76 Episode 76 "Hegemony, Gain new mobility"

 The magic circle in the underground ruins was in a good state of preservation.
 The entrance to the room was sealed with an iron door, which must have prevented demons from entering.
 The magic circle on the floor was also in good condition.
 The magic circle on the floor was still intact.

Is Prim the master of the castle?
"Yes. Brother, I agree.
"......, my king.

 But Prim looked worried.

I'm a newcomer. Can I accept such a big role?
What do you mean?

 Prim fidgeted with her hair.

I'm smaller than Yukino, and I'm not sure I can accept the King's favor!
"What are you talking about?
What are you talking about? "I was told at the Kitoru Grand Guard territory. I heard at the Kitoru Grand Guard that the King loves Lisette, Haruka and Yukino as his favorites. That's what it means to love a hero.
Oh, that...
That was the plan, wasn't it?
It was an act to throw off Princess Sylvia's guard.
Oh, really? ......

 I'm not sure what to make of this.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's had it.
"Of course not. Of course not. I would never do such a thing to anyone.
So you're sure that none of your men are looking for an opening to attack the king in his sleep?
"Haruka, Yukino. Why are you turning your head to the side?
...... It's just my imagination!

 Haruka and Yukino spoke in unison.
 ...... Speaking of which, sometimes the laundry you leave in your room goes missing.
 I'm sure someone in your family washes your clothes without you knowing.

 ...... I wonder if I should be more careful about the security of my house.

Heh, sorry for the weirdness. My King.

 Prim bowed deeply to me.

"This Primordia Baby Phoenix. "I hereby command you to be the lord of the High King of the Deformed, the Demon Dragon King Shouma!
"All right. Then we will perform the ritual.

 I put my hand on Prim's forehead.
 I put my hand on Prim's forehead. She was shaking a little, as if she was nervous.

"Primordia Baby Phoenix. I'm taking thee to these underground ruins...

 Since Prim is the owner of the castle, we'll name it after her.
 I'll take Prim's last name, Phoenix, and go with that.

I appoint thee lord of the Phoenix City. Awaken the Dragon Vein!

 Prim's small body embraces me.
 The magic overflowing from the earth passes through my body and Prim's, filling the magic circle.

 And another ward is created.

The King's territory, "Phoenix Castle".

 Lord of the castle: Primudia-Baby Phoenix
 Lineage: Strategist (race: Harpy)
 Warding effect: Keeps away demons
 Additional Effect: Perception Increase 15%.
 Chain of Custody: 4

 When the chain of magic circles exceeds 4, the wards will now have the ability to transfer.
 When the chain of magic circles exceeds 4, the wards will now have the ability to shift.


 I put my hand on the magic circle to check the flow of magic power.
If you use the Dragon Vein skill, you can see that this place is connected to Kioujou Castle (Hazama Village), Ryujou Castle (former abandoned castle), and Geguejou Castle (former bandit stronghold).

 The "True Zanjinsha Castle" (formerly known as the Tower of the Zanma) in the territory of Grand Protector Kittle is too far away.
 I haven't been able to connect there yet.
 But it's connected to the other three. That's why we have new powers.

 It's like the yin-yang and the five elements of the original world.
 The connection strengthens the flow of magic power and chi and allows me to do many things.
 One of them is "transference ability" .......

 I'm not so sure about this.
 It's not fair that in a turbulent world where the lords are all over the place, only one of them has the ability to transfer ......?

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

 Haruka, Yukino and Prim are looking at me curiously.
 I guess it's faster to let them experience it than to explain it. This is...

"Come with me for a little experiment. And Prim.
"Yes, sir. My king.

 Prim looked up at me while she hugged me.

"I want you to think of me as a military strategist. For example, if an individual or an army could move from magic circle to magic circle at a moment's notice, what kind of operations would you have in mind for managing troops, trade, defense, intelligence gathering, and so on?

 Prim's eyes widened.
 Prim's eyes widened. She didn't seem to understand what I was saying.

 She tilted her head for a moment, then nodded as if she understood something...
 Then she smiled wryly.

It will make this frontier a place no one can touch.
I know.
"This is the edge of the frontier. If we can move from Hazama Village to here in an instant, we can use various tactics, such as drawing the enemy inside the frontier and shooting them between the eyes, or attacking the Transportation Corps from behind and burning their rations. It also makes it easier to sell goods in the frontier,......, and if you're asking what you can do,......, you can do just about anything,.......

 Prim's head is spinning.
 Teleporting from magic circle to magic circle is too much of a cheat.
 There are so many things you can do, you can't think straight.

If it really is possible to teleport from magic circle to magic circle, it means that ...... the High King of the Different can appear everywhere, right?
"Can you do that, ...... brother?
Well, let's try the experiment for now.

 I invited Haruka and Yukino to join me.
 Then we all held hands on the magic circle.

In the status window of the Phoenix Castle, there is a text that says "Transferable".
 There's also a destination option. I decide on a destination and declare it.

In the name of the "High King of the Deformed, the Demon Dragon King Xiangma", invite us from this land to his land. Activate... 'Dragon Vein Transfer'!

 And we instantly moved to another magic circle.

 A few minutes ago, in Hazama Village...

 A few minutes ago, in Hazama Village, Lisette was sorting through letters in the village chief's mansion.
 At the trading post she built in the frontier and at Milva's Castle, she received letters from various people.

 They thanked him for building the trading post.
 Thank you for defeating the bandits.

 Reports of improved security.
 They ask when the next trading post will be open and if they can reserve a spot.

Brother Shoma's fame is spreading. That's great. Brother ...... Oh?

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
 It has the coat of arms of the Kittle family engraved on it.
 It was from the acting head of the family, Sylvia Kittle.

 Lisette had been assigned by Shoma to deal with the letter.
 She decides to open the envelope and check the contents.

Congratulations on opening a trading post in the frontier.
 I apologize for sending General Hulka to congratulate you, when I should have gone to congratulate you in person.

 I trust the King of the Frontier as an ally.
 So I will be frank with you.
 I would like to ask for your help.

 The Kittle Realm is currently in disarray.
 The absence of my father, Argos-Kittle, has become known to the people of the territory.
 As a result, the people are beginning to be frightened.
 In addition, there are some towns that are planning to become independent from the territory of the Lord Keeper Kittle.
 Furthermore, demons have begun to appear on the roads.

 This was to be expected.
 However, the rumors are spreading too fast.
 There are reports that someone is deliberately spreading rumors and stirring up the people.

 Currently, my sister Renesmee and I are dealing with the situation, but since we have to prepare for the invasion of the Ten Wise Men, we cannot allocate many soldiers.

 Of course, we have sent a messenger to the capital.
 There is no hostile intent on our part. You have the Seven Star Lance, the cavalry and the Touki-Housae in your custody. I sent him a letter saying I wanted to negotiate for their return.
 But there was no reply.

Please ask the "King of the Frontier".
 Can you lend me a hand in defeating the demon?
 Of course, I don't mean for free.

 The transfer of the Kittle family's assets, land and fortress.
 And I, Sylvia Kittle, am prepared to become the concubine of the ...... "King of the Frontier".

 If I stay by your side, the Kittle family will be your allies for generations to come.
 It will be possible for humans and subhumans to live in harmony.

 I ask you to please consider this.

 Sylvia Kittle, Grand Patriarch of Kittle

"...... So Princess Sylvia is prepared to go that far.

 Lysette let out a long sigh.

 She sat there for a while with the letter in her hand.

 From outside the house, she could hear a voice shouting, "Hey, hey.
 It must be the "soldiers of will" patrolling the streets of the village.
 The children laughing and chasing after them is also a usual scene.

If Princess Sylvia becomes Brother Shoma's concubine, ...... will this village change?

 Lysette put down the letter and stood up.
 By the way, I just washed everyone's clothes a while ago. I need to dry them.

"Excuse me. Can you do that for me?
"Hey! "Hey, hey, hey!

 Lysette raises her hand and calls down the Soldier of Will.
 She asked two soldiers of the same height to come to the side of the house and carry a club as a clothesline.

 Now that everyone in the family is away, it is Lisette's job to do the laundry.
 One by one, she hooks the items in the basket onto the club.

 It's a beautiful day.
If you leave your laundry on the Soldier of Will, it will become a drying stand that moves with the sun.
 It will all be dry by evening.

Your brother will be back by then.

 As Lysette put her hand into the basket, she suddenly realized what she was holding onto.
 It was Shoma's shirt.

 Looking to her right and then to her left, Lysette confirmed that the only witnesses were the soldiers of will and hugged the shirt.

 Her face flushes as she feels Shoma's body heat lingering on her clothes.
 There's still time for everyone to come back.
 So, a little more.

............ just a little more.

 Lysette nuzzled her face into her shirt and mumbled.
 She closed her eyes and took a deep, slow breath.

 It was as if Shoma was hugging her.

 Lysette remembered. The time she had flown in her brother's arms.

 She was lucky she didn't have the ability to fly. Whenever she travels long distances, she can stay close.
 That time I clung to Shoma's shirt. Squeezing.

 In this way, I lose track of time. The sights and sounds around me disappear.
 All I can think about is my precious brother and master, Shoma.

"Brother ......, please come back soon .......

 Lysette rubbed her cheek against her shirt and mumbled.

"...... I'm home.

 She heard voices.
 Lysette looked up.

 Shoma was there.
 Behind him were Haruka, Yukino and Prim.

"............, niisama ......, and everyone else ......?
I found the magic circle. I found the magic circle. I rebooted and got the ability to transfer. I can now teleport freely from magic circle to magic circle. So I came back to .............
Oh, wow. Awwww.

 Lysette's vision begins to spin around.
 I'm not sure what to say, but I'm not sure what to do.

(In her hand is her brother's shirt. Lysette is seen hugging it. Haruka looks as if she's convinced of something, and Yukino is somehow holding her face close to Shoma's jacket. Prim is ...... writing something down on a piece of parchment. Stop it, stop it, stop it. ......)

"Well, well, well, ...... well.

 My head is panicking. I can't think at all.

(I have to cheat, I have to cheat, I have to cheat, I have to cheat. .................. Yes!

 Lysette stood up and held up Shoma's shirt high in the air.

"Here, here, here, here! This is a ritual to make Lisette stronger.
"Yes, yes! I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.

 I can't.

I'm not sure what to say. Don't swallow my clothes! I'm not looking, I'm not looking at anything!
Mmm-mmm! Mmm-mmm!
Lizzy's having a fit!
Calm down, Lisette! We didn't see anything!
If you need the king's sweat, it would be more reasonable to bathe with him. The secretions can be taken in through the skin.
"Okay! I'll do whatever Prim says, just let go of my clothes. ────!

 Thus, Shoma and his friends gained new power...

 At the same time, new rules were established for the bathing of the High King.