51 Episode 51 "Hegemony Pushes Allies"

Lysette decided to stay in town for a few days.

 The next morning.
 The next morning, as I was leaving for the frontier, Lysette said.

The next morning, as I was leaving for the frontier, Lysette said to me, "This matter may have an impact on the frontier. The next morning, I was about to leave for the frontier when Lisette said to me, "This case may affect the frontier. There are some information that can only be found here.
That's great, but is ...... safe?

 It's quite a distance from here to the frontier.
 To be honest, I'm worried about leaving Lysette alone.

You know Lysette's skill, don't you?

 "You know Lysette's skill, don't you?" Lysette said, snapping the sword hanging from her waist.

I'll run away as soon as I see danger. The gates leading to the frontier are less guarded. The gates leading to the frontier are less guarded. Lysette is light, so she can easily get past the gates.
"All right. Then lend me your sword.

 I said, and Lisette held out her sword in its scabbard.

 I quickly enchanted it with Naming Breath. I also took out a club from the King's Vessel and cut it in two with the enhanced long sword.
 I enchanted those two as well.

 The long sword became a 'super hard long sword' and the club became a 'hard club like a metal rod'.
 The length of the club is about 80 centimeters. This will not be a hindrance and can be hidden in your clothes. It can be used for more than just fighting.

We've strengthened it. But it won't last long because we're outside the wards. Come back when you think it's too late. Okay.
"Royal command accepted.

 Lysette said and kneeled in front of me.

As your sister-in-law, I can assure you that I will gather information safely.
Please be careful. Lysette.
I'll be fine. I won't do anything rash.

 Yukino and Lisette hold each other's hands.

Actually, there's something else she wants to make in this town.
What do you want to build?
"A flag of the frontier.

 "A flag of the frontier," Lysette said with a twinkle in her eye.

"The frontier is coming together around Hazama Village. I think we need a flag to mark us all as one force.
Are you saying you want to make that flag here?
Yes. We can get better materials here than at the frontier.
Actually, we've been working on a design. Well, you know...

 Yukino extended her hand towards Lisette.

"Miss Lisette. Can you lend me your cudgel?
"Mmm-hmm. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

 Yukino takes the cudgel from Lizette and begins to draw on the dirt ground.
 ...... You're good at this.
 There is no hesitation in the way he draws his lines. It's very natural. It's as if he's been drawing every day.
 By the way, Yukino is an active chuunibyou.
 Maybe she also drew "My Idea of the Strongest Equipment" in her notebook ......?

It's not rude to link everything to chuunibyou.
"Hmmm... "My idea of the strongest flag...

 It wasn't rude or anything!
 ...... Well, that's a road we all take. I also borrowed materials from the library and drew them. I was really into that kind of thing at the time. The most powerful equipment, the most powerful demons, the most powerful emblems. What Yukino is drawing now is similar.

"It's done!

Is this the design for the flag of the frontier?
Yes. I tried to make it look like a dragon's head.

 Yukino puffed out her chest.
 The dragon was drawn on the ground. It's just a head, but it gives off a vibe.
 The subhumans still respect the dragon emperor, so it's a good fit for the frontier flag.

Yukino-san? That's not what we discussed last time, is it?

 But Lisette shook her head.

"This is indistinguishable from the 'Dragon Emperor Flag' used in the capital.
Is that so?
Yes. Didn't you say you were going to add elements of demons?

 Lisette added a design.

"How about this?
"Demons and dragons aren't enough, right? I'm sure you'll be fine. Lysette.
Can you put a crown on it?
Like this?
Yes, yes, I need wings.
Okay. I'll try to include as many attributes as I can.

 It's so unbalanced.

Then there's the "demon.
But if we make the design too complicated, won't the production cost be too high?
It would be difficult to mass produce. ......
"That's a problem. ......
Wait, wait, wait, wait!

 I held up my hand to stop them from talking.

You're trying to make a flag for the frontier, aren't you?
Yes. Yes, it's a design for the "Dragon King Flag" that will be flown in the frontier countries. Shoma-san.

 My flag?
 No wonder it has so many elements. You'll have a demon, a dragon, a king, a demon and a demon.

 ...... I remember when I was a junior high school student, I had a hard time thinking of my own coat of arms.
I've never regretted so much the fact that there are five attributes in "The High King of Deformity: Demon Dragon King Shouma". It was very difficult to mix five attributes.

 As I recall, I tried to keep it as simple as possible: ...... uh, .............
 ............ No, that's not important right now. Yeah.

"I'll leave the flag to Lysette.

 I said.

 I don't know the design sense of other worlds.
 To be honest, I don't care what it is as long as it's a landmark.

You have the budget, right? If not, I've got some precious metals that Princess Sylvia gave me that I can cash in for .......
"............." ".............

 Hmm? Why are both of you looking at my feet?

Brother, is that Shoma's coat of arms?

 ...... is a bad idea. Before I knew it, I was drawing a picture on the ground with my club.

 Quickly. Quickly.

"(Kun Kun Kun Kun)

 I'm not sure why you're nodding your head in agreement, Lysette and Yukino.
 I'm sure you'll be fine.
 I'm not going to add any more black history in another world. It was a close call. .......

Anyway, as long as Lysette stays safe, that's all that matters.

 I said.

"Yukino and I will tell Princess Sylvia what happened. We'll be back soon, but if it takes a while, we'll ask the Harpy to patrol the nearby streets. Lysette can go to ...... and wave a flag. I'll tell her to pick them up if she does.
"Yes, sir! Be careful, brother and Yukino.
Be very careful. Lysette-san.

 And so we parted ways, Lysette and I.
 I went out of the gates of the Distant Guan and proceeded to a place where I could not be seen, and then I went to the "Shoshu Kakusei".

 I then took a flight to the "Kittle Governorate".

 Princess Sylvia's House in the Kittle Governorate...

 In the evening of that day...

That's everything we saw and heard at the Far Country Customs.

 I gave the information to Princess Sylvia and Princess Renesmee.

 Of course, Yukino and I have no idea where the princess is. So we asked the gatekeeper who was guarding the lord's castle to give us the word. He was dressed appropriately so that he would be recognized as the "King of the Frontier.
 I thought I would be turned away (literally), but the gatekeeper was polite enough to tell Princess Sylvia about me. I had to wait for over an hour before the princess's messenger arrived.

"Thank you for coming all this way.

 Sylvia rose from her chair and bowed to me.

I recognized you immediately when the guards told me that a man with wings came to visit you with a flat army. I apologize for keeping you waiting.

"Well, I hope you'll visit me more peacefully next time.

 The one who responded over tea was Princess Llanes.
 When she heard that I was coming, she decided to sit with Princess Sylvia.

I thought my ...... heart would stop. That horrible fence ...... is in our territory.
"Now is not the time to talk about such things. Sister Lannes.

 Princess Sylvia bit her nails in frustration.

"Your father has escaped from King's Landing, but he's still missing. Perhaps Sister Myrna is with him. I'm not sure if he's dispersed his troops and gone into hiding, or if he's hiding with a close guard. ...... In any case, until we hear from your father, you and I must defend our territory alone.
"My soldiers are well trained. However, if ...... someone who is really related to the Ten Wise Men invades, then ......
"There is a possibility that other patriarchs will join the army to conquer our territory. The troops entrusted to me and sister Renesmee will not be enough. ......

 Then Princess Silvia and Princess Llanes sighed.

 It's still unclear whether or not a strike force will actually arrive. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
 It would be some time before the scouts returned and the situation would become clearer. I'm sure you're both anxious.
I don't think they'll be able to prepare troops just because the King of the Frontier told them to.

"What can I do for you, my king, Shoma?

 Yukino said in my ear.

You've done your duty to your allies, haven't you? What will you do now?
In all honesty, I don't want someone who says, 'I'm arresting you for not cooperating in the construction of the mansion' to be stationed anywhere near the frontier.
Then, do we move the troops of Hazama Village?
No, you can't. If the demon tribe fights out in the open, it will make the subhumans look bad.

 Then, we have to use other forces.
 It's not that I want to protect the Kittle territory. But in this turbulent world, a reliable ally is very hard to come by. This is how Princess Sylvia welcomed me on a surprise visit. And she's serving me tea and sweets. And she even tasted the poison before she ate it.

 To be honest, I'm horrified at the thought of her losing her territory and having some obscure "relative of the Ten Wise Men" as a neighbor in the middle of nowhere.
 There would be trouble in the neighborhood. Territorially speaking.

Can I ask you a question? Princess Sylvia, Princess Renesmee.
Yes. - What? Yes. You may ask.
"Are there any ruins from the time of the Dragon Emperor here in the territory of Grand Protector Kittle?

 It can't be helped.
 I'm the "King of the Frontier", after all.
I'll do what I can for the peace of Hazama Village, and for my own peaceful life.

If there is such a thing, can I investigate it at ......?
For what purpose, sir?
So that I can help my allies.

 ...... I'm curious about Yukino's 'nice smile' next to me, but .
 But that's only if there are such ruins. I won't wield my power unconditionally. I'm not.

I'll help the princesses if they want me to. This is a token of our alliance. I'm good at awakening land and ruins. That is, of course, if there are any such ruins near this territory.

 That's what I proposed to the two princesses.