67 Episode 67 "After Listening to the Story of The Ki...

 The story of Primordia-Baby Phoenix...

 You know that the name of the capital is Dalgulua, don't you?
 ...... No, it doesn't matter if you don't know.
 It's not something you need to know to live. There is only one capital on this continent. The name means nothing.

 Now then.
 There are two parts to King's Landing.
 One is the outer rim. This is the area where the common people live.
 ...... I see. This is where me and Yukino met.

 The other is the central area inside the high city walls.
 There is the Royal Dragon Tower, where the nobles, lords, the Ten Sages, and the Dragon Emperor are located.
 It is said that the current emperor, the Dragon King, is at the top of the Dragon Tower and can see everything that is going on in the country.
 Of course, this is a legend.
 However, please note that you will be caught if you say "it's just a legend" in the capital.

What kind of person is the Dragon Emperor?
 I don't know.
 Because he never appears in public.

 On New Year's Day, the previous emperor used to stand on top of the central wall and throw flowers to the people. However, this has not been done since the reign of the Dragon Emperor.
 All I know is that she is still a young woman.
 She is sickly and weak.
 To avoid touching her body, all mundane affairs are done by the Ten Sages.

The Ten Sages are literally the Ten Wise Men.
 Wizards. Priests. Scholars. They are a diverse group of people.
 They are free to use the authority of the Emperor's command.
 The reason they attacked the territory of the Kittle Patriarch this time is because they used their right to move their troops. The purpose of this is probably to weaken the power of the Grand Patriarch.

 I'm sure you know that there was an organization called the Rikaku Kyoudan running rampant recently.
 Yes, the regular soldiers of King's Landing were of little use in defeating it.
 It was the local governors who actually defeated the cult.
 This increased the fame of the guards, while it decreased the reputation of the Ten Sages, the superiors of the regular soldiers.
 So they attacked.
 It sounds ridiculous, but...

 Life in the capital is not easy.
 The taxes are high and the officials are greedy. It's especially hard for subhumans to live here. I'm almost indistinguishable from a human, so I've been working as a fortune teller, but it will be difficult for other subhumans to live in the capital.

 There are a lot of soldiers.
 Rather, the Ten Wise Men have begun to recruit bandits to become generals in order to compete with the Grand Guard. This is probably the reason why Touki-Housae became a general.

 Although it is a turbulent time, the capital is the safest place.
 It would be difficult to attack that place. Overcoming the walls surrounding the common area, then overcoming the walls surrounding the central area, and opening the two gates to bring in the troops - it would be an extremely difficult task.
 Therefore, even though the taxes are high, people are attracted to the city.

 In addition, the four roads are protected by four gates, including the "Yuanguo Guan".
 The two walls of the royal capital and the four gates.
In order to defeat the Ten Sages, you'll have to overcome all of them.

 And now...
 That's all I, Prim, can tell you.
 After that, ...... I would like to ask the king a question.

 What is your goal?

 It's a turbulent time.
 Even if the king, as emperor, establishes a country in the frontier and declares independence, the Dragon Emperor and the Ten Sages will not be able to do anything. In order to bring troops into the frontier, they would have to pass through the territory of the Kittle Patriarch. However, the Keeper of Kittle and the Ten Sages are complete enemies. Besides, the two princesses know about the king's power.
 They can't be outspoken enemies. So, it is not difficult for the king to establish his kingdom.

 On the other hand, it will be more difficult to defeat the Ten Wise Men and bring peace to the land.
 Unless you want to sneak into the capital from the sky and assassinate the Ten Wise Men, that is. However, if you do that, it may turn into a war between humans and subhumans. It's not a royal road, and it won't be supported by people.

 My recommendation is to marry Princess Sylvia for political gain and take over the Kitor territory.
 Gradually, the power will be transferred from the princess to the king, and before you know it...

 Each path has its own merits and demerits.
 But I'm the king's military strategist.
As one of the four subordinates of the King of the Frontier, I promise to devise a plan to realize the King's chosen path.

 What is the king's plan?

 From Shoma's point of view...

"First of all, I don't want to be the emperor.

 After listening to Prim, I said.

This is because I was summoned by mistake, and I promised to return to the original world when the turbulent times are over. For example, what if I become emperor by wielding a different power, and then suddenly disappear?

There's gonna be a huge panic.
Unless you have kids.
I don't have anyone.

 Why do you roll your eyes, Prim?

And even if you do have a child, it's not like I'm going to be around until that child comes of age. As for me, I would love to make Lysette, who is of the Dragon Emperor blood, my emperor.
"Lysette is under my brother's command.

 Lysette is under your brother's command.

And after the battle in Kittle's territory, who would think that Lysette is your superior?
That's right.

 I was thinking of setting it up that all my powers were given to me by Lysette, to make her the emperor. But that's a bit much.

"So, all I can do is lay the groundwork to end this turbulent world as soon as possible. "So what I can do is lay the groundwork for ending the war as soon as possible. "An alliance with the Kitor Territory, and the development and growth of the frontier. And...
If it's possible, I'd like to meet the Dragon Emperor.

 The fastest way to end a turbulent world is to rebuild the current political system.
 If the Dragon Emperor still has authority, there's no way we can't take advantage of it.
If the Ten Sages are gone, the country will be a little more stable.

Also, I'm genuinely curious.
Yes, I am. Lisette is the same as you.
"As someone with the name of dragon...
All right. Then let's make plans to kidnap the Dragon Emperor and welcome him to the frontier.
No, as far as I'm concerned, welcoming an exiled king and establishing a frontier dynasty is a very exciting development.

 That's very exciting, but...

The frontier would physically burn if there was a major uprising.
So you want the King to meet the Dragon Emperor and have a meeting between the King of the Frontier and the Emperor?
Well, if the opportunity arises.
I understand. I'll make a plan.
Holy shit, Prim.
Of course I am, I'm a genius soldier.

 Prim sniffed.

Welcome home! "Welcome home!

 Then, from outside the carriage, came voices.
 It was Leroy and Leroy the Harpy. They've come to pick us up.

Wait a minute, Prim.
What is it, sir? Mr. King.
Why are you hiding in my clothes?
Prim is the prodigal daughter. It's awkward for her to see her family.
If you're a military genius, do something about it.
"Strategies take time to develop. I'm sure the king won't ask you to meet the Dragon Emperor tomorrow.

 That's very clever.

Be prepared. You're going to have to get off the wagon here anyway.
"...... Ugh.
Yukino, are you ready?
Yes. Shoma-san, ......!

 As if on cue, Yukino unpacked the carriage.
 The largest piece of luggage - about the size of a small chest of drawers.
 In fact, it was because of this guy that we had to travel in the carriage.

You can come out now. Milva.
"Surprisingly, the ...... shoes deatta

 A large eyeball came out of the furoshiki wrapping.
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.
 It was in the shape of a large eyeball and could move freely within the wards.
 This time, I decided to bring him to the frontier and give him a new job.

So, this is the quarry in the frontier, right? Lysette.
Yes. The materials used in Hazama Village are quarried here.

 Lysette and I got off the carriage.
 This is a rocky mountain at the end of a narrow road. The road is flanked by sheer rock walls.
 We decided to do some experiments here before going back to the frontier.

The grasslands around here look like a good place to herd sheep, don't they?
Yes. But we have to take precautions against wild animals.

We'll need a lookout and an enclosure. Shoma-san.

 Me, Lisette and Yukino looked at each other.
 By the way, Prim is drawing shapes on the ground with a stick. It looks like she's setting something up.

"Is this my new work space? King.

 I nod back to Milva.

"It's still experimental. I'm thinking of setting up a branch office here.

 I told him this as I looked at the sheer rock wall.