62 Episode 62 "Hegemony, Lightly Stop Local War"

...... Oh yeah?

 General Touki-Housset took out a pendant with a strange crystalline body from his chest.

But I'm not kidding! It's a good idea to have a good idea of what's going on in your life.
"What is ......?

 I have a bad feeling about this.
 When we talked about reincarnation earlier, he mentioned that pendant.
 Is that the key to reincarnation?

Wait! What are you doing?
Shut up!

 His hand burned.
It's the flames of the Warrior's Liberation.
 I'm going to use the Dragon Seed Awakening to reach out with my hand, protected by my scales.
 But not in time.

He's got enough power condensed in his hand to shatter the Soldier of Will.
 He's going to slam it into the pendant. Then...

Yukino! Please!
Yes. My Lord! "Freezing Coffin!

 As soon as I shouted, I flew backwards.
 At the same time I shouted, I flew backwards because Yukino, riding a horse, sent an ice needle flying.
 It passed right in front of me...

 It passed right in front of me and went straight into Touki-Housset's hand.

"What the hell?


 Yukino's ice magic pierced through Touki-Housset's technique and pinned his hand to the stone wall.
 The cold air spreads and his hand is stuck to the stone wall. No matter how hard you push or pull, it won't move.
 His magic must be at its limit.

"Why? I'm not sure why my power always fails me.
"I did ...... it. ......

 Yukino plopped down on her horse.
 Yukino has been using magic at the castle as well. Too much magic?

 Yukino is a reincarnation of Touki-Housae. She is not in the official system of the goddess, but her magic is quite strong. She can at least freeze the battered arm of Touki-Houce.
 Moreover, her magic power has been increased due to the effect of the lord of the castle, and her magic power has been increased by 10%.

 However, he is not strong enough to fight long term or close combat.
 Of course I'm not going to let you do that.

You just tried to break the pendant. "You just tried to break that pendant.
I know it's a reincarnation item. If you destroy it, you will lose your power to exist in this world and return to the wheel of reincarnation. Perhaps it will take you back to a year before your original world and give you the chance to avoid another death?
How did you know that?

 Of course he's bluffing, using his knowledge from his chuunibyou days.

You know about the double chance for reincarnation ...... Oh, shit!

 Double chance is not a ...... lottery.
 But I get it.
 The goddess gives the reincarnated a superpower and insures that if they die, they can go back to a year before their original world.
 If you don't like this world, just destroy the pendant, and your reincarnation will be over.
 I don't know if I can really destroy it or not.

 By the way, I remember that Touki-Houce said something about 'contribution'.

Is it possible that the 'contribution' is recorded in this pendant?
So, ...... you tried to erase your failure? I'm sure that if you make an achievement, you can return to the world with your skills and memories intact. You'll be able to avoid death a year from now and become a superstar in the other world. Oh, and if you make the highest "contribution," you can become a superior being in this world. On the other hand, if you repeatedly fail, you can go to ......?
"I'm not going to teach you anything!

 He shook his head desperately.
 You're right to a certain extent, though, because you're freaking out at my words.
 So the goddesses are thinking about it too.


"Please survive, please. Shoma-sama ......

 The goddess who summoned me, Lucia, didn't have the coldness of a system like that.

"My work is done. My work is done. Lysette.
Lysette was just sticking behind ...... you.

 Lysette said as she wrapped my cloak around her body.

Well, I was wondering if you'd like to go back to the castle as soon as possible.

 I looked away from Lysette.
 In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

...... Strong power always comes at a price. Is this the way of the world?

 No, I'm not talking to you. I'm not talking to you.
 You don't have to look at me with shining eyes, Lysette. I wasn't trying to say anything nice.
 Here. Zanku Kuroyoku is back, so you can go ahead and rest.
 General Hulka is here too, so let him take care of the rest.

It was an amazing ...... operation, really amazing. The King of the Frontier.

 Then Hulka dismounted and took off his helmet.
 He shook his golden hair and bowed deeply to me.

"No damage here. No enemy casualties. And we got 600 horses intact. This is the first time since the beginning of the Kittle Kingdom that we have achieved this much. Thank you very much, ....... The King of the Frontier, .......
"...... I see.

 That's not good.
 I think I used too much power this time.
 If the rumor of the "King of the Frontier" spreads in the Kittle territory, where am I supposed to be a normal person?

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.
Yes, yes. The two of you have been following the plans of ...... Miss Primordia, the military leader of the King of the Frontier.

 Prim is puffing out her chest on horseback.
 No, I gave you permission to send the letter.
 You said, "I have not decided to use my knowledge and strategy for your ...... benefit. When did you become a military strategist?

When did you become a military strategist? ...... Because Loloi and Leroy got mad at me.

 Prim turned to the side, looking embarrassed.
 Leroy and Leroy are my friends, the harpies who helped me pick up Lysette and Prim.

I won't allow you to speak rudely to the king, to whom I owe so much. If you want to serve another lord, you can't enter my home anymore. ......

 So that's what happened.
 The harpies are already under my command, aren't they?
 So you're saying you can't allow Prim to serve someone other than me ......, my enemy.

I'll talk to them. Do you want me to talk to them?
"No, no.

 Prim shook her head.

No," Prim shook her head, "because you're the first person who's ever really listened to my plan. This mission is a joint effort between you and me, right? If the king and I work together, the turbulent world will surely be over in no time at all.
...... Do you think so?

 "Yes," said Prim, nodding.

I'm not sure what to make of this. It was thanks to you that we were able to finish the operation. If it weren't for you, I'd be nothing more than a useless bag of wisdom. ......

 "A few days later, on the road leading to the territory of Grand Protector Kittle...

"To the mysterious band of soldiers (・・・・) who are plotting to invade my territory!
The cavalry that preceded us have all been taken prisoner! The Transportation Corps has no more soldiers to feed! The Transportation Corps has no more troops to feed. If you return the troops now, we will not pursue.

 If you return the soldiers now, we will not pursue!
 This is the road that leads to Kittle's territory.

After receiving the letter from the "King of the Frontier" and his military strategist, Sylvia and the others quickly moved their troops.
 When Sylvia and her men arrived, as the warlord had predicted, the battle at the western edge of the territory was already over. Or rather, the battle had not even begun.

...... It was a one-sided overrun. Sister.
"...... scary scary scary scary scary. The fence is coming. Scary.
Calm down. This is a plain. And the King of the Frontier is on our side.
I'm scared, Sylvia. Come sleep with me.
Yes, yes.

 After patting her sister's useless back, Sylvia turned to the enemy soldiers.
 Anyway, Sylvia's job was simple.

 All they had to do was to pass by the castle where the battle was over, set up a leisurely formation, and intercept the enemy infantry and Transportation Corps.
 On top of that...

"Behold! This is the Seven Star Spear, the personal treasure of the Ten Sages!

 At Sylvia's signal, the soldier standing next to her raised his spear.
 It is a legendary treasure spear that is said to have unrivaled strength. The tip of the spear is missing and twisted in a strange way, but it is a national treasure.

It belonged to General Toki-Ho-se, who had 100 years of military experience. You can see why it's here! If you still want to come at me, this is your chance to know the power of the Kittle family in exchange for your life.

 The enemy camp was buzzing with excitement.
 The fact that Sylvia and the others were here meant that the cavalry had already been defeated.
 I'm not sure what to make of this.
 The more you rely on these powers, the greater the shock when they are lost.

 The enemy camp trembled and was no longer in a condition to fight.

 Eventually... a messenger came from the other side.

"We have no intention of fighting. Some cavalrymen had gone out of control and attacked the Kitor territory. We're here to stop them," he said, giving an excuse that didn't even make sense.

 Of course, the enemy would not believe that such an excuse would be accepted.
 From now on, using the testimonies obtained from Touki-Housset and his lieutenants as weapons, negotiations and information warfare will begin under the surface.

 The only thing that Sylvia and Renesmee can do now is to intimidate them with their troops like this.
 The whereabouts of her father, Argos-Kitor, are still unknown. The unrest in the territory has not abated. The two sisters alone are not enough to wage an all-out war against the Ten Sages.
 The two sisters alone are not strong enough to wage an all-out war against the Ten Sages, so they must buy time and find their father in the meantime.

Then leave quickly. The men who invaded my territory have surrendered.

 From her horse, in the most grave tone possible, Sylvia announced.

The cavalrymen who tried to invade our territory illegally will be fairly questioned in the name of the House of Kittle. As a result, you may have to face them again.
"I will inform my superiors at .......

 After bowing almost to the ground, the messenger hurried back.
 And the enemy army rolled away, without a line or anything.

"It's over. Sister.
"............ Ah, yes.
I have to thank the King of the Frontier. ...... No, thank you is not enough.

 What can I offer him?
 I'm not sure what you're looking for, but I'm sure you'll be able to find it.
 There are only a few things that Sylvia can give away on her own now that her father is gone: her personal money and goods, the right of way in the territory that Sylvia controls, the right to do business... or...

What I can give you is ......?

 Sylvia murmured vaguely as she watched the enemy soldiers leave.