The swordsman from earlier shrugged his shoulders.

I told you there was no use for such an inferior species on the frontier.
"Shut up, Dimms. Do you dare question the princess's life?
She's been brought to this humble village. You've been brought to this humble village. You're bound to complain.

 The swordsman struck the ground with the greatsword at his hip.

"This village. I'll take this village down by myself. As long as you give the order. So why don't you just take him?
That's ridiculous!
"...... the old man is right.

 I said.
 I'm getting tired of taking up so much of your time.
 Haruka, Lisette and Haruka behind me, and the villagers seemed to be in the same mood. They all look as if they're grasping at straws.

"You can't bring down this village. You're not even a match for me.

 The old man, the soldiers, and the swordsman from earlier all shouted out.

"You! What did you just say?

 The swordsman put his hand on his double-edged greatsword and looked at me.

"You think I'm weaker than you? Don't be silly! I'm a swordsman approved by Princess Sylvia!
"Really? If that's the case, why don't you show me your skills with a sword?

 I pointed to the wooden fence surrounding the field.

Can you chop down the trees on that fence?
I said I'll bring down the village by myself. Can you do that?
You! You! Do you think I'm stupid?

 The man drew his greatsword and stepped forward.
 The man drew his greatsword and stepped forward. He approached the fence surrounding the field and held it high.

You're kidding! What's with this thin wooden stick?
"You'd better not. It'll damage your precious weapon.
Shut up!

 The man swung his sword at the fence.
 The villagers all fall back.

 And then...


 With a hard sound, the sword snapped.

"Where's ............? Haaaaaaah!
That's dangerous. I'm not sure what to do.

 I secretly awakened the dragon species and created dragon scales on my palm.
 He grabbed the fallen sword with his hand and offered it to the man.

It's a valuable weapon, isn't it? You'd better take it home with you.
"......, ......, ......, ......, ......, ......, ......, .......

 The man is trembling slightly.
 Well, I guess so. The fences that protect the fields are made of surprisingly thin wood.
 It's just that I'm 'enchanted' with it.

 The fence has a club I've enchanted here and there.
 With the Dragon Emperor's skill 'Naming Breath', I added the attribute of 'club' = 'metal rod' to increase its strength.

This is a club because it can be used as a weapon in times of need. So I enchanted the 'metal rod' ...... and added the naming attribute, and I was able to do something. When you're in a ward, the effect of "Add Naming Attribute" is very long. It lasts for about ten days.

 But is the level so high that even a skilled swordsman can't break it?
 Speaking of which, the number of magic circles has increased. Maybe the naming attribute has been enhanced.

But I think we should get rid of this stick.

 I borrowed a dagger from Lysette on the other side of the fence and removed the stick that had broken the man's sword.
 I'm not sure what to do with it.

It's a sinful stick that broke the sword of the Lord Keeper of Kittle. You'd better get rid of it. Please. Haruka.
Yes. Here.


 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

「「「「 What's that? 」」」」

I'm not sure what to make of that.
 The old man and the swordsman both retreated, trembling.

 One more push.

By the way, there's still a stump there. See that, kids?

 I pointed to a small stump outside the fence.

"What? Yes, there is. There it is, my king.
What's left of it is a disgrace to the Lord Keeper's messenger. You see that hoe there? Would you mind removing it for me?
「「「「I understand! 」」」」

 The children come outside the fence with hoes in their hands.
 They surround the stump and swing the hoe at its roots.



 Quickly. Crunch!

The tree roots! Oh, the power of a child! Look. The stump is going down! You've got to be kidding me. It's like we're chipping away at a mountain of sand. ......

 Of course, what the children are using is the Iron Hoe, which I have strengthened to increase its penetrating power.
 But the emissaries of the Kittle Patriarch will not be able to distinguish it from an ordinary hoe.
 The old man, the swordsman, and the other soldiers are all running for their lives.

 Now the swordsman won't say anything more about bringing down Hazama Village.
 I'm sure he didn't really mean it, but we should nail him just in case.

"By the way, let me ask you something.

 I said.

"Did you encounter any demons on your way here from the Lord Keeper's territory?
"...... No.

 The old man shook his head.

We're all good men. We're all very skilled. I'm sure the demons were afraid to come near us.
No. I've destroyed all the demons around here.
It was a good test of my strength.

 I looked at the old man and the soldiers and smiled as evilly as I could.

The reason I fought the Rikaku Order was not for justice. I only destroyed it because it was an obstacle to my living here.

 I'm not lying. Yeah.

"The remaining demons are too afraid of me to come near me now. But the moment I move from the frontier, they'll start attacking people again. Not just the ones on the frontier, but also the ones that pass near the guard territory.
 That's why I can't leave this place. It would require a certain ceremony to leave. I hope you understand.

 ...... That's all I'm going to say.
 If you continue to talk at this pace, the Demon Dragon King Shoma will wake up.
 That's why I don't want to be around these unreasonable people.
 I don't want to be around these unreasonable people because they make me feel like I'm going back to the days of ...... my junior high school days when I was running around looking for evil.

"Don't you dare!

 Suddenly, the swordsman from before shouted.

I'm not sure what to make of that. That's bullshit! It's not like you can do that with an unknown person like you! I'm sure there's some kind of trick to the fence and the kid! There is no way that a subhuman can be stronger than a human!
"Stop it, Dimms! Could that person be...
Shut up! Hey, you there, give me your sword!

 The swordsman called Dimus grabbed the sword from the soldier next to him and pulled it out.
 He points it at me and starts running.

"Fight me! You're just a mouthful anyway...
"......, you pointed your sword at my brother, didn't you?

 I didn't even have time to touch him.
 Dimus the Swordsman bent his body into a crook and blew up. The sword was broken. He couldn't even get to me.

That's unforgivable to me. It's a declaration of war. Are you sure? It's going to be a never-ending battle until one of us is dead, me or you.
"...... Ah, ah, ah, ah.

 It was Haruka who blew away the swordsman Dimus.
 I'm not sure how long you've been pulling the cudgel out of the fence. No, that's what it's for. You've been practicing. Haruka.

"As the chief of Hazama village. "As the chief of Hazama village, I tell you that this Shoma Kiryu is the king of our people. And I will not allow you to turn against him. And I will not take you against his will.
 Of course, if you decide to become your lord's servant, I'll be happy to follow. But you rejected your word. That's all that matters to me. If you have any more questions, you'll have to fight me first!
"You can say long lines, Haruka.

 To Lisette: .......
 I jumped over the fence and grabbed my sword next to Haruka.
 It is typical for Lysette to keep her sword in its scabbard. She's waiting for my permission.

"Brother Shoma is the king of Lisette and her people. What you want is an alliance of equals. If you want to talk, bring your lord, Sylvia. It's not right for you to speak directly to the king!
"Irreverence will bring back the chaos of the past and lead the world to freeze.

 From behind me, I heard a phrase that sent chills down my spine.
 It's Yukino. I know you're angry, but ...... people in this world don't have the ability to translate "Chunibyo". What will you do if they take you seriously?

"My abilities are no match for the 8th Heaven. But I can slaughter the demon gods of the fifth heaven. ...... My true master is the Dragon King of Organic Farming, who leads the earth to fertility. If you trample on the land of his descent, you will be punished by freezing.

 I'm sure you'll agree with me. .
 Yukino's magic. She controls ice magic. It seems that she activated it at a threatening level.

You pointed your sword at my brother! You dared to turn your sword on my brother! He's a very strong man, and he's made the land rich!

Yes, yes, yes! The frontier was never meant to be ruled by man! That's why you banished the subhumans here! We'll decide who's king of the frontier!

 The children, the villagers...

I say again. I will not be Master Sylvia's servant. But I will accept an alliance of equals.

 I said.

"And I will not antagonize the Keeper of Kittle. The same goes for the villagers under my control. I also thank you for your appreciation. I also apologize for not living up to your expectations. That's all.
"Okay, ......, I'll pass those words on to the princess.

 The old man said, glaring at me.
 Then the old man and his soldiers picked up the fallen swordsman and left.

"...... huh?

 You're back.
 I'm glad it ended well. I'm glad it all ended well, because I didn't have to call in the demon dragon king, Shoma.
 I was wandering around looking for evil in the world when I was a junior high school student.
 Whenever I saw someone who was blatantly evil, it would bring me back to those days.

 That's why it's difficult for me to work in a place where there are people like that swordsman and the old man.
 In the original world, you could just apply for resignation, but ...... in this world, you've awakened a different ability.
 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that. The deformed High King is leaving this land. You'll have to watch my demon for the last time! That's what I think it'll be. Oh no.

The door of ...... chuunibyou is hard to close once it's opened. ......

 I sighed.

 Haruka is poking the ground with a club. He's still angry.
 Yukino is apologizing to the villagers for using magic to intimidate the messenger. The villagers don't mind at all. Yukino is very polite when she's not in her chuunibyou mode.

"Brother Shoma. There's one thing that's bothering me.

 Suddenly Lisette looked at me and said.

I've heard rumors about Princess Sylvia when I was traveling with my mother, but I don't believe she discriminated against ...... subhumans.
"Is that so?
Of course, it's just a rumor. I'm sure he didn't discriminate against subhumans. The fact that his subordinates look down on subhumans is ...... curious to me.

 The answer came a few days later.
 The answer came a few days later, when I received a letter from Princess Sylvia.

"I wish to form an alliance of equals with the King of the Subhumans.

 That's what the letter said.