52 Episode 52 "Princess Sylvia and Princess Raines, T...

 Princess Sylvia's point of view...

I'd like to discuss something with my sister.

 Sylvia said this and left the reception room with her sister, Renesmee.
 She did not forget to order the maid standing in the hallway to prepare the meal.  

 It was only natural for the Kittle family to entertain guests. Besides, they had come to inform us of their father and eldest sister. There was no way we could not entertain them.

 Even if the authenticity of the information is still unconfirmed.

"What do you think of the information brought by the ...... 'King of the Frontier'? Sister Llanes.

 Sylvia, who had gone to her room, asked her sister.

I'm not sure if the information brought by the King of the Frontier is true or not. And I don't understand why he wants the remains of the Dragon Emperor era. What do you think, sister?
I don't care, I just want those two to go home.
Scary, scary, scary. The King of the Frontier is scary ...... scary. Sylvia. ......
Yes, yes. Have some tea and calm down.

 Sylvia offered Renesmee a cup of tea with milk and sugar.

"Will you sleep with me tonight? Sylvia?
Yes, yes.
In the hall! The bedroom is too close to the walls and ...... scary.
I understand. I know, Sister.

 Sylvia patted her sister on the head.
 As if relieved, Renesmee began to drink her tea.

You wanted my opinion, Sylvia.

 You want my opinion, Sylvia.

I'm sure you'll agree with me that the information provided by the King of the Frontier is ...... true.
"And you, ......?
"Yes. The King of the Frontier had the equipment of Captain Dolus.

 The King of the Frontier had Captain Dorth's equipment," Renesmee said, looking regretfully into her empty cup.

It was we who sent him and Sela to the Far Country. If they had that equipment, there would be no doubt that there were two Kings of the Frontier.
"But the Frontier King moves too fast. It was only a few days ago that we dispatched Dorus, you know. How could the King of the Frontier reach the Yuan Guan at the same time as them? ......
"It can't be helped. Because he's the King of the Frontier.
It's inevitable. He's the King of the Frontier.

 The sisters of the Kittle family looked at each other and nodded.

What do you think about the fact that he's seeking the remains of the Dragon Emperor?
"The King of the Frontier said he would help us. As an ally, I should believe that. As an ally, I thought I should believe that. So why not give him what he needs? As I recall, there are some ruins that have yet to be explored near the road leading to the Yuan Guan.

 Sylvia pointed to a tapestry on the wall of her room.
 Sylvia pointed to a tapestry on the wall of her room, which had been given to her by her father. It had a map of the territory of the Grand Protectorate of Kittle woven into it.
 It was given to each of the three sisters, and Sylvia received the one on the west side of the territory. The one Sylvia received was a map of the western side of the territory, showing the road leading to the Far Country Gate.
 In the center of the painting, the castle in the most western part of the territory and the surrounding villages are marked.

 There are many mountainous areas in the territory of the Grand Governor of Kittle. The mountains are rich in bounty, but there is little flat land to cultivate.
 Of course, being surrounded by mountains has the advantage of making it easier to defend the territory. If the relatives of the Ten Sages were to lead the troops, the battlefield would naturally be limited. It would be possible to prepare the troops in advance.
 But that's only if my father, Argos Kittle, is leading the troops.
 Renesmee and Sylvia have little experience in actual battle. Therefore, they would have to rely on their commanders in the field for this matter, but only a few of them were closely related to Sylvia and the others. There are only two people that I can truly trust.

It's ...... horrifying to imagine what would happen if we didn't get any information from the 'King of the Frontier'. Sister.
"...... I agree with you on that one. If you have no information and suddenly received a report of an enemy attack,.......

 You can find a lot more information on the web.
 I can't thank the King of the Frontier enough for the information he gave us.

Let the King of the Frontier take a look at the ruins on the western edge of his domain.
"The ancient tower by the lake?
Yes. I meant the King of the Frontier. I believe it's worth seeing the ruins.
I only wish he'd leave this place.
"Dear sister ......

Instead, we'll have a guide. There was a castle by the ruins. Hulka, the general of the Lanes, should be there. Let her show you the ruins.
"...... Are you sure, sister?

 Sylvia murmured involuntarily.

 The military and civilian officials belonging to the Kittle family have been divided into three factions: the eldest sister, Milena, the second daughter, Renesmee, and the third daughter, Sylvia. Sylvia could not use the military officers of the Lanes faction, and the same was true for the Sylvia faction.
 It was the first time that Renesmee used her own military officers for Sylvia.

"This is no longer a time for sisters to fight each other. Don't you think so?

 Renesmee's lips quirked up in a smile.

"The only thing I'm grateful to the King of the Frontier for is that he made peace with you. Sylvia. If it weren't for that fearsome ally (・・・・・・・・), we'd still be feuding and clashing with enemy forces.
"Sister .......
We, the three Kittle sisters, must work together. It's not that we're trying to get rid of that horrible King of the Frontier...no, we're not trying to get rid of him. But that dreadful wall is ............ scary scary scary. The fence, the wall is coming. I'm scared.
Yes, yes. I'll sleep with you again today. Sister.

 Sylvia patted her sister's back who had suddenly turned into a spoiled child.
 It was as if she was a child again. It was hard to believe that until recently they had been fighting against each other in factions.

The sisters of the House of Kittle were changed when they met the King of the Frontier.
 If this has anything to do with the fate of the House of the Patriarch...

"......, the King of the Frontier may have changed history.
"Calm down! I'll write a letter to Hurka. I'll write a letter to Hurka. Call the scribe!
You're getting back on your feet fast, sister!

 Sylvia rang the bell and called the clerk.
 Sylvia knew Hulka, the general of the Lanes. Sylvia knew of Hulka, the general of the Lanes faction, who always wore a helmet because of her great beauty. She even received a title from her father as "the most beautiful woman in the world. She is one of the "two faces" of the Kittle family.

 She would be able to serve as a guide for the King of the Frontier.

I'm not sure what the King of the Frontier has in mind.
"Sylvia, do you understand gods and demons?
It's not polite to call me a demon. Sister Lannes.
It's rather rude to think that we can understand transcendent beings.
In any case, we have no choice but to comply with his request.

 Sylvia said, looking at her sister.

If the King of the Frontier becomes our enemy under these circumstances, we will be helpless. Then we should cooperate with him. Besides, what he's looking for is just ruins. Even if you investigate, it won't affect us.
I have no problem with him going far away.
......, you're doing it again.
"So I am busy writing a letter to Hulka. I'll leave you to deal with the King of the Frontier.

 She waved her hand.

After that, I'll gather my officers for a meeting. I'll do what I can.
I'll write a letter to the other lords after I send off the ...... 'King of the Frontier'. I'll write a letter to the other lords after I send off the 'frontier king'. The Kittle family is not at fault in this matter. If possible, you can stand between ...... and ...... to stop the Ten Wise Men.
I've been asked.

 Sylvia picked up the hem of her dress and bowed to her sister's back.
 Then she left her room and walked towards the reception room.
 In her hand she holds a rolled up piece of parchment. It is a copy of a tapestry. It's a map of the western side of the Kitor Territory. Normally, it's not something you would give to a stranger. But...

"This... is for the King of the Frontier.

 Trust will be rewarded with trust.
 Even though we are in a difficult situation, the Kittle family has produced ministers, viziers, and generals.
 I could not forget that pride.

And if it comes to pass that the King of the Frontier drives away the Ten Wise Men, ......

 What she murmured was just a dream, but...
 I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a fan of your work.