50 Episode 50 "Hegemony, Ayasa on the Road"

Argos-Kittle, the head of the Grand Patriarch of Kittle, has refused to pay for the construction of a new house for his brother, Zacchus, the Ten Wise Men.
The Ten Wise Men are heavyweights in the service of the Emperor. They will welcome His Majesty to the house of Lord Zacchus. Refusing to cooperate is the same as rebelling against the Emperor!


 Me, Lisette and Yukino all sighed in unison.

 The soldiers are shouting even more.
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.
 When you sent soldiers to Argos-Kittle in the capital, he escaped in the nick of time. When he fled, he took all of his belongings and personal property with him. The fact that he took all his belongings and personal belongings with him when he fled is proof that he admitted his suspicions.

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
I heard that they fought after Lisette and the others lost the fort.
I'm sure you're not the only one.

I'm sure you've heard of it. The fact that they destroyed the cult itself is proof of their treason!


 We sigh again (inaudibly).

 If you look closely, you can see that the soldier shouting is also wiping sweat off his face.
 I guess he knows what he's saying is impossible.

"House Kittle is suspected of treason!
"All those connected to the House of the Grand Maester must come forward immediately!
"Failure to come forward is proof of treason!

 The peddlers began to shout.
 The peddlers are starting to shout, and people are shouting along with them.

 ...... That's not good.
 I wonder what Captain Dolus and his attendant girl under Princess Sylvia will do.

 We're in an alliance with Princess Sylvia.
 If the captain and his men are unnoticed, there's no need to do anything. .......

...... (Peco)

 Captain Dolus looked at me and bailed.
 They left the line just as the peddlers were leaving.

 At the end of the line was a gate that led to the south side of the Dengokukan. . When they passed through the gate, they would at least be searched for their belongings. I guess they don't want us to find out that we belong to the Kittle family.

...... What do you think? Lizette. Yukino.
I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more information on this subject in the future. Perhaps one of the Ten Wise Men made a ...... false accusation.
In the event that you are looking for a person from the ...... Taishou family, the inspection of the customs will be more stringent.

 I'm not sure what to do.

The line at the gate leading to the south side of the Dengokukan is quickly shrinking.
Yukino seemed to have been right when she said that there would be stricter inspections at the gate, and some people were trying to get out of the town.
 People are whispering. People are whispering to each other, "In times like this, they can search your clothes, not just your luggage.
 This is ...... no longer the time to visit the capital. .

"...... Brother.

 Suddenly, Lisette whispered in my ear.

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
 A peddler was heading for the alleyway where Captain Dolus and a girl under his command had entered. The soldier is with them.
 Did someone know the captain's face?

...... I've made an alliance with Princess Sylvia.

 I trust Princess Sylvia.
 I trust her. She'll leave the frontier alone. I think she would at least give her opinion if the "Grand Protector of Kittle" tried to do something to the frontier.
 On the other hand, if she were to disappear and the Ten Sages' subordinates were to take over the territory, .......
...... I have a bad feeling about this.

 It's a good idea to let Captain Dolus and his men go and let Princess Sylvia know about it.
 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

"Yukino has been to this town before, right? Do you know the way?
I do. I was staying at a cheap inn across the alley.
Then I'll help you two escape.

 There's a commotion. No one's seen us. We're nobodies.

 Lisette's got a hat on her head. No dragon horns in sight.
 Neither do I. So it doesn't matter if she wakes up. With Yukino on my back.

............ "In the name of the High King of the Deformed, the dragon species awakens.

 First, move slowly to the alley.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

"But, brother. This town is enemy territory. There are many people after you two. How are you going to help them?

"No problem.

 I said.

"We've got good people. We'll be able to help people in town.

 From the perspective of Captain Dols and his man Sailor...

"Herr Dols! Where are the horses?
I let him go before I got to the alley. I hope you can get some people over there. ......

 Princess Sylvia's servants, Dorus and Sailor, were riding through the alley.

 They didn't expect this to happen.

 Their mission is to inform the Lord Keeper of Kittle, who is up in the capital, about the relationship with the frontier king. They were to tell him that the frontier had become a good ally.
 But he never imagined that he would be pursued along the way.

Of the Ten Wise Men, the House of Zacchas and Lord Argos-Kittle were on bad terms. ......
"The Ten Wise Men are trying to destroy my family? Could they be sending troops?
I don't know. Anyway, I have to tell Princess Sylvia and Princess Renesmee. ......

 But is that possible?

 I've been to this town many times on my lord's errand. Some of you may remember the face of Dolus of the House of Kittle. In fact, several soldiers are following him. If they check his luggage, they'll know he's from the House of the Patriarch.

"Lord Dolus. Can't we rely on that 'King of the Frontier'?
"Don't be a fool, Sailor.

 "Don't be silly, Sailor." Captain Dolus chided the girl.

The King of the Frontier is an ally of the Princess Sylvia. The King of the Frontier is an ally of Princess Sylvia. We can't cause trouble for the sake of our men. Even if we were to borrow his help, ...... he's a man of such immense power. If the soldiers of this town provoke his wrath, this land may be turned into a scorched earth. Don't you understand that, hey!
Hey! Hey!
Besides, we're being hunted. It would be impossible for the King of the Frontier to come to us without being detected.

 Captain Dolus paused at the corner of the road.
 He stopped at the corner of the road and listened for the enemy's footsteps. A few footsteps. And there's the sound of something heavy moving. .......
 Drusus put his hand to his chest and prayed.
That the King of the Frontier considers us allies.
 And that he sees value in our alliance with Princess Sylvia...

"Oh. The great King of the Frontier. Please tell this to Princess Sylvia. ......
"You can tell her yourself. Brave soldier.

 There was a voice.
 It came from beyond the corner of the road.
 Princess Sylvia's men would never forget.
 The voice of a man with fearsome powers, yet more dependable than any in this hostile land.

"Ah, the King of the Frontier!
Oh, the King of the Frontier!

 The two soldiers ran out into the street and knelt down.
 The two soldiers ran out into the street and knelt down. The "King of the Frontier" and "High King of the Deformed", the "Demon Dragon King Xiangma", was standing right in front of them.
 It's a very complicated look.

 Shoma's point of view...

 It's been established.
 That's right. I've threatened a lot of people under Princess Sylvia's command, haven't I?
 I see. ...... So, in the territory of the "Kittle Patriarch", I'm the "High King of the Deformed".

 ...... It's a little late for that. It's okay, but...

...... You should change your clothes first. You can't fool your pursuers with that look.

 I took out a spare set of clothes from my storage skill, the King's Vessel.
 I'll give Captain Dolus my regular clothes. I'll give Lysette's change of clothes to my subordinate soldier named Sailor.

I'll take care of the armor you took off. I promise to return it to you later.
"But there is no time to change!

 Captain Dolus turns and shouts.

Captain Dolus turns and shouts, "We're being pursued at this very moment. We thank you for coming to our aid, but we must ask you to flee. And tell this to Princess Sylvia!
I thought I told you to speak for yourself.

 There's no time.
 Let's use the High King's mode here.

"Or do you think that my ally, Princess Sylvia's servant, has the authority to speak directly to me?

 I chuckle and tell him.

And do you think that this 'Demon Dragon King Xiangma' can't get through this? My nemesis, the Goddess of the Eighth Heaven, was capable of vaporizing an entire city with her fingertips. Even that goddess was terrified of me, and even though I can only use a portion of my power now (setting I just thought of), you think I'd fall behind a mere human soldier? Don't be a fool!

 Captain Dolus rubbed his forehead on the ground.
 I'm sorry. I went too far.

"Even the servants of my allies will be saved, and I will answer to your righteousness. I, Drusus, and my servant Sela will now surrender all to the High King of the Deformed.
"I, too. I surrender myself to you.
Good. Get up and get dressed.
"Yes, sir!

 Captain Drusus and his subordinate Sela stand up and stand back to back. They start taking off their armor.
 I look to my left and right.

 This is an alley. It's a residential area, surrounded by walls and fences. There's no sign of anyone.
 Maybe they don't want to be seen, or maybe they're out working, either way, it's convenient.
 I've done my experiments on the way here.
 I'll try to buy you some time while Captain Dolus and Soldier Sailor turn into civilians.

"Brother. The soldiers are coming this way.

 Lysette, who was listening carefully at the corner of the road, said.

They're moving fast. They're probably running as fast as they can without even looking.
All right. I'll take care of it. Yukino, prepare your magic just in case.

 I'll tell Yukino.

There's no such thing as a contingency. I've never been in a pinch before. I've never used magic to fight before.
Just in case. Just in case.
Yes. My Lord.

 Yukino closes her eyes and begins to unify her mind.

"The ...... soldiers are approaching. They're coming this way.

 Lysette signaled.
 A few soldiers are running down the alley.

Good. We'll disguise ourselves before they get too close. Come on, my men.

 I summoned the Soldier of Will from the King's Vessel.


"Good. You're through.

 Hey, come on. Don't just sit there with your mouth hanging open. Get dressed. Captain, Sailor.
 You've used the soldier of will to disguise the passage as a straight path.

The "soldiers of will" come in all sizes and colors.
 If you call up a fence that matches the width of the path, it will adjust itself to fit the surrounding fences. You can turn a crossroad into a straight road, or make a dead end - well, it depends on where you are.
 This allowed us to get past the soldiers and get to Captain Dolus.
 That's the pride of the frontier. Excellent.

Great. I didn't know your 'soldier of will' could be used in this way.
Yes. That's why I brought fences of all sizes.
"Mr. Shoma. Mr. Shoma, someone from the Kittle family is watching. Please go into High King mode.
Huh. It's easy for this High King to turn a city into a labyrinth. He'll knock the enemy's foolish soldiers into chaos and confusion.

 I'm impressed.
 My spirit is damaged.

 And, Yukino. Don't get all bright-eyed with the captain and the others.

The footsteps of ...... are moving away. The enemy soldiers seem to have turned the corner over there.
The captain and his men have finished dressing.
All right, we're on the move.

 I'll give orders to Lizette and Yukino.

Wait for me, "King of the Frontier. The pursuers are soldiers familiar with this town. Be a little more careful...
I understand. Dorus, loyal captain of the Kitoru Guard. My disguise has only just begun.

 Once I've placed the Soldier of Will in the King's Vessel.
 Then I turned the corner and paused. As Lisette listened to the sound of footsteps...

"Hey. I thought there was a corner here!
I thought it was weird too. I wonder how we got it wrong.
"That's weird. ...... Are you sure this is our town, ......?

 I heard another voice in the distance.
 It seems the soldiers are coming back.
 Still a long way to go. I stepped out into the street, but I couldn't see them. He said, "Turn the corner while you still can and move this way.

No choice. One more time.

 All right. Come on. My soldier of will.

See, there's a turn. Because you deny it.
When did I deny it? What time, what minute, what second. How many times does the sun rise?
............ Hey, where are we going to wander off to ......?

 Our pursuers are getting further away.

"Okay, now. Hurry up, everyone.
「「「「...... yes」」」」

 Then we ran behind the pursuing soldiers without being noticed.

 After a while, we went through an alley.

 When we came to another street, we stopped.

 Our pursuers were gone.
 Captain Drusus and his subordinate Sailor are both disguised as frontier civilians. They won't know we're the same people as before.
 No one around us is paying any attention to us.
 We're all wearing similar clothes. We are all dressed alike, and people must think we are country hawkers.

"...... What are you going to do now? Dorus.
...... There is an inn in this town run by a man from the House of Kittle.
You want me to go there? But don't you think the Ten Wise Men have their eyes on it?
The inn is run by a man whose grandparents are from the Kittle family, to be precise. Only the highest ranking members of the house know about our relationship. We only occasionally exchanged letters in secret. Basically, our role is to gather information about the capital and to serve as a place of refuge in case of emergency.

 Me and Captain Dolus talked in hushed tones.

...... We will hide there for a few days, and then leave the city.
"...... Thank you very much. "Thank you very much, King of the Frontier.

 The soldier Sailor also bowed to me.

 We'll see what ...... we can do.

 You will probably not be able to get through the far country barrier. We're on a different kind of high alert than usual, so they'll know that Lisette is a subhuman. That would be troublesome.
 Or rather, I don't want to go that far to the capital. I just want to go sightseeing and look for people.

We're going back to the frontier tomorrow. We'll take lodgings and rest today.

 I said.
 Let's go back to the inn and hear about the city.

What about the clothes you gave me? I'll return the sword here, but what about the armor?
"Please keep them.

 The captain Dolus and the soldier Sailor bowed to us.

And ...... if you have a chance, please inform Princess Sylvia of this situation. The fact that you have armor will prove that you have met us here.

 And so we parted.

 I didn't ask where the inn was, and I didn't tell him.

 It would not be good for her to know the secret lair of the Kittle family.
 I don't care about Princess Sylvia, but I don't want Princess Renesmee to complain.
 We're frontiersmen. We'll do what we have to do.

"...... You're in a lot of trouble. Shoma-san.

 Yukino said in her room at the inn.

 More and more people are staying in this town because of the tightening of the guards.
 Because of this, the inn was so crowded that we could barely get a room. Since we originally lived in the same house in the village, there was no point in worrying about it now.

 Only when I change my clothes, I'll divide the room with the Soldier of Will.

"In the original story, there would be a hero who stands up to the Ten Sages," I said.

 I said.

"They'd have the blood of heroes from the past, or be recognized by the Holy Sword.
"Yes, yes. And they start off in a remote village!
You don't wake up until the first battle. But when a friend or a brother who was thought to be a hero is in trouble, his unique abilities awaken...
Yes! I think I'd prefer a fire-based ability!
I'm not a fan. If it's flame-based, you'll be revealed as a hero right then. You just need a glimpse of your talent at first.
What do you mean?
Well... At first, you should be able to blind the enemy with light.
Mmm-hmm. Then you stab the enemy with your sword...
Yeah. And then you build a fort to keep the enemy from invading.

 "One hour later...

"...... brother. ...... Yukino. What are you talking about?

 Yukino and I looked at each other.
 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it, but I'm going to try.

"The unification of the great heroes? Is it possible that my brother is trying to quell this turbulent world?
"Yes. Me and Shoma were running a simulation of that.
I've never heard of that!

 That's why I thought you were talking about leading three armies to conquer the schemers on your side.

I'll tell you more about that later, but I heard some gossip at the bar.

 Lysette placed a tube of tea and a package of rice balls in front of us.

I'm not sure what to make of this. It is rumored that they had something they wanted to appeal to the current Dragon Emperor, the Dedicatory Dragon Emperor,......, but they have fled and are nowhere to be found.
So, does that mean that the current head of the Kittle family is the second daughter, Renesmee Kittle?
That's right. And this is also a rumor, but ......

 Lisette took a sip of her tea.

It is said that Zacchaeus, a member of the Ten Wise Men, is gathering an army. He might be invading the territory of Kittle. ...... There was a man talking about this.
...... That's tough.

 That's all I can say.
 I'm in an alliance with Princess Sylvia, but I'm a nobody. I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it. There's no way he'll understand.

...... But for a neighbor on the frontier, Princess Sylvia is better.

 I'd rather have Princess Sylvia as my frontier neighbor.
 I'm not sure what to make of that.

If such people are going to be our neighbors, then we might as well help Princess Sylvia with a little .......
"As you wish, brother Shoma.
I agree with you. I'm willing to help. My king.

 That's what we whispered to each other.

 "At the capital...

"...... It's time for this place to go.

 The girl murmured as she watched the clouds drift by.
 It's been a few years since I came to the capital.
 I've seen what I need to see. This dynasty is nearing the end of its life. It can't be helped that those who are loyal to the emperor are being ousted one by one. I guess it's fate. The current Dragon Emperor State of Arisia has exhausted it.

What comes next is ...... 'The Kittle Patriarch' or 'The Abominable Twins' or 'The Fierce Tiger of the South'?
Oh, are you done for the day?
Yeah. That's right, Auntie! Thank you for the sweets.

 The girl's tone of voice changes.
 She replies to a woman passing by in a tone of voice as if she were a little girl.

"You're a little girl, but you're a fortune teller all by yourself. Did you meet the father you lost?
"Well... Hmmm... I don't think I need to talk about that.

 The girl replies while accepting a fruit in honey from the woman.
 I've already packed my bags. I'm ready to go.
 I'm not just the "know-it-all" of the family. I have knowledge from the capital. I have divination skills. I know where I'm supposed to go.

I've done what I wanted to do.
"Oh. What is it?
I'm going to find the king I'm meant to serve.
"...... What?

 The girl suddenly said something grandiose, and the woman opened her mouth with a pout.
 The girl's expression, for a moment, was one of intelligence, not of appearance.

What are you talking about, Prim? Where are you going to find the king?
"To the north.

 The girl answered.

Maybe back home first. My grandmother might know someone who has the capacity to be king.

 The girl, Prim, laughed.