72 Episode 72 "Hegemony, Creating a Trading Post"

 After the decision to build a trading post was made, I wrote a letter to Princess Sylvia.
 The purpose was to avoid trouble in the neighborhood and to advertise.

 Even if I built a trading post, it would be meaningless if no customers came.
 By building a frontier facility near the border, I also wanted to avoid irritating the Kittle family. They have a lot of pride because they are famous families. Even if Princess Sylvia and Princess Renesmee approve of us, it doesn't mean that their subordinates do too. You'd better take precautions.

 I asked Lysette to deliver the letter in my name.
 I got a response on the spot. Loloi, the harpy who came back first, told me about it.

I understand about the trading post. I'll let them know that the High King's Trading Post has been established in their territory. There are some in the towns near the border who wish to trade with the frontier.

 Princess Sylvia replied with words and a letter.
 Now there is no problem with the Kitor territory.

 Next, they decided on the rules of the trading post.

I suggested that both the frontier and the Kittle Keep should be free to bring whatever they want to sell.

 What I proposed was a so-called flea market system.
 I proposed a so-called flea market system, in which people would pay a minimal participation fee and we would provide the space.
The same goes for everyone in Hazama Village.
 Those who want to sell their goods pay a participation fee - about two copper coins. Those who want to buy can participate for free.
 There is wood cut in the village and crops grown with the magic of the Warding, so there should be demand.

If you want to sell your goods, you must notify the trading post in advance. When the trading post receives the report, they will give you a permit. Participants would present it at the storefront while selling their goods. That way, we can prevent suspicious people from coming in.
"I think that's a good idea. Brother.
The only problem is what to use for the permit. My Lord.

 Halka agreed, but Prim was having difficulty.

The permit is useless if it is not visible to everyone else. It must not be easily stolen or forged. Elaborately carved boards are standard, but we don't have the technology to make such things in the middle of nowhere.
"Unlike events in our world, people here have weapons. It doesn't make sense to put a 'no distribution' sticker or ban them from participating next time. Shoma-san.

 I nodded.
 And what event are you talking about, Yukino?
 You're a sickly junior high school student, so you didn't participate in those events. ...... Did you ask your family to order only thin books? A healthy one, of course. I know, I know.

But it's okay. I have an idea about the permit.
And I'm gonna set up the event staff to go along with it. You know what I'm saying?
What? What?

 Prim and Yukino's eyes lit up. It seems they understand.
 Haruka's nodding her head, but...

"I understand. My Lord. That's a relief.
Yes, yes! Shoma-san. I want to open a store too!
What? What? What? Why does it look like the problem is solved?
We've only solved the permit problem. We still have a lot of work to do.

 We've got a lot of work to do.
 I have to level the ground to make it easier to open a store.
 Most importantly, you have to choose your goods. If you don't have what you want, shoppers won't come.

Any other comments?
I think I'd like to go to Kittle's territory and check the prices of the goods.
Yes, yes! It's like a school festival. I'm excited. I've never been to a school festival in my original world! I want to have a maid cafe!
I want to do a maid cafe! What happened to the permit issue? Hey, big brother!

 So we split up and started preparing to open a trading post.

 I went to my usual quarry and used my Dragon's Breath to cut out rocks...

 Lisette continues to select products to sell...
 Haruka harvested the crops with the villagers...
 Yukino is working on clothes for the sales staff at the frontier...
 Prim is doing a price survey of products in the Kittle territory...

 While everyone was doing their own work...

 The day of the opening of the trading post arrived in the blink of an eye.

"So this is where the frontier trading post is?
Let me sell my goods here!
There are no demons here, right? No bandits!
Two copper coins for a place is too cheap. ...... What? Here's the permit: ...... That's amazing.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
 ...... Thanks to the publicity of Princess Sylvia, I guess. There was a huge crowd.
 The people of the Kittle territory, the nearby villagers, and the demon tribe are all here.

 The location of the flea market is a flat area near the border of the Kittle territory.
I've moved Milva's Castle there and set up a space around it for the flea market.

 The reason why the ground is flat is because all the soldiers of will in the castle have marched with skipping steps to make the ground level. If you lay out the gorza and place your goods there, your stall will be ready in no time.

 Since it was warded, there would be no demons, and wild animals would not approach for fear of the soldiers of the will. Milva and his men had already killed the bandits in advance. Of course, we've also trained the castle to transform and protect the marketers in case of emergency.
 I think it has become much easier to use as a flea market venue.

I didn't expect so many people to come.
"What? Oh, really?
Is Lysette different?
No. I was expecting this many people.

 Lysette shook her silver hair and looked at me.

Because this place is near the border of Kittle's territory, it's close to the town of Kittle's territory and other villages. Everyone can easily gather here with their goods. In addition, there are no demons, no dangerous wild animals, and the cost of the place is only two copper coins, so everyone will be happy to come. That's why we can make our products cheaper.
What's a normal market like?
Most of the time, the lord of the castle charges for the place. Most of the time, the owner of the castle pays for the space, and some of the merchant guilds in the castle charge a fee on top of that. Some of them even charge a toll just to enter the town. The total comes to several dozen copper coins.
We should have charged a fee too.
No, Lysette thinks this is fine.

 Lysette looked satisfied.

"These are turbulent times. Everyone was looking for a safe place to trade. It would be nice to have a place where people from all over the world can do business like this, without the boundaries of towns and villages and even without regard to race. It will prove to everyone that Brother Shoma is a righteous and merciful High King.
You don't have to prove it, though.

 But you should think about the number of times you open the market.
 With this number of people, the best would be ...... every week, or maybe twice a month.
 It would be nice if we could do it every week, but we have to consider the pace of supply of products and other markets.
 We'll discuss this later with the people of Hazama Village.

"Hey, you. You don't have a permit. What kind of merchant are you, taking up so much space?
Shut up! I don't have a permit!

 I heard the shouting. We got trouble.

Come on, Lisette.
Yes, sir. Brother.

 Me and Lisette started running.

None of the stores have a permit! You got a problem with that, huh?
Hey, hey. ......
I'm a merchant who's been patronized by the Kittle Lord every year! Are you trying to get rid of us, huh?

 In a corner of the marketplace, a small, fat merchant was cowering.
 On either side of the merchant were armed guards. Behind him, a cart.
 He had seen the procession to the trading post and rushed to join it.

"This is Shoma, the frontiersman who manages the market here. Do you wish to join?
"Oh! Oh! Yes. You got a problem with that?

 The merchant looked at me.
 The merchant looked at me. The guard behind him put his hand on his sword, and Lisette did the same.

I heard there was a queue to get here, so I hurried to gather my things. But you said that there was only a corner space available! So I tried to get them to give it to me!

"I'm sorry, but we're closed for the day.

 I looked the merchant straight in the eye and told him.

And no one without a permit is allowed to do business in this market. We'll have to ask you to leave.
Where the hell is the permit?

 The merchant kicked at the fence separating the spaces.

The merchant kicked the fence separating the spaces, "There's no permit anywhere! You can't complain about me opening a store if I don't have a permit! It's your fault for doing things in a way that's hard to understand.
You do have a permit, right?
Yes, I did. We applied for a permit first, and got it!

 The woman who came to sell the fruit looked at me with a face like she was about to cry.
 I'm checking the permit in real time too. No problem.

Let's see it then. Hey.

 The merchant beckoned to the man behind him.
 A small man with glasses stepped forward. In his hand he holds what looks like a carving knife.

Let me see. Show us your permit so we can see it clearly.
"......, Mr. Shoma of the Frontier. He's a cloner. Be careful.

 The woman at the stall said.

They forge passes, permits and bills for a living.
Can you please stop with the false accusations?
Yeah, yeah! Let's see those permits! Don't you have one? If you don't have one, there's no problem with my owner opening a store!

 The merchant and the guards around him started shouting.
 Before I know it, the market people are gathering.
 Let's show them the permit and our event staff.

You won't complain if I show you the permit?
Yeah. Let's see them! Clearly.
All right. Now turn your head to the side. My men.


 The wall separating the stall space turned sideways.
 The words "Stall Permit" engraved on the surface are now clearly visible.

「「「「「 Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

 The merchants shouted out.

 This is the "Stall Permit" for the trading post.
 It's about 80 centimeters high. Fifty centimeters wide. Ten centimeters thick.
 On the front is engraved "Permission to Open" in my own specially designed "Dragon's Roar".
 Yukino had the idea to tie a red cloth around the corners of the fence. This is the sign of the event staff.

 All of the stall spaces in this trading post are bounded by "soldiers of will," stall permits, and event staff.
 They may be able to counterfeit their appearance, but anything that doesn't move at the sound of my voice cannot be considered a permit.
 It was Yukino and I's idea to make it both anti-counterfeit and secure.

So what?
Don't be a pussy, you're an adult.
We are! We've always been favored by the Lord Keeper of Kittle. Even Princess Sylvia is using our store, you know! Do you have any idea what will happen to you if you disobey me? Now get me that permit...
"It's been a while, sir. "King of the Frontier!

 Suddenly, a voice called out from across the street.
 Suddenly, a voice called out from across the road. A woman wearing a silver helmet and riding a horse was waving at me.

Isn't that the beautiful general Hulka?
It's been a long time. "Good to see you, General Hurka!
Stop it, both of you. I'm just here to check on Princess Sylvia in her place. What's more, I heard a loud voice. I heard a loud voice saying Princess Sylvia's name. ......
"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

 The bodies of the merchant and his bodyguards began to shake and tremble.
 And then.

"I'm sorry, sir!
"Heeeyyyy!" "Heeeyyyy!
"Hey!" "Hey! "Hey, hey, hey!

 The merchant and his guards ran away.

 Then the security fences will follow.
 Anyone who causes trouble will be disciplined and then banned.

It's a very busy place, by the way. This trading post.
It's because Princess Sylvia advertised it.
Now that we're here, may I show you something?
All right. Then I'll show you around.
No, no, no, no, no, no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
I don't mind. I'd like to hear about the Lord Keeper's territory too.

 The reason we built the trading post in the first place was to gather information.
 The general Hulka might have the latest information about the Ten Wise Men and the Kittle Patriarch's whereabouts.

"At ......, then. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to show me the way.
"Okay. Lysette, take care of the rest.
Yes, sir. Brother Shoma.

 And so I went with General Hulka to look around the market.