57 Episode 57 "Hegemony, Welcoming the Armed Forces 1...

 "At a castle near the border...

"This is everything Lisette saw and heard at the Distant Land barrier.
Thank you. I'm glad you're okay.

 This is a fortified city ruled by the handsome general Hulka. A mansion in a corner of it.
 I was facing Lisette, who had returned safely from the Distant Guan.

 Perp and the others were there to pick her up. I had awakened at the opening time and contacted the harpies and asked them to pick her up.

 And they retrieved another girl apart from Lisette.

"Pleased to meet you. The self-proclaimed 'King of the Frontier.'

 The girl said.
 A girl... or should I say a little girl.

 Her height is smaller than Yukino's, and her hands and legs are thin. Her hair is almost white beyond silver, and only her eyes are large and clear. She wears a light blue robe. Around her neck is a pendant with a crystal ball.

"Nice to meet you. I'm...
"Primordia Baby Phoenix. Prim for short. Grandson of Nanayla, Chief of the Harpies.
I'm here because...
I'm here because I ran into Lisette at the far country gate. I just happened to be on my way back to Lysette. Lysette had heard about Prim's features from Nanayla, so she decided to go home with her. It's so small that even two people could carry it.
......, you seem to have quite a bit of insight.

 Prim's lips quirked up in a smile.

But don't expect me to serve you with that!

 Why is this girl a tsundere?

I know you call yourself the 'King of the Frontier'.
"I don't call myself that. It's just what people call me.
"And I know that you're trying to conquer the frontier with the help of my fellow harpy.
No, I'm just asking Leroy and Loloi to help me, and I'm paying them well.
But that doesn't mean I'm going to put my knowledge and strategies to work for you...
Yeah. Anyway, Nanayla is worried about you, so you should go home with Leroux and the others.

 Why are you tearing up?
 It's like I'm picking on you. Stop it.

 I'm not sure what to make of it.

 The two of them had seen the generals of the Ten Wise Men parading around at the Yuanguo Guan. That's why they were able to pass that information on to us. The enemy advance party numbered 1,000. Mostly cavalry. They're coming toward us, leaving a rearguard of infantry and soldiers with rations. We don't have much time. It's too dangerous. I want Prim to go home with the harpy and the others.

 I'm not going to use subhumans in this fight.
 If we let the harpy search for them out in the open, the battle of the Ten Sages versus the Kittle Patriarch could turn into a battle of humans versus subhumans.

 That's why I want to deal with only humans like me and Yukino, and those who look human like Lisette. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

I'm going to be useful. I'm supposed to be useful.
You don't have to cry.
I thought I'd be useful in King's Landing, gaining knowledge, military strategy and tactics. I thought I wanted to serve someone with the capacity of a king, but he won't even give me the opportunity. ......
I'll make you useful. I will come for you when this battle is over.
So tell me, 'King of the Frontier'.

 Prim sat back in her chair and said.

"Even with the advance guard, there are nearly a thousand enemy cavalrymen. How are you going to fight them off?
I will neutralize them with my brave fence.
You seem confident. But the enemy general is called the One from the Otherworld, isn't he?
"The One from Another World?
Yes. He was shouting at the far country barrier when he went into battle. "My strength is 100.
Lysette heard it too! What do you mean, "100 wushu"? ......?

 Martial power 100.
 Max parameters. And from another world.
 He's an official summoner, after all.

Thanks for the info. I think I need to change my fighting style.

"I am honored by your praise, "King of the Frontier. Oh, you heard me right. I'm glad. ......

 Prim bowed to me with an embarrassed look on her face.

You know a lot about tactics, don't you? You know a lot about tactics, so tell me a little more later. I'd like to know more about the breaking power and movement speed of the cavalry under the Ten Wise Men.
Of course. But ......, how exactly do you plan to repel the enemy? If you take the time to deal with the cavalry, the main body of the enemy will come. On the other hand, if you siege and leave the cavalry behind, they will ravage the surrounding villages. Even if we fight in the field, it will be dangerous if we don't know the enemy's strength of 100.
I have a plan to deal with the cavalry.

 I said.

My walls are being prepared now. You'll see the results soon enough.

 "A few days later, on the road near Kittle's territory...

"Ha-ha-ha. So this is what it means to lead an army.

 On horseback, the boy shouted.
 He is wearing jet-black armor. He is riding a sweaty blood horse.
 In his hand he holds a long spear. In his hand is a long spear, which he wields without meaning, frightening the soldiers around him.

I don't care if it's the Ten Sages or their brother, as long as they recognize my power. It doesn't matter if it's the Ten Sages or their brother, as long as they recognize my power. I'm here to quell this turbulent world.
I'm here to quell this rebellion." "...... Even though you're an advance team, are you sure you should have been so prominent? Mr. Touki.

 The boy called Touki glared at his second-in-command as he walked next to him.

'The plan is simple enough, I suppose. If the enemy doesn't come out, we burn the surrounding villages. If they do, we defeat them. What's wrong with that?
The Transportation Corps and the infantry escort are lagging, sir. We can't fight without food, sir.
Why don't we just take the food there?
You don't think the enemy is prepared for that?
...... I'm a hundred strong, remember?

 The boy called Touki grinned, spear in hand.

"The goddess who summoned me to this world said. "The goddess who summoned me to this world said that I'm one of the strongest summoners. And by strongest, she meant there was no one above me. Which means I'm at max. That means you're 100 strong.
I don't understand your story, Master Toki.
It's the simplest power that's the strongest. Watch this. I'll have this mess under control in no time.

 The boy smiled innocently, but his second-in-command sighed.
 Originally, he had planned to head for the Kittle territory when he had all his troops.
 The 1000 cavalry was half a bluff. In reality, there were only 600, 60% of that number.
 But General To-ki-Ho-se said. He said it would be the same if he killed 400 of them.

 The general is strong.
That's why one of the Ten Wise Men recruited him from the ranks of the bureaucracy and gave him the position of general. Originally, Touki was hunting demons in the mountains and was picked up by a bureaucrat. It seems that he was a violent and unpredictable person, and that the bureaucrats had too much of him.

The bureaucrats seemed to have had enough of him. "...... But the Ten Wise Masters have their own ideas. I'm not sure what to make of that.

 It is said that this is a measure to increase the authority of the current Emperor, the Dragon Emperor, but in reality it is not. The Ten Sages are worried.
 The Ten Sages are anxious about giving their territory and troops to the Grand Guard.

"So... any excuse to attack is fine.

 He was about to say it when his second-in-command clamped his mouth shut.
 No. This is a disturbing thought. If anyone asks me this, they'll be punished for it.
The Ten Wise Men system has already reached its limits. But there is no other system.

There is no choice but to continue ...... to continue ...... to continue .......

 And with that, the second-in-command drove his horse.
 The back of the horse is getting smaller. You're going too fast.

"Hold on! The cavalry can't keep up. We need to pause...
 When the first officer shouted...

"What the hell was that?

 The cries of Touki-Housset echoed through the streets.
 A few minutes later, his second-in-command saw it too.
 The cavalrymen following behind stopped their horses at once. When they saw it at the end of the road, they gasped.

 It was a road leading to the castle at the west end of the Kitor territory.
 On the way, a small castle had appeared.