60 Episode 60 "Heo and 'Armed Forces 100', Talking ab...

 "This is the enemy's point of view.

"Attention all lawless soldiers who have invaded my territory!

 A voice came from behind the wall.
 At the same time, I heard a lot of soldiers walking.

"Dismount and lay down your weapons now! The Acting Lord, Lenneth-Kittle, does not want bloodshed! Surrender and your lives will be spared. I repeat. All hands off your horses and drop your weapons!

 A cold sweat broke out on Lieutenant Neil's forehead.
 Six hundred cavalrymen were advancing into this territory, with Touki-Housset as their general. All of them were trapped inside the high walls.
 How did this happen?
 We charged into the castle as soon as the gates opened and jumped inside. At that point, we were trapped.
 The tower that should have been in the center of the castle deformed as if it were a piece of paper, and became a wall dividing the castle. The infantrymen of the Kittle Guard went away to hide behind it and found themselves trapped alone.

It's impossible. ...... It's as if this castle is still alive.

 And then there's the mysterious voice from earlier.
 It seems that "Hey" has somehow become the voice of the soldiers in Kittle's territory.
 It's an absent-minded voice, but on the other hand, it's terrifying.
 It means that the soldiers of Kittle's territory are relaxed in the face of their own cavalry.

"d*mn it! What kind of surrender is that? We're outnumbered!

 Suddenly, one of the soldiers stood up on his horse.

Suddenly, one of the soldiers stood up on his horse, "We'll get over this wall! Everyone, take your weapons! We're going to get out of here and smash the castle soldiers!
Idiot! Stop it!

General! That's what you get for gathering soldiers with similar personalities to yours!

 The army of the Toki-Hoose has yet to be defeated.
 To them, it would be unacceptable to surrender without even crossing swords.

"Look around you! We are in the enemy's castle! We can't even drive our horses! We can't even drive our horses! If the enemy soldiers shoot arrows at us, we'll all be killed...

 A soldier who was trying to climb the wall fell down with a scream.
 His second-in-command Neil ran over to him and saw that the soldier's hands were white and frozen. To be precise, there was white frost on the gauntlets he was wearing. The skin of his hand was probably sticking to the metal part of the gauntlet. It must be painful to move your fingers.

Which of the following is a lieutenant: ....... The walls are starting to freeze. ......
"...... Ah.

 Neil, the first officer, fell to his knees.
 The enemy has a high-ranking, ice-wielding wizard. He's using freezing magic through the walls.
 He's not trying to kill us. At most, if you put your hand on the wall, it will crack your skin.

It was ...... a mistake to come ahead with only a cavalry unit.

 If only we had a wizard,........
 I'm not sure what to make of that.
 If you use fire magic to melt the ice, it will steamroll the soldiers in a tight formation.

"............ can't win.

 Lieutenant Neil sighed.

We were already defeated when we thought the castle was ours to take. ......
"How about you, Lieutenant ......?
"I surrender my life in the place of General Toki-Hoose.
 All dismount and lay down your weapons. Swords and spears are ...... right. You can stick them to the frozen wall.

 That will show them that we have no intention of resisting.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to get the best out of them. ...... I didn't know that there was a general in the Kittle family who used so much military strategy. I'm afraid so. ...... "The beautiful general Hulka". His name will go down in history. ......
"...... is a fearsome general.
...... With so much power, he could have founded a country.
...... I'll tell my story when I get back home. When I return to my homeland, I will hand down the name of the beautiful general Hulka of the Kitor Territory to .......

"........................... ...Please don't make false accusations, I'll die of embarrassment. ......

 The faint voice on the other side of the wall did not reach the cavalrymen.
 Thus, the 600 cavalry sent by the Ten Wise Men surrendered and the mass battle ended.

 Shoma's point of view...

 In the grasslands, I on my horse and General Toki-Hoce were facing each other.
 The distance between us was several dozen meters.
 I'm holding a long sword and he's holding a spear.

 They're gasping for air, but there's still time for me and Lysette. We're inside the wards. We've got the magic of the land at our disposal. What about the other side? If he's a summoner chosen by the goddess, he might still have room.

"So, okay. Lisette.
Yes. Brother Shoma. ......

 Lysette squeaks on my back.
 And then...

"This is for General Toki-Hoce!

 Lysette raised her voice to reach the enemy general.
 This is the question that Lisette has been wanting to ask ever since General Toki-Hoce invaded.

I'm not sure what you think about this war and the world!
"............ ah?

 I'm sure you've heard of it.
 I'm not sure what to say.

I'm sure the general understands that there is no justice in the actions of the Ten Wise Men this time! If that is the case, why did you take part in such a lawless invasion? If you were as powerful as you are, you could have chosen a different master!
I don't care.

 General Toki-Hoce took out a pendant from his chest.
 It was a large, blue crystal.

I'm here by divine command. I'm here by divine decree to quell this turbulent world and make my name known throughout the land. This is the proof. If I can quell the turmoil, I can return to the world I came from, the world you don't know. With the memories and experiences of this world.
"...... memories and experiences of this world?
You wouldn't understand, would you? Not to the people of this world.
"No, I know exactly what you mean.

 I said.
 Touki-Housset's face became puzzled.
 Well, I've been disguised as the beautiful general Hulka.
 But that's enough. The cavalry should be done with by now.

 I took off my helmet.
 To tell you the truth, I couldn't see much. So I just fought my way out.
 If it weren't for Lysette's support, I wouldn't have been able to escape this far.

"You ......?
I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not. I'm a summoner from another world, just like you.
"...... Like me, huh?
I knew you were a summoner. I've noticed that you're a summoner. "Armed forces 100" is a word that wouldn't come up unless you were playing a simulation game in your original world.

 That's why I was wary of Touki-Housset.
 He seemed to have a lot of power, so I used him as a decoy to isolate him.
 The Enchanted Soldier of Will was strong, but it could only withstand Yukino's magic for a few minutes.
 If he's as powerful as she is, it's not safe to lock him in the castle.

I only became convinced after I heard you say that. "Memories and experiences of this world.
I have a question for you.

 I lowered my sword and said.

I was summoned to this world by mistake. That's why I don't know the official summoning system. I want to know what you're fighting for. Toki-Hoce.

 Yukino is also an official summoner, but she refused the goddess' offer to let her choose her master.
 That's why she wandered the city alone and came to the frontier.
 Yukino, like me, is outside the official system.

 He's the first summoner I've met who follows the official system.

That's why I disguised myself as General Hulka and brought you here. The only person from this world here is ...... my sister-in-law. Your people will never know who you are. I want to know what you're up to.
"That's why you messed with ...... '100 Strength'.
No, it's called "Compassion for the Sick.
What about ......?
I'm sure you'll regret those titles like '100 military strength' when you come to your senses later. At least make it the 'best in the city' or 'fierce tiger general' or something. That's definitely better. I won't say anything bad.

 When I heard about the "100 military strength", I thought, "Seriously?
 That kind of thing is fine when you're undefeated, but once you're defeated, it becomes a derogatory term. After I got over my second childhood illness, I used to say to my neighbors, "Hey. I've had neighbors say things like, "Hey, aren't you the deformed High King today? It's hard.

"You should call him 'General Gouen' or 'General Musou' by combining 'Musou' and 'spear'. It'll be better later on.
...... Are you trying to make me look like an idiot?
I'm just giving you advice.
You said you were summoned by mistake. What do you know about that? I was told by the goddess. I was told by the goddess that my soul would be treated differently depending on how much I contributed to the world.

 With his spear in his hand, he smiled fearlessly.

"As a ruler, it would be considered my greatest contribution to the world if I could calm the turbulent world. I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.
"......, is that right?
By the way, what if I die in this world?
You said, "...... you lose all your memories and are sent back to a year ago in the original world. Depending on your contribution, the probability of avoiding death in that world will increase or ...... something.

 ...... Is that how the system works?
 Goddesses use summoners to quell the turbulent times in this world.
 In return, the summoner has a number of benefits.
 They can be resurrected in the original world with their memories and skills.
 Or they can lose their memories, but be sent back in time a year before their death, giving them a chance to avoid death.

But... "But there's no reason to join the Ten Sages, is there?
You'd have a better chance of success with the strongest one.
If you're going to help someone who invades your territory without question, you're not going to be able to end the war, are you?
I don't care!

 I'm going to do what I want.

I'll do what I want. As a hero, I will fight as I please in this world, kill my enemies, hold women, and dominate people. When I die, I'm going back to the world. As a general, I'll do well, but I don't know anything about this world. Look.

 With a plop, Touki-Housset dropped a small leather bag on the ground.
 In it are ...... coins. Silver coins, copper coins,......, but they all have blood on them. What's that?

"This is the gold I took from the enemies I've destroyed. I'm going to collect it to see how strong I am.
If there's blood on it, does it belong to a ...... enemy soldier?
Yeah. I don't remember if it was a soldier, a commoner, or a subhuman.

 I don't remember if they were soldiers, commoners or subhumans.

But it doesn't matter. I'm a hero. I'm a hero. A hero doing the bidding of the emperor's men. There's nothing wrong with that. It's what I need to do to be successful in this turbulent world.
"...... What kind of hero is that?

 ...... I'm madder than I've been in a long time.
 What is this feeling?
 It's like the feeling you get when a family member dies in your original world and you think, "This is the worst thing that could ever happen to me.

"You're not a hero. You don't deserve the power of another. Now go back to your world.
"What? You're not a hero.

 I'm not sure what to do with it.
 But I don't care.

 What a hero. You're a goddess summoner. That's bullshit.
 Goddesses are goddesses too. You know the summoner would go berserk if you gave her those conditions.

Who the hell are you? Hulka the False General.
...... "The avenging enemy of the Goddess of Heaven. The deformed High King.

 That's enough.
 I'll take him down. I'll neutralize it for now.
 We can't leave a mad dog like him in the middle of nowhere.

Lisette. Hold on tight.
Yes, sir. Brother Shoma!

 Lisette's hugging me back.

Sorry. I'm sorry, Zanku Kokuyou. You'll have to work a little harder too.
I'm sure you're right.

 He replies that he doesn't seem tired at all. I think I can handle one more fight.
 I held up my 'super hard' long sword.

I held up my 'super hard' long sword. "...... What's with the 'deformed High King'? It's more embarrassing that way.
I know what you're talking about.
I don't mind killing ...... anyone who's been summoned by mistake!

 The general Touki Hounsou's horse starts to run.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

The most powerful general under the banner of the Ten Sages, Touki-Housset! Let's go!
Let's go!" "This is the guest general of the House of Kitor, the Demon Dragon King Shouma.

 I'm the high-spirited enemy general...
 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.