61 Episode 61 "Hegemony Settles with 'Armed Forces 10...


 My long sword and Touki-Housset's spear clashed.
 My long sword and his spear collided. I'm faster than him because I'm awakened.
 I can dodge his fire. The dragon scales will protect me from the aftermath of the flames.

"Spear"? My spear's being chipped away?

 Touki-Housae shouted.

The Seven Star Spear is a gift from the Royal Court! What do you want with it?
"If you think it's a waste, drop the spear and run. "100 strength.
d*mn it!


 Once again, the ultra-solid long sword clashed with his Seven Star Spear.
 The tip of the spear is being cut off again.

 That's the Dragon Emperor's skill, Naming Breath.
 The enchanted sword and the royal palace's work are no match for each other.

I can't do it! Activate the skill 'Release the God of War'!

 I'm not sure what to do.

I'll tell you why I call myself the 100th Warrior.

 A crimson light gathered on his spear.

"Let's say my own strength is 100. I'll give you 100 for the techniques I use with my weapons. I can weave a total of 10,000 weapons. That's the meaning of '100'!

 Isn't the combined force 200?

Die! You're an alien who hasn't even been summoned!

 But... it was so powerful that I couldn't even say anything about it.
 A golden magic power is swirling around the spear of Touki-Housset.
 It was as if the tip had become a giant drill.

 As expected of an official reincarnation chosen by a goddess. Amazing.
 Of course, we're not fooled by him. We've taken precautions.


 I tapped Lisette on the arm as she sat behind me.
That's your cue to use your emergency skills.

Let's go! Let's go! Deformed High King!
Lysette, hold on!

 Just before Touki-Housset raised his spear...
 I let go of my black horse, Zanku Kuroyokuyo's ring.

 The whirling tip of the spear in Touki-Housset's hand grows to a huge size.
 He swung his arm. And then... a spear of magic power was fired.

 A spear that draws a spiral... comes flying.
 The black horse "Zanku Kuroyoku" is smart. It's already in evasive action...

"No use! There's no way I can avoid it now when there's two of us!

 Touki-Housset shouted...
 The magic spear from the tip of the spear flies through the air...
 The black horse, Zanku Kokuyou, just barely avoided it...

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but it's a good idea.

"What about ............?

 I'm sure you're not the only one.
 The spiraling spear of magic power flew at rocket-like speed.
 As it was, it ...... exploded when it hit the ground about 100 meters away.

 It's amazing. I'm not sure if it's as powerful as Yukino's Eternal Eternal Rolling Pillar of Freezing Dynasty (Ice Cruelance).
 I'm surprised that the 100th Armed Forces had such a hidden weapon.

I'm not sure what to do.

 On the ground, there's a ranting Touki-Housset.

"That's cheating! Why are you flying?
I'm not flying. I'm just trying to jump.

 He's lying.
 The moment Touki-Housset created the giant spear, I had a "Shou-shou-kakusei".
 And then I ascended with Lisette in my arms.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea. I thought he said he could avoid it quickly if he didn't have any baggage, so I left it to him.

 Now, I have deactivated the "Shoshu Kakusei".
 It's another ability that's preventing me from falling.

 Last time, when Yukino and I revived the magic circle of the True Zanjinshijo, we got an effect called "Falling Speed Reduction". I'm using it now.
 If I show them my wings, they'll know there's a subhuman in this fight.

"...... d*mn ....... "...... d*mn ......, you got some ...... nerve looking down on me.
You're out of breath, take it easy. You're out of breath, take it easy. That move must have eaten up a lot of your magic.
Shut up! You're always using weird moves!

 And there's that golden light in his hand again.
 That's amazing. He can shoot as many times as he wants as long as he has magic left?

I'll show you that no matter how many tricks you use, you can't defeat simple power!

 Simple power.
 ...... I see.
 I'll use the same simple force then.

You can't avoid it if you're falling! I'm not sure what to do.
"Release the King's Vessel.

 I summoned the Soldier of Will that I had placed in the King's Vessel.
 In the air.

"Hey! "Hey!" "Hey! "Hey, hey, hey!

 Hiyun, hiyun, hiyun, hiyun, ────.

"...... What the hell?

 The four pieces of fence that I called out are falling down, pulled by gravity.
 It's only a fence. But it's still a fence.
 Each piece weighs several hundred kilograms. Of course, there is no "falling speed reduction".
 Each one falls toward the ground, surrounding the Touki-Housae.

 He said, "I can't win against simple force.
 So I've decided to use simple forces.

 Mass and gravity.

Massive weapons are scary.
"Ohhhh! Break it up!

 Touki-Housset shoots out a spiral spear.
The enchanted soldier of will catches the spear.

"Aaaaah! d*mn it! d*mn it!
I can't do it. You can't.

The Soldier of Will withstood Yukino's full power magic for several tens of seconds.
 It only took a few seconds for gravity to pull it down to the ground. That's plenty of time.

Hey! "Hey! Heyyyyyyyyyyy! Heyyyy!
Why? I'm ...... 100 strong, and the ...... strongest is ...... like this!

 The first fence fell behind Touki-Housset's horse.

 The horse, shaking its head in surprise, crashed into the second fence and fell.
 To the left of the falling horse is the third fence. He narrowly avoids it, but the hem of his clothing is caught under the wall. The fourth fence - the one in front of ...... - withstands the "spiral spear" as it falls. The "spiral spear" is a mass of heated magic power.
 And since he's enduring it, the aftermath of it bouncing back at him is going to hit the Touki-Housais on the ground...

I'm not sure what to do. Ouch! Ouch! Aaaaah!

 I'm sorry.

"............ Hey.

The fourth wall that was holding the spiral spear was shattered.
 The fourth fence that was holding the spiral spear shattered.

Thank you. Soldier of Will.
"Thank you very much. I'll never forget you.

 You're the butcher's fence who volunteered to be a volunteer soldier, the third house around the corner from the castle, right? Thank you. Thank you so much. I'll pass on your bravery through General Hulka to the butcher's stylish eldest son. .......

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
I don't approve of this kind of heroic tale!

 As he rolled on the ground, Touki-Housset spat.

"What's with the 'hey'? What's with the "hey"? I'm the one! I can't allow myself to be defeated by such a dumb move! This is no heroic tale!
"Yes, yes.

 I use my 'super hard' long sword to separate the joints in the armor of the Touki-Housais.
 The armor falls away from his body. He's disarmed.

 The Seven-Star Spear is dangerous, so let's put it under the wall.
 Put away the free soldier of will, put down the spear, and summon it again on top of it.

 I'll give this to Mr. Hulka after I've taken Touki-Housae into custody.
 I'm a guest general. I'm a guest general, so I'm supposed to give the belongings of prisoners of war to the commander.

Don't think you've won. Neil and his cavalry are all over your castle by now.
Mr. Shoma! We've taken all the enemy cavalry prisoners!

 I heard the voices of Yukino and Prim.
 They're both on horseback. General Hulka is with them.

"That's the real General Hulka...... unharmed.......

 "That's the real General Hulka.

"d*mn it, d*mn it, d*mn it! I'll be there! I'm not sure what to make of this.
I'm taking you prisoner. You'll have to tell me more about the Goddess system and the Ten Sages.

"......, is that so?

 Toki-Hoce laughed.

 He took out a pendant with strange crystals from his chest.