68 Episode 68 "Hegemony, More Soldiers"

 We stopped the wagon in front of a rock pile.

 This is a quarry used by the people of Hazama village.
 They collect stones from the ground and quarry rocks to build houses and walls.

 The quarry is surrounded by a meadow.
 It is a vast plain with green grass. There is not a single person, let alone a house.
 It seems to have been abandoned because it used to be a demon-infested area a while ago.

Is this the area where grazing can be done?
Yes. Brother Shoma?

 Lysette will answer my question.

This is the best place for soft grass. Thanks to Brother Shoma's warding, the grass is growing fast.
So this is the place to find the Mayo that Princess Sylvia will give me.
The problem is that it's too far from Hazama Village.
The problem is that it's too far from Hazama Village. "I'm going to ask Milva to guard the sheep.
"Wagahayi. O king.

 A giant eyeball, a man-made creature named Milva, swoops down upon me.

"Hmm. Can you do that?
"Can you do it?
"Can you?
The point is, I want you to feed the sheep during the day and keep an eye on them so they don't go too far. At night I want you to drive them into the enclosure. While they're out there, make sure no wild animals get near them.
"Yes, sir.

 Milva nodded loudly.
 There will be people from Hazama village to help us at first.
 We know where the water hole is, and since it's warded, no demons will come out.
 Once you get used to it, Milva will play the dual role of shepherd and sheepdog.

"So, my king. Do you have a fence around the sheep?
"Lysette can provide that, if you like.

 Lysette put her hand on her chest and looked at me.

I'll have it ready in a moment. Can I have a moment of your time?
That won't be necessary. I'll get it here.

 By the way, I didn't explain this to Lisette.
 I didn't have time to tell her because she had to pick up Milva.

The reason we came to the quarry was to build a sheep pen. Lisette.
You didn't just come to check out the meadow, did you?
Yes. You'll see.

 I moved to the front of the crag.

"Yukino, Prim. Are you ready?
Yes. I've already designed mine.

 Prim stood up and pointed at the ground.
 She had been crouched down for a long time and was drawing a blueprint on the ground.
 It was an exploded view of the building.
 It's a blueprint of the building, and it'll tell you how I'm going to cut the stone.

"So, Yukino. Draw a line on the rock wall.
Okay, Shoma! "Ice Witch"! "Freezing Coffin"!

 "Freezing Coffin"! "Freezing Coffin"!

 An ice needle flew from Yukino's fingertips.
 The needle hits the rock wall and creates a thin line of ice.
 In less than a minute, the ice line had been drawn on the rock wall according to the blueprint.

 All that was left to do was to cut out the rock according to these lines.

"Guys. Stay back! "Stay back. "Dragon species awakening! 'Breath'!

 It's a good thing I'm not the only one.

 I'm not sure what to do.

 A thin flame extends like a crimson thread and pierces the rock wall.

The "dragon's roar" can melt even metal armor and blow it away.
 If it spews out long and thin it can even cut through rock like this.

 As I move my face, the rock wall will be cut along the line Yukino drew.
 When I have made a good cut, I ask you to make sure that it is a square.
 Yukino, Prim, and Lisette looked at it from near and far, and when they were satisfied, I moved to the side of the wall.

 Now, I adjust the thickness. If the thickness is not uniform, the finished product will not be balanced.

 I asked Prim (a self-proclaimed military genius) to take a look at this too, and then asked Yukino to draw the lines. Finally, Lysette will check with her fingers to make sure the width is even, and then it's my turn.

"Squeeze your mouth... 'Breath'!

 You're inside a ward. You can replenish your magic as much as you want.
 If you fail you can try again as many times as you like. The only ones watching are your people.

"It's all right, brother Shoma. Keep going straight down!
I'll hold you up. Shoma, concentrate on your crouch!
I'll take the other side.
Keep an eye on her to make sure she's in a straight line.
It's all right. My king. Even with the enormous eyesight of the synthetic Milva, she can see that it's straight.
It's still there. Leroy and Leroy are watching too.
...... Lysette, are you an unwanted child ......?
Lysette, move the wagon closer to the crag. Hurry up.
Yes, sir! Brother!

 Lysette starts running.
 I'm going to shoot the dragon's breath slowly but quickly so as not to distort the line.
 I lower my head to the ground and stop spitting fire.
 The rock should now be cut off.


 There was a sound.
 The sound of cut rock being ripped from the wall.

There's the wagon! You're next to the wagon. You're next to the wagon. You're the wall that protects it!

 I quickly touch the rock wall and declare.

I quickly touch the rock wall and declare, "'Naming Breath'! You are a fence. You're a fence because you're made of stone and you're square. You are a fence because you are made of stone and square. Accept the king's naming!

"............ Hey.
"Hey, hey!

 The hewn stone wall begins to move slowly.
 It worked.

 There are six stones that I cut out with the "Dragon's Roar".
 Some of them are a little crooked, but they are enchanted, so they won't fall apart.
 All six are lined up in front of us as "soldiers of will".

「「「「「 "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!" 」」」」」

 I'm not sure what to make of this.

You're the best, brother! I'm not sure what to make of it.
It's no wonder the Goddess of Heaven is afraid of you, Shoma.
"...... King. Why don't you go take over the Kittle Territory right now?
"My Lord, this is amazing.
"Even the Dragon Emperor fears Deerlou. My king's power. ......

 I'm sure you've heard of it.
 I've already explained to Yukino and Prim that I'm going to turn this quarry into a production site for the soldiers of will.
 This shouldn't come as a surprise now. At all.

 My goal is to enrich the frontier. Herding sheep is part of that.
 Milba's a flying eyeball, he can drive sheep, but he can't drive wildlife away. Even if he built an enclosure for sheep, he could not close it.

 So I decided to let the enclosure work on its own.
The "soldiers of will" will definitely protect the sheep. When the sheep have eaten all the grass around them, they can move with the flock to where the grass is.
 There is no restriction on the use of the "soldier of will" because this is a warded area.
 If you leave it to Milva and the Soldier of Will, they will take care of the sheep automatically.

"My soldiers. All of you, come here.
"I'm gonna cut out the rough edges. It's easier to move when it's as smooth as possible.

 I clench my right fist.

"Add naming attribute. "Naming Attribute Added. 'Seiken' becomes 'Seiken'! Here. All of you, stand at a slight angle. Make it easier to cut.

『『『『『『 hey!!! 』』』』』』

 Zari. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

 I'm going to use the "holy sword" in my right hand to chip away at the craggy parts of the walls.
 Stand the sword up so that it doesn't cut at strange places.
 This is indeed a "holy sword". The stone soldiers are also shattered cleanly.
 He said, "Clean the sides of the fence so they'll fit together when they're lined up.

See? It's clean. Next.
"Hey! "Hey!
"...... Brother. I'm sure your attention to detail has not changed since the original world. Shoma-san.
It's a good thing I'm not the only one. That's the quality of a king!
Don't be impressed. We're not done yet.

 We can't just put up six walls and call it a day.

 Wild animals aren't the only ones who hunt sheep.
 Even bandits and soldiers of some armies have been known to take livestock.
 The more 'soldiers of will' protecting the sheep, the better.

Let's add some more soldiers of will. The height of the fence is about 2 meters, so double-digit ......, or 20, should be enough. That's enough to make a building to protect the sheep and Milva.

 After that, we worked hard to carve out a fence from the rock wall...

"......We've got a lot of them. Brother.
Sorry. I got carried away.
No, no, it's better to have something like this. Mr. Shoma.
I feel the king's desire to increase the number of sheep.

 There were dozens of "soldiers of will" cut out of the rock wall.
 Right in front of us, there's a wall of uniform height and thickness, lined up in ten columns.

Prim. What if we build a building with these walls?
"I've redesigned it. We'll make it a two-story building.
Two stories?
The King's walls are self-balancing, so increasing the height is no problem. If we combine several walls to form a pillar, we can build three stories.
"I see. If we build two stories, we can have a watchtower for Milva.
That's right. If we also build an outer wall in case of enemy attack...

 Prim quickly drew a blueprint on the ground.
 A two-story sheep pen. With an outer wall and a watchtower.
 I'll instruct the Soldiers of Will to move according to the blueprint.

"Hey!" "Hey! "Hey, hey, hey!

 Gasp! Squeak! Gakkien!

The soldiers of will folded together like a gymnastics team to form a building.
 And the finished building is...

It's a ............ castle.
It's small, but it's a castle.
"That's what I thought when I was designing it, but ...... I don't see any problem with it.
"What a magnificent castle!
I want to live there! I want to live there! - It's so cool!

 What I see before me is a two-story castle.
 Surrounded by walls. There are no gates. The walls open automatically.

 Inside, there is a main building made of walls.
 There are no windows, but the walls move to create slits for light. The roof is also retractable to allow sunlight to enter.

 In the center is a watchtower. Two stories, Prim said, but it's about three stories high.
 Milva is already in the watchtower, looking around.

"What a wonderful place you have here! My king!
"You like it? "You like it, Milva?
"The Wagahai have always been in towers. They're more comfortable in small spaces.

 Yeah, yeah.
 Well, I'm glad you like it.

"...... is great. Shoma-san.

 When I thought it was quiet, Yukino was staring at the castle, impressed.
 Her eyes sparkled. Her little body trembled.

A castle that automatically transforms and moves. This is a mythical stronghold. A mobile citadel. A moving castle. In other words, this is the High King...
Then let's go home! Haruka's waiting for me.

 I'm ready to greet the sheep.
 I told the Soldier of Will to follow Milva's instructions and headed back to the frontier.