59 Episode 59 "Hegemony Allows Enemy Forces to Invade...

 I can't believe it!

 The spear of the general Touki-Housset and the long sword of the beautiful general Hulka struck each other and sparks flew.

That's it! Nice work, .......
I'm honored by your praise. But your sword is not good enough to call yourself the High King!
Don't talk like that! I'll give you credit for your power! You're right. ......

 He swung his spear down from the top.

"If I'm 100 strong, you're 75 strong. You should be proud!
"Hmm. It seems you don't even know who you're dealing with. "Armed to the teeth"... "General at Arms"!
You're still talking!


 I'm sure you're not the only one. I'll be back.
 I'm not sure what to say.
 Hulka, the beautiful general, rides a black horse.
 The soldiers watch with bated breath as the two fight.
 This is the battle between a fierce general and a brave general.
 This will go down as the battle of the ages...

I hope you're not thinking that.

 I was shouting without saying it out loud.
 I'm talking about me, of course, Shoma Kiryu.
 Right now, I'm disguised as the beautiful general Hulka, and I'm engaged in battle with the enemy general.

 Even though it's a strategy, it's pretty hard to take on an attack of 100 strength.
I'm awakened, so I can keep up with his movements. I'm not losing power.
 In addition, I have a support person behind me who can anticipate Touki-Housae's moves.
 That's how I'm getting by for now.

 My disguise as General Hulka is part of the plan.
 Before the battle, I asked Hulka for some extra armor and borrowed it. I put the same horns and tassels on my helmet as hers, and borrowed a shield with a dragon crest.

 Then, hiding his face, he mounted his black horse, Zanku Kuroyokuyo, and stood at the head of his troops.
 The real general, Hulka, is inside the castle commanding the infantry. The real General Hulka is in charge of the infantry in the castle, because Yukino and Prim can't use the regular soldiers well enough.

"...... But they're really strong. I'm not sure what to make of this.

I'm not sure what to make of it.
 I'm sure you're more powerful than me in simple terms.

Brother Shoma... The check comes from the left. Then comes the big swing from above, and after that you'll have an opening.

 A voice came from behind me, hidden by my cloak.
 I reply with a small nod.
 Even if you turn into General Hulka, you can't do anything about the voice.
 So I put Lisette on the back of the Zanku Kuroyoku and hid her form behind the cloak.
 I also decided to borrow her combat experience.

 The enemy general, Toki-Hoce, looked like he was in high school. He is very angry and impatient.
 This one has a 'super hard' long sword that can take swords from the left. The voice behind me, Lysette, read her correctly, and the next swing was a big uppercut. And the spear is on fire. The tip of the spear is tinged with magic power and is emitting flames. I see, as expected of a 100-ranked warrior. She's not just wielding a spear?

Please... Lysette.
Yes, sir. I will use the name my brother gave me.

 On my back, Lisette breathes in.

(Activate... "Lysette = Luge"!)

 Lysette grabs a twig and slams it into the flames of the Touki-Housais. .
 At the same time, I activate "Demon Seed Awakening" and "Ogre Force, Triple (Dry)".

 And then...

 Lysette's twig extinguished the flames.
 My long sword repelled Touki-Housae's spear.

"You idiot!


 General Toki-Horse fell back with his horse.
 He's clutching his spear desperately, his arms trembling.
 It's a good thing the flames were in the way and I couldn't see Lisette's movements.

 The name I added to the naming breath of Lisette, "Lisette = Luge", can erase magic and its accompanying effects.
 Except, of course, for my own abilities that gave me that power.

 As long as the flames go out, there's no problem. I can use my Demon's Strength from Demon Seed Awakening to repel his spear.
 Toki-Hoce called me the 75.

 That's why I simply increased the number by 'Oni's monstrous power, multiplied by three'.
 If you multiply 75 by 3, you get 225. Even if there's a slight margin of error, 225 is still more than enough to overwhelm 100. Maybe.

"Oh, ......, sir. Oh, no. I'm not sure what to do.
"You're so 100. I'm no match for you.

 I can't do it.

 I pulled on the reins of my black horse, Zanku Kokuyou, at the sound of Lisette's voice.
 And then...

 And then...!

 We turned our backs on Touki-Housset and ran away.

"Hey ......, what the hell are you doing? You've got to be kidding me. That's bullshit!
I'm coming after you. Shoma-sama.
Okay. We're on mission.

 Our objective is to separate the 100 strong from the rest of the army.
 If that thing breaks into the castle, there's no way ...... we're going to survive, but we want to reduce the uncertainty.

 You have Prim to thank for that.
 She was in the capital looking for information on the Ten Sages and their men.
 So she knew the general's character and strength. A womanizer with big tits, right?
 If such a man is treated badly by a beautiful female general, he would be angry.

"The cavalry is heading toward the castle. Yukino-san and Prim-san, are you all right?
If they do as they're trained. I told them they can run if they need to.

 My guards will protect the lives of our allies as their first priority.
 General Hurka's regular soldiers are with us, so we'll be fine.

The enemy's weakness is that they have no wizards. If they had, we'd be in deep trouble.
We've only got the cavalry. ......

 Well, we can't afford to be complacent.
 General Toque is coming up behind us. He's on fire. He's pretty pissed, that guy.

Lysette. Please.
Yes, sir. Brother Shoma.

 Lysette turns around in my cloak and utters the provocative line I taught her.

"Pssst. Pfft, pfft, pfft. Poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo!
f*ck you!

 And the chase is on again.
 And then the chase began again. Lysette and I continued to drive the Zanku Kuroyasu towards the planned location.

 At the same time, at the castle along the road...

"Hyu, Hyurka-sama escaped!
It's too much to hope for. Everyone, go back to your houses!
"...... Is this what you want?

 The infantry didn't do anything.
 They leave the castle, watch the battle between Shoma and General Toki-Hoose, and return to the castle just in time to see the enemy cavalry start to move. That's all they had to do.

Hurry up, everyone!
"Hurry up and close the gate! If the enemy gets into the castle, we'll be in big trouble!
Yes, yes! Don't let the cavalry into the castle, ever! Never! Never!

 The infantrymen who were outside hurriedly ran into the castle.
 There's still a distance between us and the cavalry. But they're desperate, too.
 The cavalry, led by the enemy's second-in-command Neil, followed the infantry and came straight at the castle.

It will take some time before the gates close. "It will take time for the gates to close, jump into the castle! Don't let them close the gates! Don't let them close the gates! Occupy the enemy's castle before the general returns!
「「「「「 Yes! 」」」」」

 The enemy cavalry could not catch up with the infantry.
 But the gates are not yet closed. It was a makeshift castle. The gate is just a piece of wood hammered together. It took so much effort to open it. Although the gates are slowly closing with a squeaking sound, the infantry pulling the gates are frightened by the approaching cavalry. The footsteps of the horses shaking the ground, the desperate cries of the cavalry, as if frightened by them, the infantry finally abandoned the gate and jumped into the castle.

Now! All troops, charge in!
「「「「 Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! 」」」」

"Haha! It's a bag of rats now! Kittle's soldiers!

The Kittles are closing in.
"What do I do?

Keep moving! Keep the horses moving! We have to get this castle out of here before the general returns.

Yes, sir. Everyone move to the side, please.
There's no need to rush. Take it easy.
...... I think we should follow the orders of the King of the Frontier's men, don't you?

『『『『 Hey hey hey hey! 』』』』

""Yes, I got you!
「「「「............ Yes, I did. 」」」」」

『『『『『 hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! 』』』』

 And what the cavalry under the command of the "Ten Wise Men" saw when they raided the castle...
 I'm sure you've heard of it.
 I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I've been so impressed with your work.


 Cavalry can't stop on a dime.
 They can't move sideways like infantry.
 They could not even chase the enemy infantry, who were protected by walls that moved in every direction.

 The reason for their defeat was that they had come here with only cavalry.
 The reason for their defeat was that they came here with only cavalry, and were separated from the 100-strong force with the greatest offensive power.

 And one more thing.

One more thing was that he was trapped in the common belief that "castles do not move of their own accord.

「「「「「 (...... pop) 」」」」」

 As a result, the castle became a prison where they were locked up...

As a result, the castle became a prison where they were locked up, and the advance troops sent by the Ten Wise Men were all taken prisoner in the castle without ever coming into contact with the enemy.