75 Episode 75 "Hegemony, Exploring the Labyrinth"

 Menes, a traveling merchant, showed us a map of the frontier and the Kitor territory.
 It's a messy map. Only the roads are clearly marked, and the rest are just randomly marked.
 Pointing to some of the marks, Menes said, "This is the merchant's resting place.

The merchant's resting place is in the frontier. There are two in Kittle's territory. However, we only use the entrance, and have never been to the back.
Because of the demons?
Yes. No. The demons don't come near the entrance. If we build a fire, they'll be more careful and won't come out.
You think it's a ruin?
Yes, sir. I saw a pillar in the back.
Once the demons are gone, the merchants can use it as a base.

 Menes nodded at my words.

What we are looking for is a place where we can rest in peace. If you can give us that, then we can be a source of information for the King of the Frontier.
"All right. I'll look into the places you mentioned.

 I wrote down the location of the merchant's resting place on the spot.
 I promised Meneses that I would make room for him at the trading post next time, and we parted ways.

 When we returned to the village, we decided to have a meeting.

"You saw this coming, didn't you?
"That's why you built the trading post. Brother!

 Lysette and Haruka shouted excitedly.

In a turbulent world, there should be traveling merchants who travel from place to place. But they are discriminated against in town. So if we build a trading post, we can get them on our side and use their information network to help us. I can't believe Brother Shoma thought that far ahead. ......
No, no.
...... Okay. I'll take that as a yes.

 What's more important is whether or not the remains of the Dragon Emperor exist in this place.
 The only way to confirm this is to actually go there.

"I'm going to investigate a nearby 'resting place'. I'll be out of town during that time, so I'd like to ask Lysette to look after me.
Lysette can't come with you?
Lysette can't stay with me? Lysette can handle most things.
...... All right. In that case, I'll do my part.

 Lysette is the most sensible person in this group.
 I'm sure she can handle the messenger from Princess Sylvia.

There must be demons in the Merchant's Rest. That's why I'm asking Haruka and Yukino to accompany me as combatants. Prim, use your knowledge to support us. 
"Yes. I'll go with you, brother.
"The cave ......, in other words, is a dungeon! I'll take care of it!

 Haruka and Yukino nodded.
 Prim thought for a moment.

I'm not sure what to do. The Soldier of Will can't be used for long. What is the King's plan of attack?
"I have a plan. Let me know what the Strategist says.
That's very kind of you to say. Isn't the King using me too well?

 I smiled at Prim and told her my plan.
 Prim agrees and makes some arrangements.
 With the input of Lisette, Haruka and Yukino, the plan was decided.

 The operation will start in a few days.
 Let's be ready by then.

 A few days later.
 We came to a merchant's resting place that Menes taught us about.
 It was near the border between the frontier and the Kittle territory.
 It was a small cave hidden in the forest.

 Relying on the map, he came across a side hole in the rock wall.
 In a part of the rock wall covered with trees, there was a side hole that several people could pass through side by side. When we entered, we found the remains of a bonfire. It must have been where Meneses stayed before coming to the trading post.

There is a pillar at the back. There's a pillar in the back. Maybe it's man-made. ......
"It's probably a ruin. The walls are also man-made, although they are covered in moss.

 Haruka and Prim, who had moved on, looked around with great interest.

 The natural cave is only at the entrance, and after a few meters, it turns into an artificial passage.
 The ceiling is less than three meters high. The pillars are battered, but there are still some beautiful decorations.

The shape of the pillar seems to be from the time of the first Dragon Emperor. It was the fashion at that time to decorate the bottom of the pillar with a round shape. And yet there is no sign of it having been dug up. So the fact that demons built their nests inside the pillars helped protect the ruins.
That's amazing, Prim.
No, no, no. It's knowledge that would be useless without the king.

 Prim scratched her head in embarrassment.

If the demons don't come out, then there may be another way out. Let's keep an eye out for side holes.

 As they proceeded down the passage, they found a double door. It was heavy. It took Haruka and me two to open it.
 Beyond the doors were stairs. After descending one floor, we found ourselves in a man-made passage.

It's like a full-blown underground ruin.
What does the King think of this facility?
What do you think of this facility? "How about something to pull the Dragon Vein to the surface?

 The first dragon emperor used the magical power that flowed through the land to set up wards.
 But it doesn't mean that it always flows near the ground.

What about the possibility that they built this underground passage to pull out the magic power flowing under the rocky mountains or deep underground?
"Do you mean a well to dig out magic?

 Prim nodded her head thoughtfully.

It's possible. It would also explain why this facility has been forgotten. It would explain why this facility has been forgotten, since it would be useless to anyone without the Dragon Vein skill.
"Shh. Both of you, there are demons here.

 At Haruka's instruction, we stopped in our tracks.
 We stopped to listen and heard what sounded like a growl coming from the passage to our right.

"I'm here. The king. I think it's a dark buffalo.
You know exactly what I'm talking about, Prim.
"Reading the wind is an essential skill for a harpy.

 I thought Prim was a harpy.

Prim. Do you know how many enemies there are?
Two. They've already spotted us. Be careful!
They're coming! The Dark Buffalo! The Dark Buffalo!

 At the end of the T-junction, there's a jet-black cow.
 All the hair on its body is black. It had huge horns, blood-red eyes, and a mouth that breathed fire.

It's here! Here it comes! Prepare to intercept!
Yukino! Prepare the magic! Haruka, ready your weapon!
Chanting complete! Shoma!
I'm okay!
Understood! Release the Instrument of the King!

 I took out the Soldier of Will from the King's Vessel.
 I put it next to me.

 The passage is blocked.



 The Dark Buffalo rushed forward and crashed into the Soldier of Will.

Yukino, magic!
"Freeze. ....... "Freezing Coffin.

 Yukino touches the wall and activates the magic.
 A line of ice spreads out like a spider's thread. It travels down the wall and extends to the other side...


 Apparently, it froze the Dark Buffalo attached to the wall.
 We waited for 20 seconds.

"I think it's time. Return to the King's Vessel, soldier of will.

 I put the fence back in my storage skills.
 The "Dark Buffalo" on the other side of the fence are ...... Oh, they're frozen solid. Both of them are frozen, their fur and flesh stuck to the ground. The only part of the ice that is peeling off is the part that was attached to the Soldier of Will. It must have been forced off when they were stored. It looks very painful.

"............ Gru. ...... Oh.

Haruka, finish it.
I'll be back. "Special kill! "The inexhaustible hammer!

 Haruka's club (enchanted) blasted the Dark Buffalo away.
The king's magic power has only been reduced by ......5% due to the use of the Soldier of Will.
 I'll take a break when it's down 30%.

"...... Shoma-san.
What's up, Yukino?
If we had been reincarnated in a labyrinth city, we would have cleared ...... in one go.
Because you control the dungeon, Shoma.
I think so too. You're changing the shape of the passages. Even demons have trouble with that. ......
That's the plan.

 And I got the basic idea, but Lysette and Prim arranged it too.
 The strategy is simple.
 When the demon comes, draw it as close as you can and block the passage with the Soldier of Will.
 After that, Yukino's ice magic will stop them, and I or Haruka will finish them off.
 That's all.

I was wondering how the labyrinth was going to turn out, but I think this will work.
I'll leave the mapping to you, Prim.
"Yes, sir.

 We then proceeded onward, fighting off the demons with the same hands.
 When the king's magic reached 70%, we took a break and waited for it to recover...

 After about three hours of progress, we reached the end of the labyrinth.