58 Episode 58 "Heo (Fellows), Provoking Armed Forces ...

 Enemy point of view...

 At the end of the road was indeed a castle.
 It is not very big. It is surrounded by a high stone wall, but the castle itself is just a hut. Or perhaps it would be better to call it a short tower. It is about two stories high. On the roof stands a soldier with a bow. At this distance. They probably already know we're coming.

"Where's ............?

 General Toki-Housset stared at the castle at the end of the road for a while, dumbfounded.
 Then he looked at his second-in-command.

"What is it? That useless castle! Hey!

 He spat and shrugged his shoulders.

"A flimsy stone wall. "Flimsy stone walls, forcibly assembled turrets. Hey, it's shaking like it's about to collapse. The entrance is ...... a small wooden door. That thing. I can smash it down with one blow. Hey!
But to build so much in such a short period of time: ......

 Neil's forehead is sweating.
 He's pessimistic, but he's analytical. That's why he's been ordered to be the second-in-command of Touki-Housset in this expedition. This is why he was ordered to be Touki-Housae's second-in-command in this expedition. The purpose is to keep Touki from taking the enemy lightly.

And it's a problem that it's right on top of the road. If we build something like that, neither the Transportation Corps of our army nor the wagons of our merchants will be able to pass. Normally, it would be built on a grassy field. ...... What are you thinking? ......
Neil is overthinking this! Why don't we just ignore that thing and attack the village?
He'll get us in the back.
....... ......
Even if we do capture the village, there's an enemy stronghold on a nearby road. You can't garrison it calmly. You never know when the enemy, holed up in a solid castle, might attack. ......

 A castle like that is out of the question.

 You can't garrison a castle like that. That's why, when we received the order to attack the territory of Kittle, Toki and I jumped out with the minimum number of cavalry. If the enemy came out, we would bring them into the field and hit them. If they didn't, we would attack the village, upsetting the enemy and taking their provisions. That was all it was supposed to be.

 We had no idea that the enemy would build a castle within a few days of our move.

"How can you build a castle in less than ten days, ......?

 Lieutenant Neil stared at it at the end of the road.

 Touki was right, the walls are flimsy. We haven't even built a foundation. It's just a stone wall on the ground. That's why it's swaying. It's a wonder it doesn't fall down.

 The tower in the center is not stable at all. It could collapse at any moment.
 It is fortunate that the walls are too flimsy for archers to stand on.
 Still, a castle is a castle. There must be men inside.

What's your opinion, Second Officer Neil?
"I think we should retreat and join the main army.
...... Shit.
I understand your reluctance. I understand your reluctance, and I'm sure it's easy for you to break down a gate like that, but it's just too creepy. I don't understand how anyone could prepare a castle like that.
The reason we came out with only cavalry in the first place was because we were planning a short-term campaign. It is impossible to attack a castle with cavalry. If the enemy comes out, it's a different story. ......


 There was a sound.

 Gee. Gee.

 The gates opened and the enemy came out.


 General Touki-Housset and his second-in-command Neil shouted.
 I don't understand. I don't understand.
 Why don't we just stay indoors? If we're going to attack, then what is the purpose of the castle?

 The Kittle Guard has taken up a position just in front of the castle (temporary).

 At the head is a single cavalryman.

 He is clad in full body armor. The face of the helmet is not visible because the face armor is pulled down so deeply.
 He is riding a huge black horse. It is larger than the sweat and blood horse of the Toki-Hoose.

If he's hiding his face, then that must be the rumored 'General Hulka the Beautiful'.

 His second-in-command Neil whispered to Touki-Housset.
 She looks large for a woman, but that's probably because she's wearing armor.
 Her helmet has horns and tassels, and her shield has a dragon emblem. It must belong to General Hulka, as I have heard. It's a way to make himself look bigger in battle. Perhaps that's why he wears armor. He also wears a cloak on his back large enough to cover his horse.

 Following the handsome general Hulka were the infantry.
 They were armored regular soldiers. They numbered 200......, or maybe 150.

 His second-in-command, Neil, breathed a sigh of relief.
 It hadn't been a mistake to come out in such a hurry. The enemy had been unable to gather a force.

 Their lord, Argos-Kitor, was missing. There was no way the territory could be defended by just two people, the rumored Rhaenes-Kittle and Sylvia-Kittle.

 Then, that castle is probably just a temporary structure.
 I tried to build it, but I couldn't defend it with 150 men.
 So in the end, I decided to go for it.

"General. We can take that castle and use it as a base.

 "We can take that castle and make it our base.

It's easy if they've made a move. If they've made a move, it's easy. We'll start a melee and jump into the castle as they retreat. Then it's ours. We'll wait for them to follow, and use the Kittle territory as a base.
"All right. But don't touch that general Hulka.

 "But don't touch that general Hulka." General Toki-Hoose stepped forward, grabbing his spear.

"Who wouldn't be thrilled to hear of a good-looking general? I've always wanted to try it. I've always wanted to beat a dominant woman and have her under my command. Listen, don't mess with her.

 With a bang, Touki-Housae swung his spear.
 It was a light movement, not even a preparatory exercise. But it was enough to create a shallow cut in the ground.
 Even though he calls himself that, he is indeed the strongest general. His second-in-command, Neil, sighs.

"With all due respect, sir. I'm afraid I must insist that you wait until after the castle is down to settle this matter with General Hulka.
"...... What?
The first thing you must do is fulfill the orders of the Ten Wise Masters. This is also an order from your protector, Lord Zachus. Even though you have attained the rank of general, you are still a newcomer. You would do well to respect your position.
"............ I know.

 " I know," spat Touki-Housset.

"Don't be a nag. I'll do my job.
"I'm glad you understand...

"Attention all invaders of my homeland!

 Just as Lieutenant Neil was breathing a sigh of relief, he heard a voice.
 It was a woman's voice, that of the beautiful general Hulka, riding a black horse.

I give you mercy. Put down your weapons now and return to your country. Our house of Kitor does not want unnecessary bloodshed. If you wish to expose yourself to nothing but a foreign land, you may return now.
"....... That's a cheap provocation.
"Especially for someone who calls himself 'The 100'. You don't seem to be able to do the math!

What about ............?

 General Toki-Hoose opened his mouth.

"There are powers in this world you do not know. I'm sure you've made a mistake in your calculations. Perhaps you made a mistake in your calculations, or perhaps you overestimated the value and now you can't even tell for yourself!
 Of course, "100" is a term that indicates your limit - in other words, your ability is currently at 100 percent. If it means that there is no more room for growth and this is all you can do, then there is no problem. No, that must be it. Otherwise, you wouldn't be embarrassed to say you're "100 percent". No, I'm afraid not!
General! It's a provocation. It's a cheap provocation!
I repeat. There is power in this world that you do not know. If all you want to do is show off your power, you are no match for the Eighth Heavenly Goddess' avenging enemy, the great High King! Now, realize your limits and go home!

"............guh, guh.
General! I beg you, please calm down. You don't have to listen to this insignificant nonsense...
Come on, you're coming home. You're the one who has reached 100, which means you're a teenager with all your talents maxed out! You must remember the meaning of your existence in this world and think about the meaning of your martial arts! If you don't, your second name, "100 Strength," will remain as someone whose intellect and character have both reached their peak at this stage!

 It was a cheap provocation, just as Lieutenant Neil had said.
 But he couldn't let it go.
 The enemy had reversed the meaning of "100" from compliment to contempt, as "those who have reached the limit of their abilities" or "those who have reached the bottom".

 Toki-Hoose has always called himself the "Armed Forces 100.
 There was no way he could forgive someone who changed its meaning into an insult.
 Now he had to erase the speaker so that no one else could say such a thing...

"You bastard!

 General Toki-Hoose shook off his second-in-command's hand and kicked the sweat-blooded horse in the stomach.
 All he could see in his bloodshot eyes was the figure of the beautiful General Hulka.
 The only thing on Touki's mind was to subdue and subjugate that large and irreverent female general. That was all.

"Don't let the general get isolated! All troops charge! Kick the infantry to the curb!
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

 And the cavalry rode off in pursuit of the general.