48 Episode 48 "The Way Back from the Princesses and T...

"Sylvia Kittle has learned the strength of the frontier down to the marrow of her bones. I apologize once again for the disturbance my men have caused in the lap of the great king. If my sister, Renesmee Kittle, were here, she would have said the same thing.

 Princess Sylvia pinched the hem of her skirt and bowed deeply.
 Behind her were the soldiers of the Kittle family.
 Half of them are standing on either side of Princess Sylvia, with drawn faces.

 The other half are looking in the direction of ...... the other day and trembling. The maidservant Rayne - no, Princess Raynes - is clinging to the back of the captain of the soldiers. "Raine... No, Master Raine. It's over. It's over! But she won't look up. I'm scared. I can't sleep unless you take down all the walls. I've done something wrong.

"The frontier king's tactics were frightening even for me as a captain.

 "The frontier king's tactics were astonishing even to me as a captain," said Captain Dorus while carrying Princess Llanes on his back.

The true value of a wall lies in its operation. Even a weak wall can neutralize and contain a strong army! It is a pity that this is a remote area. It's a pity this is in the middle of nowhere. If the military strategists in the capital could see the king's fence operation, they would add a new page of fence law to the Book of Military Law! Hey!

 You're confusing the meanings of "hei" and "fence", captain.
 Princess Renesmee and the captain are completely terrified.
 Well, it can't be helped that you commanded the same number of soldiers and fences, and they caught up with you so easily. But still...

"...... Lysette's command is amazing.
"............ I'm sorry. Brother Shoma.

 Lysette is slumped behind me.

"I was so happy to be able to move your soldiers that I overdid it.
"Yes, yes! Next time, I want to do a mock battle too! Let's do it again!
I'd like to practice using my troops, too!
I want to practice using my troops!

 There was a scream from the Kittle side.
 The soldiers who weren't in the mock battle were looking at Princess Sylvia with pale faces.

"Hey? Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
"Hey!" "Hey!" "Hey!" "Hey!" "Hey!" "Hey!" "Hey!

 I stopped the walls of the castle from rising.
 In the past, I was a businessman with 'reality processing skills'. I could tell by looking at the faces of the soldiers if they were ready to work. Don't overdo it. We beat back the invaders and got a gift of apology. We've had a mock battle, and that's all we need.

"As for us, it's enough that we've met the famous House of Kittle.

 I said.

"Also, we had the advantage of location this time. The soldiers of the noble House of the Kittle Patriarchs will probably give us a hard time in the next battle. I thank you for your valuable battle experience.

 Princess Sylvia, Captain Dorus, and the other soldiers all sighed in unison.
 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on. No problem.

So, we'll leave you to it.
"I apologize for not being more hospitable.

 "I apologize for not being more hospitable." "I'll return the bow as Princess Sylvia does.

I hope to see you again. Take care on your way.
"............ Yes!

 After smiling awkwardly, Princess Sylvia got into the carriage.
 And so, the procession of the third and second daughters of the Grand Patriarch Kittle (a secret) left for the south.

 Princess Sylvia's point of view...

"Ahhhh! The carriage. There's a wall inside the carriage too. The walls, the walls!
Yes, yes. Don't be afraid. Sister Llanes.

 Sylvia patted her sister's shivering back, forgetting to take off her armor.
 This reminds me of when I was little.

 I remember when I was a little girl, when I didn't know about the struggle for power as my father's successor, or about the faction that was pushing for me. Aside from their eldest daughter, who was older, Sylvia and Renesmee were good friends. I feel like I'm back in those days, and it kind of warms my heart.

I'm not sure what to say. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.

 Sylvia said, patting her sister lightly on the back.
 But the frightened Renesmee was in a panic.

I have to tell father and sister Myrna. You must not touch the frontier. If you do, you will ...... interfere with Father's high road! Oh, my God, what have I done?

Calm down, Sister Lannes. Your father and sister Myrna are in the capital now. They won't mess with the frontier.
"Then send the letter now. Sylvia, take the parchment. The parchment!
Yes, yes. I'll write for you when I get back to the villa.

 Sylvia couldn't help but smile at her sister's mischievous behavior.
 However, the territory of the Kittle family was still far away.
 The frontier was already far away, and the carriage was moving along the road. They would stay overnight at a village on the way and arrive at the house tomorrow evening. No, the weather is getting worse, so they may arrive in the evening.

...... Maybe this rain is also the wrath of the King of the Frontier.

 Sylvia listened carefully to the sound of rain hitting the roof.
 It's been raining for a while now. The soldiers were hurrying and the horses were snorting. There was no place around here where they could take shelter from the rain. Princess Sylvia felt sorry for the soldiers as they walked outside.

 As Sylvia opens the window, the sound of the rain becomes stronger.
 To the left of the direction of travel is a plain. To the right is a rocky area. There is nothing that can protect us from the rain.
 I seem to have seen a strange stone wall here on the way. The nearby people said that the King of the Frontier carried them to set up on the road.

...... Perhaps it was the King's messenger.
"Princess Llanes, Princess Sylvia. The rain is getting heavier. I'm sorry, but can we please take shelter from the rain for a while?

 A soldier walking outside looked through the window and saw Princess Sylvia's face.
 The soldier's hair and armor were soaking wet from the rain. After all, it would be very difficult to walk outside like this.

It's fine.

 Princess Sylvia nodded.

But is there any place around here where we can take shelter from the rain?
A traveler coming from the opposite direction said that there was a covered resting place just ahead. He said that a protruding rock was the roof. It's big enough to accommodate a horse-drawn carriage.
I understand. I'll leave it to you.

 Sylvia waved her hand to the soldiers.
 Sylvia waved to the soldiers, and the procession picked up speed. As if on cue, the procession picked up speed and the splashing mud flew to Silvia's side.
 Sylvia looked out the window and saw a strange roof.

 It looks like a large slab of wood leaning diagonally against the rocky ground. A traveler is resting under it. Indeed, it is a resting place. The roof is a sturdy stone wall. It keeps out the rain. Travelers are building a fire under it to dry their wet clothes.
 Sylvia gives instructions to the soldiers. Even though they are from the Kittle family, the rain is making things difficult for the other travelers as well. Do not be rude. The soldiers should take their turn to warm up so as not to frighten the travelers.

The frontier is a strange place, isn't it?

 Sylvia gazed at the approaching resting place with a twinkle in her eye.
 Eventually, the place came into clear view.

 There is a huge slanted stone wall. Perhaps protected by magic, it neither deflects nor distorts.
 Under the roof, the travelers are smiling and drinking together.
 They praise the King of the Frontier. They say, "He's a great man," "He made this place for us," "He's the king's messenger, but he's so kind.


 Sylvia looked at the roof of the resting place.
 The roof of the resting place seemed to ...... have seen Silvia too.
 She waved her hand at it.
 The reply came back.

"──── Hey!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
"Full speed ahead! You're the limit! I'm sorry, but we're heading for the territory at top speed! Hurry! Get us out of here now!

 Dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah!

"............ hey?

 And so, with nosebleeds spewing out of their noses, the soldiers and their wagons made their way to the territory of Patriarch Kittle...

"Scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary!
"We have to warn Father and Sister! I have to tell my father and sister about the king and the places on the frontier. ────!

 In the middle of nowhere, a place officially recognized by the Kittle family was born.


One of the most famous places in the frontier, "The High King's Resting Place".

 A covered resting place on the road leading to the frontier.
 It is a huge wall built on the rocky ground, and on sunny days it rises to watch for demons and bandits.

 When it rains, it leans against the rock and provides a roof for travelers, and is a kind-hearted fence.

 When a traveler mumbles, "I wonder if it will collapse. I'm worried. (Don't worry!)". It is said to reassure them. When a traveler mumbles, "I wonder if my business will do well," or "My lover seems to be changing his mind. (You can do it.)" "Hey hey hey! (You can do it!)" or "Hey Hey! (You can do it!)" and "Hey Hey!

It's powered by the warding magic of Hazama Village and the Old Fort, so there's no limit to its operating hours.

 When it snows, it can also be used as a slide, so it is much loved by children.


 Shoma's point of view...

「「「「 finally finished: ............」」」」

 Me, Lisette, Haruka and Yukino sighed.
 It's a good idea to take a look at the website to see if there is anything you can do to help.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that the Princess Sylvia was surprisingly generous.

 The items left behind by the princesses are piled up in the village chief's house.
 Precious metals, antiques, etc. All valuable in the middle of nowhere.
 They're my apologies, so don't be shy. I'll take it.

Do you think it's better to use it here or go to the capital and exchange it for something else?
"As you wish, brother Shoma.
I'll change the question. Is there anything I can buy by selling this that the village needs and that might make my life easier?
...... livestock and ...... metals. Also, you may want to replace ...... this cloth with cheaper cloth. The more cloth we can get, the more clothes we can make for you and Yukino.

 Lisette replied reluctantly.
 I don't know.
 You call us brother and sister, but you're so reserved in the weirdest places. Lysette.

 My home base is Hazama Village, so making the village richer is beneficial to me as well. So it would be better if you could tell me what you need.

"Well, we'll get some rest and head for the capital as planned.

 I said.

Since we have the goods, we might as well disguise ourselves as travelers. The members are me, Lisette, and Yukino. I'm sorry Haruka, but you have to protect the village.
"...... Moo.
...... In the meantime, I'll leave Haruka in charge of the Soldiers of Will.
"............ Mmm.
"............ Only my brother and sister-in-law, Haruka, can be trusted with my soldiers. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that. I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.
"Alright, I'll leave it to you, big brother!

 I'm not sure what to do with it.
 It's true that Haruka is the only one I can trust with my army.
The "soldiers of will" are powered by my "naming breath". Basically, it only listens to me and those close to me. In this case, it's just my brother and sister-in-law, Lisette, Haruka, and Yukino, who is a certified lord of the castle.

 Lysette needs to follow me as a guide to this world.
 Yukino is the only one among them who knows the city.
 That inevitably means that Haruka will have to stay at home.

"So, Yukino. How long does it take you to get to the capital on foot from here?
About two weeks.
Why don't you fly?
At Shoma's speed, I'd say three days. Just go to .......

 Yukino closed her eyes, as if she were trying to remember something.

"There's a town we have to stop at on the way.
There's a town on the way that we must stop at.

 Lysette took over the conversation.

"A gateway?
It's a barrier before the capital.
Can't we just gain altitude and pass through?
...... It's between two very high rocks.

 Lysette dipped her fingers in tea and began to draw a diagram on the table.

Let's say it's a mountain.
Is it a cat?
A cat.
A cat.
A mountain!

 I'm pissed.

Anyway, there's a great barrier between these mountains. The walls are high and there are watchtowers all around. If you try to fly through, you'll probably be spotted. If you try to fly through, you'll probably be spotted. I'm sure you'll be able to get through without question. ......

"It's going to be a tough ride home.

 Lysette nodded her head at my words.
 You can use your breath to blow away the archers even if they shoot arrows at you. But if you break through with that, you'll probably be on high alert on the way back. If they find out who I am, they might send soldiers to the frontier. I don't want that.

Why don't we go over the mountains?
There are forts in the mountains. Either way, there's a good chance they'll find us.
So we'll just have to go through.

 I looked at Yukino.

I looked at Yukino. "Yukino came through the 'Dengokukan', didn't she? What was it like?
"It was like a big city with a customs house and a town.

 Yukino tells me as she sips her tea.

Yukino tells us as she sips her tea, "Ordinary travelers can just pay the toll and be on their way. But they're strict about lords, governors, and people with soldiers. I've heard rumors that the town is controlled by the relatives of the Ten Sages in the capital.
"The Ten Wise Men. Are they the ones in power around the current Dragon Emperor?
Ugh. What a pain in the ass!

 Haruka, you're in over your head.

Sorry. I can't do it. I don't want to go to such a messy place.
What are you gonna do about it, Haruka?
"...... Liz.
Sooner or later, people from all over the world will gather here in this remote area, longing for your good name. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out. Are you willing to let everyone point fingers at you, saying that the King's sister-in-law is just a powerful and ignorant person? Do you think that's how you can be your brother's sister-in-law?

 I'm not sure what to say.
 I'm sure it won't be that big of a deal... but neither Lysette nor Haruka are listening. Haruka said, "I was wrong, sister Liz," and Lisette said, "That's my sister-in-law. Haruka says, "I was wrong, Liz.
 Why is Lysette so quick to make me the hero of the world?

 I'm still a nobody in the mortal world.
 I'm still a nobody in the human world. My only connection in the human world is Princess Sylvia Kittle. I don't think people from all over the world gather here and adore Eimei.

I'm sorry, Yukino, but before we leave, let's have a study session. Tell me as much as you can about the city and what you know about it.
"Yes, sir! My Lord... or 'Temporary Lord'.

 Then we began a study session with Yukino as our teacher.
 A simple map, materials to leave for Haruka. Even the notes we'd need over there.
 Princess Sylvia's parchment came in handy. We had a lot of trouble, but we should be grateful for the supplies.

What is it, Haruka?
I want to thank you, Princess Sylvia. Can I write to her after everyone has gone?
That's fine. It's important to be polite.
Yes. I'll write to say we'd like to take our troops out and have a heated discussion in a mock battle.
Stop it, you'll frighten them.

 And so the preparations for the trip to the capital proceeded.
 We would disguise ourselves as merchants and Lysette would wear a hat and bandana to hide her horns. The purpose of the trip was to see the capital and to buy some things we needed. We would fly to Dengokugan. I'll take Lysette, and Yukino will be carried by Harpy.
 My luggage can be stored in the King's Vessel, so I'll be traveling almost empty-handed.

...... There won't be anything. It's just business.

 In your mind, you simulate the route of the journey. No problem. There shouldn't be. I hope not.
 ...... will be fine. Probably.
 It's my first trip to the city since I came to this world.
 Watch out for demons and take it easy.