53 Episode 53 "Meet the General of Hegemony and Good ...

 The next day.
 Yukino and I took the map that Princess Sylvia gave us and the letter of introduction that Princess Renesmee gave us and set off.

 Our destination was a castle in the far west of the Kitor territory.
 There is a lake near the castle, and it is said that there are ruins from the time of the Dragon Emperor by the lake.
 There may be a magic circle there that can be used for warding.

 If you activate the magic circle, you can create wards. With the wards, I can use my soldiers.
 In other words, I don't have to be in the front.
 In other words, I won't have to fly, breathe fire, or summon a double-headed dragon.

 To be honest, I don't want to fight against armies, and I don't want to spread the name "High King of the Deformed" any further. I think it would be better to use the wards to drive away the enemy safely.

 So, after visiting the castle in the west, I handed the letter of introduction from Princess Lenneth to the gatekeeper.
 The warlord of this castle is supposed to guide me to the ruins.
 I was told that he was a very beautiful general...

 While we were thinking about this, a warlord wearing a helmet came to us.
 He had his mask down so deeply that we could not see his face at all. All we could tell was that her eyes were blue and her hair was chestnut brown.
 It seems that she is Princess Raynes' subordinate, the beautiful general Hulka.

Are you the ones who want to explore the Tower of Lingering Demons?
That's right. Good luck.
The letter from Princess Renesmee, ......, instructed us to assist the King of the Frontier.

 General Hurka looked at me as if he were appraising me.

Are you sure you're the one?

 I nodded like a 'king of the frontier'.

"The Tower of Remnants, is it?
"Yes, I named it.

 General Hulka nodded.
 I can't see his face as usual, but his voice sounds serious.
I don't think he named it the "Tower of Remnants" because it's cool. So, ......

I see. ...... If you put "Lingering Demon Tower" on it, people will know immediately that there is a demon. People will not easily approach it. So you gave it that name for safety.
Hmm. I guess the name 'King of the Frontier' isn't just for decoration.

 The general snapped the sword at his waist.

The general snapped the sword at his hip. "So, you've won over the subhumans with your perceptiveness. I can see why my lord, Princess Renesmee, heard your request. But what do you intend to do with that tower?

 Warding is a secret of the frontier.
 It would be better to answer a little bluntly here.

"I'm going to explore the ruins of the Dragon Emperor's time, so that I can get the hei. I need the weapon to prevent the invasion of the Ten Sages.
The invasion by the Ten Wise Men and their relatives was mentioned in the princess's letter. But there are no frontier troops here, are there?
"The Yukino-Dragonchild here alone has the strength of a hundred soldiers.

 When I said that, Yukino quickly covered one eye with her bangs and held the bandage on her left arm.
 The right arm is horizontal. The left arm is vertical. The key to this pose is to extend the index and middle fingers of your left hand and then bend them slightly.

 I get it.

But numbers are important. That's why I'm planning on recruiting more troops here to keep the enemy forces at bay.
The 'King of the Frontier'? The King of the Frontier is recruiting troops here in the territory of the Grand Protector of Kittle?
I hope no one will respond.
I hope someone will respond.

 I hope someone will respond.

"The people of the Kitor Territory are proud. You will not easily fall under the command of a foreign king.
"Just a little. Just a few more hei under my command. Others may see you and lend you a hand.
The men?
The men.
...... In any case, you're a valuable ally. I'll do what I can.

 General Hulka walked towards the soldiers at the gate.
 The soldiers all have the same color cloth wrapped around their arms. They seem to be General Hulka's men.

Two of you follow me. The rest of you, send a messenger to the surrounding towns. Inform only the town chiefs of the situation. We'll evacuate the people to the castle as soon as we have accurate information on the enemy. Civilians, check the food reserves. And don't forget to secure water sources. I'll be back by evening. Report to me then.

 General Hulka gave his orders quickly.
 The soldiers nodded earnestly. As soon as he had finished his instructions, they mounted their horses and rode off.
 You can clearly see that they all adore the general.

"...... You look like a good general.
"I have heard rumors in the capital about Hulka, the beautiful general. I've heard rumors in the capital about the beautiful general Hulkas, who wears a helmet and face armor in public to hide his overly beautiful face.
Why do they have horns and tassels on their ...... helmets?
...... Because it's cool, I guess. I can see why.
...... I know, but ...... the dragon emblem on the shield is...
"...... because it's so cool.
"...... looks good too.
...... Someone who wears such a cool emblem can't be incompetent.
...... is something I don't want to agree with.

 As Yukino and I were talking, General Hulka came back with a horse.

It's a long way to the Tower of Lingering Evil. The soldiers will bring the horses, so you can wait.
You've come here on foot, haven't you?

 By the way, you landed away from the castle and walked the rest of the way.
 I used one third of the magic power of the "Sho" while flying here. I want to save it for when the time comes. I'll take your word for it.

"Can you ride a horse, Yukino?
"Yes. The goddess gave me the 'Riding Skill' because it's a necessary skill in this turbulent world.

 I heard that she took good care of him.
 I guess so. A brave warrior who would quell this turbulent world would not travel on foot.
 A hero who gallops around the continent on horseback is ...... nice.

You'll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in this.
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
"You don't even have any riding skills.
I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand. Shoma-san.

 Yukino closed one eye at me.
 In a previous life, Yukino died of an illness when she was in junior high school. Perhaps because of her illness, she is small. She looks like an elementary school student. I bet she could ride a big horse.


 And then this big horse comes...

"You idiot! Who would bring such a wild horse?

 General Hulka shouted.
 The soldier pulled in a black horse that was two times larger than the other horses.
 Several soldiers were holding the reins attached to the horse. The horse was snorting and shaking its head violently. Another soldier is moving in front of the horse, carrying a trough of leaves. He seems to have led the horse by the bait.

Isn't this the one that even the Lord Keeper of Kittle couldn't ride, and was eventually abandoned? I can't let Princess Lenneth's guest ride on a horse like this! You idiot!
"A horse from the west. He's strong on his feet. Not bad for a horse that calls itself the 'King of the Frontier', is it?

 One of the soldiers snorted.

One of the soldiers snorted. "If he calls himself the 'King of the Frontier', he should be able to ride one of the rough horses.
After all, he is the 'King of the Frontier'. This horse is barely as good.
Wouldn't that be easier than riding a bunch of subhumans?

 Oh, I see.
 General Hulka is a subordinate of Princess Llanes. And Princess Renesmee was looking down on us the other day. She even challenged us to a mock battle out of the blue.
 So General Hurka is polite, but his subordinate still looks down on me and subhumans.
 It's a pain in the ass.

 ...... Well, that's okay.
 We're just here to keep the peace in the neighbor's territory.
We're here to keep the peace in our neighbor's territory, and if the Ten Wise Men move in, we'll have territorial trouble with our neighbors.

"Now, please take the reins. "The King of the Frontier.
"May I see? Will you show me the vessel of a man who calls himself a king?
Come on, show us the horse.

 The soldiers are all holding out the reins in front of me.

"Sorry. "Sorry, King of the Frontier. I'll get you another horse right away.

 General Hulkas says so, but ...... this horse seems to be just right for two people.

 ...... Hmm.

Nice horse. Let me borrow some.

 I'm not sure what to do with it.

 Just before doing so, I activate the "Demon Seed Awakening".
 I'm wearing a hat, so people can't see my horns.
 I raised my arm strength with the Ogre Force and lightly pulled on the reins.

"Boo? I'm not sure what to do.


 The black horse went into a rage.
 Before I knew it, the soldiers had let go. I'm the only one who's holding the reins.

 This horse is huge. It's scary.
 The reins are making a creaking sound. This thing's gonna rip if it keeps going.

"Can you hear me, majestic black horse? Can you hear my voice?

 My "king" power has the power to communicate with people from other worlds.
 I may be able to communicate with a horse.

"My name is the deformed High King, the Demon Dragon King Shouma. I've come to investigate the ruins of the Dragon Emperor era as an ally of the princess of this land.
"...... Bururu? Buuru.
"I'd like to borrow your back to the site. Will you help me?
"'Your huge body, your strength, you must have come from a very famous horse. If you don't make use of your talents and just run wild, you won't be able to make use of your value. I will...
"When you awaken to greater power and become a true king...
"You will be remembered for the rest of your life as the one who lent his back to me. And then...
"If you wish to become the favorite horse of the deformed High King, the Demon Dragon King, Xiangma...
"If you wish to become the beloved horse of the unorthodox High King, the Demon Dragon King, Xiangma, then I will put your back to you as we quell this turbulent world together and confront my avenging enemy, the Goddess..." Hey, Yukino.

 Don't make any weird noises. You almost had me! What the hell.

"Boo! Boo-hoo-hoo! !

 The black horse started screaming.
 The reins he'd been pulling with all his might relaxed.
 And slowly, the horse came closer to me.

"Whoa! Are you kidding me? That wild horse...
I'm not sure what to make of this. You're letting him in?
...... I've underestimated the ...... King of the Frontier.
It's a good idea to take a look at the actual information on the web, as well as the information on the internet.

 The soldiers shouted in unison.
 And General Hulka had such a cool name for it?
 ...... is a good name. I'll borrow it for a bit.  

"Yukino. Can you ride?
"Yes, sir. Mr. Shoma.

 Yukino puts her feet in the stirrups and climbs into the horse's saddle.
 He's not happy that I'm so high up, but ...... I can't help it. This horse is too tall. I'm going to secretly "awaken" the dragon species, jump, and...


 I took the reins, and the black horse growled in satisfaction.

"So, General. "So, General, can you lead us to the Tower of Remnants?

 General Hulka mounted his white horse with ease.
 From his horse, he glared at the soldiers.
 The soldiers are already on their knees, their heads on the ground. Their backs are shaking. I mean, why are they bowing to me?

Let's head for the Tower of Remnants. Follow me, 'King of the Frontier'!

 General Hulka whips his horse and gallops off.

"So long, Yukino. Take care of the rest.
"Yes. My Lord.

 Yukino took a deep breath and grabbed the reins.

"Go! Run like you're flying through the sky! In the name of the Demon Dragon King Shoma, the strongest black horse that will soon cut through a thousand armies with its legs, the Zanku Kuroyoku!
"Oh, I was supposed to call him by that name...!
It's on loan. This horse. Don't make it too personal, okay?


 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it'll be fine. And it barely swayed. He seems to be running with the center of gravity of Yukino and me in mind. He's a truly great horse.

"You know the way to ......, don't you?
"Whoa! (Snorting as if to say, "I got it.")
All right then. You got it.

 With an overenthusiastic black horse, Yukino and I headed straight for the Tower of Remnants.