49 Episode 49 "The Extraordinary Tour of the Hegemony...

 A few days later.
 I, Lisette, and Yukino left for the capital.

 We put our luggage in the King's Vessel, a storage skill. A change of clothes, food, and anything else that might be useful during the trip. I plan to take it out and disguise myself as a merchant when we get close to the Far Country Gate.

 Travel by air.
Me and the harpy, who has awakened from the flight, will carry Lisette and Yukino.
 If we take shortcuts through winding roads, forests and lakes, it will be much faster than the overland route.
 When my magic power was low, we'd take a break, walk leisurely, and occasionally kill a demon...

 A few days later, we reached the point where we could see the Distant Country Gate.

...... So that's the city's guardian, the Distant Country Gate. That's it!

 As I flew through the air, I looked at the structure.
 In the distance, you can see a huge city wall flanked by dark brown rocky mountains.

 In the original world, it would be the size of an eight-story building. Surrounding the wall are watchtowers. You can faintly see something moving on it. It may be a soldier on guard.

 In front of the wall is a town. In front of it, there is a lower wall.
 In other words, in order to pass through the Yuanguo Guan, you must first pass through the town wall, and then pass through the main giant wall.

I've never seen Lisette before either. It's amazing ...... gosh gosh.

 Lysette said as she clung to my body.
 I've flown with her many times, so I'm used to being carried around.
 I've been flying with her for a number of years, so I'm used to being carried around. Her silver hair is blowing in the wind, and she's staring at a distant barrier.

That's the ...... "Distant Barrier", isn't it? That's what they call the guardian of the capital.
Is it possible to build such a huge thing with the technology of this world?
It was probably made in ...... the time of the Dragon Emperor.

 Lysette said.

"With the Dragon Emperor's ability and virtue, he might be able to build something like that.
"So that's the Dragon Emperor's legacy, too.
"Maybe even a magic circle.
There might be a magic circle.

 I looked up and took another look at the Dengokukan.

 It was still a long way away, but I could see how big it was. The town in front of the barrier is also quite large. By the standards of this world, it could be called a big city.
 You can't just barge in there and say, "Excuse me. Can I use your magic circle? If they do, it's a trap.
 If you were allowed, you would think it was a trap.

 In the first place, it is said that the people who rule the Yuan Guan and the towns to the north and south of it are the blood relatives of the Ten Sages around the emperor. If I were to visit them out of the blue, at best I would be turned away. At worst, I'd be thrown in jail.

"That place won't be my territory. Maybe.
No, Lysette thinks so too. Not yet.

 ...... Didn't you add something disturbing?

How did you get through that barrier, Yukino?
It's easy to get out. Shoma-san.

 The harpies Lerui and Loloi are approaching, wings spread.
 Yukino, riding in a basket supported by the girls, wiped her face with a cloth and looked at me.

I told you that there are two towns, one to the south and one to the north of Tengoku Kan, right?
Yeah, this side - the north is for the common people, and the south is for the high-end residential and commercial areas, right?
Yes, that's right. The north side is for the Kitor Territory and the frontier. The south side faces the capital. The south side faces the capital. So, the most vigilant area is the one heading for the capital. If you're going out of the city, you're going out of the city into the countryside, so it's not so tough. ......
Is it still difficult to go to the capital? ...... hepsh
According to people I've met, you can get some silver ...... from the gatekeeper.
Oh, my God! "The King's Family!

 The harpies shouted.

"Why don't we go down and wash up? It's so dusty in here!
"......, right?

 I nodded to both of them.
 I nodded to them. The air around us was turning yellow.

The sand is coming from the dark brown rocky mountains on either side of the Tengoku Kan. It's not so bad on the ground, but the wind is very strong in the sky. Maybe that's why the sand from the mountain tops is flying in the wind. Me, Lisette, Yukino, and the harpies are all covered in sand. I'm sneezing and coughing because it's flying into my nose.

"Leroy, Leroy, do you know of any secluded water holes? Near here?
Yes! There's a lake on the hill!
Lead the way. Let's take a rest there.

"Yes, sir!

 The harpies Leroy and Leroy pointed to a lake in the middle of the mountain.
 Perhaps because it was hidden by the trees, there was no sign of people. Or rather, there was no way to get up there.
 A river stretches from the lake down the mountain and connects to a large river on the ground. There is a village at the foot of the lake, and it seems to be the source of water for the village. It's a big lake, so there's no problem with the water quality even if you bathe in it.

I'm coming down, Lisette. Hold on tight.
Yes, sir. Brother.

 I stopped the wings of my Shoshu Kakusei and started to glide.
 Then I slowly lowered my altitude and landed at the edge of the lake.

It's nice to bathe in the water, but ......

 There's nothing blocking my view.
 There's nothing blocking my view, just the calm water in front of me. There are no buildings anywhere because no one comes here.
 We can't get too far away from each other in case a demon or wild animal appears.

 But I can't go bathing with Lisette (JK in age) and Yukino (JC in age). .......

I'm not sure what to say. It's so good!

 The Harpy's Loloi and Rului jumped into the lake with all their clothes on.

"...... Well... I don't know what to do.
...... Oh, I'm ...... not so sure about that. ......

 Lysette and Yukino are turning red and looking in the wrong direction.
 In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

 Also, there is a possibility that demons or wild animals will come out while bathing.
 Let's take precautions here.

I was just going to experiment to see if I could use the soldier of will outside the wards.

 For this purpose, I have enchanted the storage skill "King's Vessel" with a "Fence".
 There are a variety of sizes available.

The Soldier of Will can operate indefinitely inside the wards, but outside it consumes the magic of my King.
 They can't operate for long periods of time, and they can't be used for strenuous exercise... but that doesn't mean they can't be used.
 I was thinking of actually trying that out outside the wards.

"Anyway, fence. Come on out.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey! "Hey, hey, hey!
"Well, ......, my soldiers. Be a bathhouse for my family.
"............ Hey?

 The soldiers nodded their heads and looked like .......
 It's hard for the walls of this world to understand.

"In the name of the High King of the Deformed, I command you! Everyone line up!
You, over here. You're ...... over here. Yeah, yeah, just tighten it up. Make sure there's no gaps. Yeah. Good, good, good. Oh, don't move. Stay where you are until I tell you. ...... Okay. Okay.

 And so the bathing area for my family was completed.

  ♪ ♪
 Si │Li Yu Ha  

「「「「 oh, oh ──── 」」」」

 Lysette, Yukino, Leroy and Leroy (on the other side of the wall) shouted in admiration.
 Our wall was excellent.
 It's in perfect formation, forming an excellent bathing area for men and women.

The King's magic power is barely diminished.
Maybe it's because I just called him from the King's Vessel and set up the formation. He's barely moving.
 The walls are standing in the shallows of the lake. Perhaps because the ground is so soft, they are shaking and balancing. Each time they do so, their magic power decreases little by little. There's still a lot of research to be done here.

Lysette, Yukino, Leroy and Leroy go that way. I'll wash up over here.
I'll wash up over here." "Yes." "I'm sorry to bother you." "Uh." "Mmm.

 "Yes," "I'm sorry for your concern," "Yes," "Mmm," replies the other side of the wall.

 Lysette and I are step-siblings, so maybe I shouldn't worry about it. ...... But hey, I'm an adult in Alaska, for one thing. I'm a high school girl. ...... Yukino is a junior high school girl. I think you should be careful about that. Probably.

"...... Well...
 I took off my jacket. You can't help the sand on your clothes. On the other hand, if you're too clean, you don't look like a traveler. I'll just wash myself here. I also took off my underwear and put them in the King's cup.
 I suddenly looked at the walls.

I suddenly looked at the walls. "...... So, do you guys have genders?
I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that. Just in case.

 The walls nodded (my subjective opinion).
 I took out a cloth from the king's cup and hung it over the wall.

I took out a towel from the King's Vessel and hung it on the wall.
"...... Yes.

 With a swoosh, the cloth disappeared on the other side.
 It's quiet.
 I wonder what's going on behind the fence with Lysette and the others.

 From Lysette's point of view...

"...... haha.

 Lysette and Yukino sighed.
 They've already taken off their clothes. They have also packed their underwear and hooked it to the fence on the land side where Shoma cannot see it.
 The sky is a little cloudy, but the sun is peeking through now and then.
 I'm going to take a bath and sit down to dry off.

I'm nervous.

 Lysette drew some water with her hands and splashed it over her body.
 The water is just the right temperature. The water is clear. The sand flying in the sky is not falling here.
 Lysette dipped her knees in the water and washed away the sand from her body.

...... It feels good, doesn't it?

 But her body is jerky. I can't move my arms and legs.
 Just the thought of Brother Shoma bathing on the other side of the wall makes my body temperature rise rapidly.

"...... Brother Shoma is on the other side of this.
"...... Lisette?

 I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.
 It's a vertical jump without a runner. I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've. For a moment, I think I see Shoma's back, and my body temperature rises faster. The naked Lisette cowers, water droplets spraying from her silvery hair.

"No, no, no. I didn't see anything. Lysette didn't see anything. ......
"...... Lysette has ...... good style, doesn't she? I like .......

 When I looked up, Yukino was nodding with her hands on the wall.

I was sickly ...... in my original world and didn't grow much ......, so I was reincarnated as I was .......

 Yukino held her chest.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

I'm not sure what to make of it. I'm not sure what to make of that.
"No, no, no. It's okay. Yukino-san is just getting started. From now on!
"What's wrong with you two?

 The two harpies, Loloi and Rului, look back at you as you crunch and scrub your wings.
 The two toddlers were originally from that race and are now adults.
 They are free spirits, but they obey the king's orders and wash their bodies on this side of the wall.

"We don't care about your body shape..." "What matters is love. It's about loyalty.
"...... Goddess. Make me a harpy right now at .......
Oh no. No, Yukino. What if it comes true?

 Lysette couldn't help but scream.
 She grabbed Yukino's hand and stared into her eyes.

She looked into Yukino's eyes. "............ Lysette is jealous of you too, isn't she?

 The words flowed out of their own accord.

You have memories of your ...... brother in the original world, don't you, Yukino?

 Maybe it's because we're both naked.

 Lysette had said the words she had been keeping to herself.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it. I'd like to have been born in the same world. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... But you met your brother in a world that Lisette can't even imagine. We have a common memory. ......
...... Well...
I mean, you have to be confident. That's what I mean.

 Lysette summarized the story forcefully.
 She put her hand on Yukino's shoulder and nodded her head.

The ...... Yukino is attractive enough. Her skin is beautiful and her blue hair is pretty. The other day, when I greeted Princess Sylvia, she looked like a princess. Since Lisette, a human in this world, says so, I am sure of it. I'm sure.
"Yes, yes.

 Yukino clenched her fists tightly.

You're right. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
It's a good thing that I'm not the only one.
That's right!
That's right. I'd rather have you check my growth process! My lord!
Yes. That's the spirit! Lysette will also support you!

 Yukino shouted and Lisette nodded.


 The fences also nodded (subjectively).

 The fences slid down with a snap.

"............ huh? "What? "Yay! Ousama!


 Siri, Yu, Ha.  
  ... ...
   │ "Lake
   │ │

 The loyal "soldiers of will" accepted the words of the castle owner girls with open arms.
 To be honest, they supported us.

 Shoma, Lisette, and the others.
 The wall that divided the bathing area into men and women was moved, and the boundary disappeared.
 Their view of each other opened up.

 The harpies Leroy and Leroy run towards Shoma.
 Shoma looked at them.
 Lysette and Yukino followed Leroy and Lerui with their eyes.

 Their gazes collided with each other.
 And then...

I'm not sure what to say.

 The inaudible voices of the king and the castle girls echoed across the lake.

 Shoma's point of view...

So, we're going to go home, and we'll come back for you later.
"Hello, Shoma." "Hello, Shoma.
"Thank you for showing us the good stuff! That was a treat!

 And with that, the harpy Loloi and Rului flew off towards the frontier.

"...... Oh, oh.

 I'm sorry. My vocabulary is dying.
 I haven't been able to say anything right since I got off the mountain.

I can't get a word in edgewise since I've been down the mountain. ............Uh. ............Oh, I'm sorry to have shown you something so unpleasant.

 Both Lisette and Yukino are turning red and face down.
 ............ Awkward.
 I'm not sure what to make of that.
 To be precise, I was only wearing my underwear. I only washed my hair and body quickly.
 Lysette and Yukino are ......... .........

I'm sure you'll be fine. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 No. I can't hold out much longer at this rate.
 Come out for a second. "Demon Dragon King Shouma". I was a child of the second childhood. What would you have said back then? I'd say ...... if I accidentally saw a girl naked.

The goddess of the upper heavens is my enemy. In the higher realms, there is no need for clothing! That's the kind of world I was once aiming for.
"......What? ...... Is that right?
Yeah. When you have awakened your true magical power and achieved ascension to the higher world, clothing will be nothing more than a chain that restricts you. Think about it. Does the spirit wear clothes? Lysette. Does a dragon wear clothes? Yukino will have no need for clothes when she can wear ice as armor. And were they both as beautiful as the goddesses of heaven above? Therefore, you can think of this as a rehearsal for when you move to the upper world...

 I was about to add something that I would have said in my junior high school days, when...

"I understand! "Yes!

 "Yes, sir!" They looked at me, their eyes shining.

So the Soldier of Will understood your intentions!
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
...... No, that's not what I meant.
In your ideal world of the highest level, there are no clothes. ......
"Mm-hmm. That's where you end up when you awaken. ......
Wait a minute, let me start over!

 In the end, I cleared up the misunderstanding and Lysette and Yukino returned to normal only when the Dengokukan was around the corner.
 Let's refrain from using chuunibyou for persuasion. .......

...... "I've found that I can use 'soldiers of will' even 'outside the wards'.

 There was trouble, though.
You can take the walls out of the King's Vessel and move them around a bit, but that's enough to use them outside the wards.
 You may not be able to use it in a battle like the last time, but it's enough for a short time to build a base.

 This is a good opportunity. Let's think about how to use it in town.
 We won't invade other towns, but they may invade us.
 I think we should consider "fence operations" in the town. Yeah.

 So me, Lisette, and Yukino left the harpies and started walking.
 As we proceeded down the street, the number of people gradually increased, and then they formed a line...
 We finally arrived at the northern border of the Dengokukan.

 It was a really big place to see.

 The stone wall was about the height of a seven or eight-story building. It stretched out between huge boulders. Its width is probably two to three times that of a school building. The color is jet black. The towers, which are integrated into the walls, are evenly spaced.
 The gate is made of wood, and in front of it runs a river instead of a moat.
 The drawbridge that crosses the river is now down.
 It seems that you have to go through a procedure to get through there, and there is a huge queue in the street after noon.

I really feel like I'm in a city.

 The streets are dull, but there are so many people.

 We're on the north side of the Tengoku Kan.
 As Yukino had told us, there was a town to the north of the huge wall. It was surrounded by a low wall, and there was a checkpoint at the entrance. But it wasn't too strict, and we found a small package (dummy. Inside was a crop. The real goods were in the "King's Vessel") and told them that I was going to the capital to do business, they let me through easily.

 The problem was where to go from here.
The south side of the Yuanguo Guan is a high-class residential area, home to officials who serve the Dragon Emperor and rich merchants. It's also the gateway to the capital. Therefore, it is only natural that there are strict checks, and the line has not been moving forward at all since a while ago.

"Would you like to try some of the baked sweets that are a specialty of Tengoku Kan?
"...... will exchange your money. If you want to change your precious metals into money, we accept it.

 When you stand in line, peddlers and money changers will approach you.

...... Don't get involved. Shoma-san.

 Suddenly, Yukino whispered in my ear.

I've heard about this in the capital. I've heard that the peddlers here are under the influence of the Ten Sages.
"A spy, or perhaps an agent, to find out who is suspicious.

 I rephrased it so that Lisette could understand.

"Sounds plausible.

 Lysette nodded.
 I looked around and saw that the only busy street was the one we were on. The rest of the city is crowded with stone buildings. The rest of the area is a maze of stone buildings, jumbled together, with alleys and dead ends.
 From the perspective of the frontier and the territory of Kittle, this is the gateway to the capital. I guess that's why people come here.

I'll have to be careful not to arouse suspicion.

 Of course, Lysette and I don't know anyone in this town.
 Even if we were suspected and taken somewhere, there would be no one to protect us...


 I heard a voice.
 It was from the front of the line.

 A man and a girl were looking at us. They had horses. They look like merchants like us.
 But I've seen their faces before. The man, in particular, looks like he's the one we talked to a few days ago. .......
 I mean, he looks like he was with Princess Sylvia.

"Isn't that Mr. Dolus?
I think it's the captain of Princess Sylvia's men. ......

 Lysette and Yukino are nodding their heads. They're not sure.
 To be honest, I'm not sure either.

 I've only talked to the other side a little bit, and they're wearing different clothes.
 But I can't just call myself "King of the Frontier" here. But I'm curious.


 I waved lightly, trying not to attract attention.

"Hey, hey! Hey, hey!

 Captain Dolus and the girl next to me also waved. They looked pale.
 I was sure of it. And before I knew it, "Hey" had become the watchword.

"Are they heading to the capital too?
"Are they Princess Sylvia's messengers?
We could have flown, but it would have taken days to get here from the frontier, right?

 So it's possible that they came here straight from the frontier.
 We took a shortcut through the forest and lake, so they must have caught up with us.

"If it's Princess Sylvia's messenger, it's between the lords. It's none of our business.

 I said, looking away from the two at the front of the line.
 I have a personal alliance with Princess Sylvia, but our positions are different. I'm a nobody outside of the frontier, and she's the princess of a famous lord, and she's in a position to move troops. I wouldn't have anything to do with them in the human world, let alone in the frontier.

 Besides, the captain, Mr. Dolus, was afraid of our power. He won't try to antagonize us unnecessarily. This town isn't territory for me or them.

 There's no need to get involved.
 We'll do our job.

 And just when I thought that...


A few soldiers came running out from the gate leading to the south of the Distant Country Gate.

"Argos-Kittle, Lord Protector of Kittle, is suspected of rebelling against the Ten Wise Masters!

 The soldier shouted.

"We have received orders from Lord Zachus, ruler of the Far Country Guards and relative of the Ten Wise Masters. Report to me as soon as you find those who are working for the Kitoru Patriarch! Those who are captured will be rewarded. I repeat. Captain Kittle is suspected of insubordination to the Ten Wise Masters! Report all those involved as soon as you find them!