73 Episode 73 "The Hegemony, The General Hürka"

"Then let me be your guide, General Hulka.

 I said in my usual high-pitched tone.
 The reason for this is because I'm supposed to use a dignified tone of voice with Hulka and Princess Sylvia, but usually I use a general tone of voice so that the people of my domain will be familiar with me.
 It's a hassle, but it can't be helped.

"The purpose of this trading post is to introduce the crops of the frontier to the surrounding villagers and the people of the daimyo's domain.
"I see. That's easy to understand. You are indeed the 'King of the Frontier.
The most common crops in the frontier are 'fulala beans', 'karturo wheat', and 'hololo corn', so we've set up a booth to collect them.

 I led Hulka-san to the central space of the trading post.

 This is the most popular place this time.
 There, carts of "fulla beans," "carturo wheat," and "hololo corn" were lined up. The number of carts exceeds 20.
 Villagers and merchants from the neighborhood are gawking at the piles of produce.

The 'fulala beans' are particularly nutritious. Famine is the cause of war. By selling them at a discount, we can ensure the safety of the Kittle territory...
Wait, wait, wait, wait!
Is there anything suspicious about this?
"It is true that 'fulala beans' are a highly nutritious crop. But they're only harvested once a year. The harvest season is already over. So why are there so many shiny, fresh beans?
Why are they so shiny and fresh?
"And aren't they big? A regular 'flora bean' is about the size of your thumb!
Ours are the size of the palm of your hand.
You'd buy them, wouldn't you? I want one too! I mean, I'll stand in line for it.
Thank you.
I'd like to know how you grow it. How do you get it to grow like that?
The frontier has been heavily settled. That's why the land is so fertile.
...... Well, they cut through what used to be forest.
Yeah. The land has never been planted, so they cut it open and turned it into fields. That's why the ground is so rich in nutrients.
............, I see.

 Sorry. It's a lie. It's all an effect of the warding.
 The revival of the wizards has allowed the frontier to harness the magic of the earth.
 It's making the land healthier.
 That's why crops can be harvested again and again, and why they've grown so large.

...... So you're saying it's impossible to do the same thing in Kittle's territory?
"No, not really.

 I shook my head.
 Then, in a hushed voice.

...... Between you and me, the last time I went to the Kitor territory, I found a land as fertile as the frontier. I'll let you know.
Are you sure?
"There is the Tower of Remnants, where the general took us. I felt that the land around that tower had the same potential as the frontier. That area must have been abandoned for a long time because of the demons.
"Yes, indeed. That land has never been explored. That means .......
Yeah. It could yield rich crops, just like the frontier.
Thank you! "Thank you, King of the Frontier!

 Suddenly, General Hulka hugged me.
 The mask of her helmet rises, revealing her face.
 Blue eyes and white skin. The true face of a beautiful general.

I can't thank you enough for what you've done. I swear. I swear to you that Hulka will stand by your side no matter what. As long as it doesn't conflict with my loyalty to the House of Kittle, no matter what!
"Wait a minute... no, wait a minute, General. People are watching.

 The general hurriedly lowered his masks and moved away from me.
 It was only for a moment, so I don't think anyone else saw his face.

I'm sorry.

 The general held his chest.

The general held his chest and said, "...... You are ...... truly a strange man. You help me regardless of whether I am under your command or not. It's as if you're trying to ...... be the king of the world itself.

You're wearing too many hats. General Hurka.

 No, really.
The reason why the land around the Zanshin Demon Castle is rich is because that place also has wards activated, and it has nothing to do with what I'm seeing.

 The wards in that place are kept activated secretly.
 I'm just passing on the information because I'm sorry you're using it without permission.

 Besides, if the Kittle territory is rich and stable, it will be able to cope with the attack of the Ten Sages. Well, I guess it's a toss-up.

Just as well. Looks like the frontier specialty, 'roasted hollow corn,' is ready.

 I pointed to the central space of the trading post.
 There, people of the Oni tribe were surrounding a kettle made of stone.
 On top of the kettle was a skewer of corn. The corn is roasted with its skin on, rolling it around. When the corn is well cooked, an Oni person peels off the skin and hands it to Haruka, who is standing by. Haruka spreads a special sauce on it and it is ready to eat.

Yakihororo Corn is a hybrid product that combines the sauces used in this world with my knowledge of yakihororo corn.
 I'd really like to put soy sauce on it, but it's too time consuming to make in this world.
 Instead, I dipped it in a sauce that we made together.

 By the way, I, Yukino, and Lisette tasted it.
 People of the demon tribe say everything is delicious.

Boss! It's just cooking. Go ahead and eat!
I'll take two.
One for you, General. Greetings, General. I'm Haruka, your sister-in-law!

 Then she presented him with some grilled corn wrapped in leaves.

It's a specialty of the frontier! It's a frontier specialty, so eat it while it's hot!
"...... nnnnnn!

 Hulka is grunting as she holds the grilled corn in her hand.
 That's right. You can't eat it without taking off your helmet.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but it's a good idea.
"There's a tent Yukino and the others are using. There's a tent that Yukino and his friends use. I can show you around if you like.
"...... Ugh.
If you're here on behalf of Princess Sylvia and Princess Renesmee, wouldn't it be important for you to taste the local specialties?
Yes, it is! If it's a mission, then so be it!

 Mr. Hurka, you've made up your mind.

I'm sorry, but could you please show me to the tent? Please.
"Yes, sir. Okay, this way.

 I decided to take Mr. Hulka to a space near the Milva Castle.

"Mr. Shoma! It's been a while. General Hulka!
"How interesting to meet the handsome General Hulka here.

 Yukino and Prim were in the tent.
 They had just finished dressing.

It's been a while. Thank you for your help in the last battle. Yukino, Prim.
Come in. This way.

 I offered Hulka a chair.
 She sat down and took off her helmet, revealing her face.
 Then, as if she couldn't wait to get to ......, she dug into the grilled khororo corn.

It's delicious. How fragrant and juicy. ...... So this is a frontier specialty.
I tasted a lot of it myself.
I'm the one who mixed the sauce.
...... How often does this trading post open? How often is this trading post held? What are the other specialties?
I'm planning to open a trading post about once a month. There's harvesting to be done. Provided, of course, that the frontier remains peaceful.
"...... You're right. That's true.

 Mr. Hulka nodded repeatedly as he chewed on a piece of holo corn.
 By the way, this "holo corn" can only be found in remote areas.
 It can also be harvested south of Kittle's territory, but the grains are too small to be suitable for cooking. By harnessing the magical power of the frontier lands, we have been able to harvest something similar to the corn of my world. It's a proprietary species.


 After taking off his helmet, General Hulka sighed, holding a piece of 'baked khororo corn' in his hand.

...... Don't get comfortable. This is a trading post.
"......, yes.
It's a really nice place. It's as if this is the only place in the world that isn't in turmoil. ......

 I'm glad you said that.
 I'm glad to hear you say that, because all I wanted was to create a place that wasn't in turmoil.

It would be great if my friends and family could forget the turbulent world for a while. General.
"...... Oh. Certainly.

 General Hulka sighed and looked at me.
 You're not ...... impressed with what I'm saying. You're looking at my "baked kohlrabi".
 That's fine. I'll get it again for Haruka. You can have it.

I'm sorry.

 "Sorry." "Squeezing, squeezing, squeezing.

"...... By the way, Yukino and Prim, what are you wearing?
What are you wearing, Yukino and Prim? - These are the clothes Master Hulka picked out for me at the Kittle Keep.
I've got an apron and a headdress on to make me look like a maid.

 Yukino and Prim spin around.
 Yukino and Prim turn around and show me and the general the clothes they bought in Kittle's territory.

 After the battle of Kittle, General Hulka accepted my request for clothes, and made clothes for Lisette, Yukino, and Prim.
 These cute clothes are not available in the frontier.
 I decided to use them to make a "maid café (like rest space)".

Oh, when I said I really wanted to have a 'maid cafe', ...... my king prepared it for me.
"That's fine. It's a festival.

 I said.

 In a previous life, Yukino was sickly and could hardly attend school.
 Of course, she had never been to a school festival.
 That's why she's always longed for something like a bake sale.

"And it's not a 'maid cafe', it's just a place to serve tea to customers who are tired of walking around.
But it's cute enough.
Yeah. Waitresses are better in cute clothes.
...... Sure, she's cute.

 General Hulka is looking at Yukino with a twinkle in his eye.

...... Cute. Cute ...... I like it.

 You'll be able to get a lot more than just a pair of shoes.
 I guess she likes cute things too.
 And that means...

"If you don't mind, I was wondering if the general could help me.
"Go to ......?
Yukino, Prim, and I would like you to serve tea to our guests. We have spare clothes. If you're a general, I think Lisette's clothes would fit you.
No, wait, wait, wait! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Today is the first day the trading post opens. It's a festival. I don't mind being a little out of line.

 General Hulka always wears armor and a helmet.
 I guess he does that for his job, but ...... he likes pretty things.
 If so, it might be a good idea to unleash it here. Of course, you should hide your true identity.

 You know, if you hold yourself back all the time, you'll reach your limit and explode.
 If you go too far, you'll end up with a kind of second childhood disease.

"Did you find anything like glasses in the middle of nowhere? I don't mind if you don't.
Yes, sir. My king. Prim will get them for you.
Yukino, do the general's hair. So that no one who knows his true face will recognize him as General Hurka.
Yes, sir!
...... Excuse me.
The general has only revealed his true face to Princess Sylvia and us, hasn't he? Then, if he goes out to the store in disguise, no one will recognize him.
"......, but...
I want you to think of this as a deal.
A deal?
"I gave you information about the land, I showed you the frontier trading posts. In exchange, you'll serve tea to the general for a bit. How about that?
"...... is not fair, King of the Frontier.

"You can't be a king without being cunning, can you?
I'm really glad you're not an enemy of .......

 The general Hulka put his hands behind his back and unfastened his armor.
 Hand armor, leg armor. One by one, he removed the armor covering his body.
 I turned my back and listened to the sound.

I turned my back and listened to the sound. "......, don't tell Princess Renesmee.
"Of course. If she finds out that I've asked the famous general Hulka to serve me tea, she'll make an enemy of the Kittle family.
What if this becomes a habit, and I have to come here every time?
We'll just keep coming back.
In order to do that, we need to stabilize the frontier and the Kittle territory, don't we, my king?
I'm glad we're on the same page. General.
Hmm. You may look at me.

 When I turned around, I saw General Hulka, dressed like a maid.
 She was wearing a dress that she had bought for Lisette, a plain white apron and a headdress.
 She was wearing a pair of frame-only glasses on her face, and her golden hair was in twin tails.

 Hulka, you look very happy.
 She probably picked out the clothes for Lisette and the others based on her own taste.

...... It's a little tight in the chest.
Don't tell Lysette that.
I've never served tea in my life.
That's all right, too. It's just a rest area with a few tables and chairs.

 I turned up the tent.
 In the rest area, there are rocks and stumps as chairs.
 Even the table is just a flat stone slab on top of a stone.

If you have any questions, you can ask Yukino and Prim.
What if there's a problem?
They'll take care of it.

 I waved.


 The table responded.
 Of course, the table in the break area is a spare soldier-of-will cut out for the permit.

The support is perfect. You can make up for your usual lack of cuteness here.
You're a devilish seducer, ......, King of the Frontier!
We'll open the rest area then. Shoma-san!
The demons are waiting for you with their tea. Let's open the store!

 Yukino and Prim raised their fists to the sky...
 Yukino and Prim raised their fists to the sky, and General Hulka and I shouted with great enthusiasm.

 That day, a noble-looking waiter with twin-tails and glasses suddenly appeared at the trading post, and became a new legend in the frontier...

 I decided to leave the rest area to Yukino and the others and return to my rounds.
 At any rate, when I started walking to meet up with Lisette...

"Brother Shoma, there's a problem!

 I saw Lysette running towards me.
 She didn't even gasp for breath and quickly came to my side.

"......, brother, you have a visitor.
"Not a customer from the ...... trading post, but me?
"...... The demons call him 'the wandering merchant'.

 ............ Wandering merchant?

A wandering merchant is a peddler who travels around the country doing private business and is well informed.
That's him to me?
Yes. "He wants to speak with the King of the Frontier.

 Lysette nodded with a serious face.

The merchant is an independent and well-informed man. He probably came to find out who my brother is in exchange for giving him some information. How can I help you, Brother Shoma ......?