93 Episode 93 "Princess Sylvia's Letter and the Summo...

 At the same time, in the castle of the Grand Protectorate of Gurtra...

"Because of that idiot sister, ...... my ambition!

 Tonia Gurtra shouted.
 He was sitting in a chair in the lord's room, clutching a letter.
 The letter came from the Kitoru Patriarchate, and it was about a "hostage exchange".
 The contents are as follows.

A few days ago, we took custody of the Great Patriarch Grutra's sister, Master Carol Grutra.
 Princess Carol is currently resting in the castle of the Great Patriarch.

 It is said that Princess Carol was chased by demons during a hunt and escaped into the territory of the Grand Patriarch Kittle.
 The princess is loved by the people of the Grand Patriarchate of Gurtra.
 I am glad to hear that Princess Carol is not in trouble.

 By the way, rumor has it that our family's Grand Patriarch Argos Kittle and Princess Mireina Kittle are in the care of your family.
 Perhaps they wandered in during the hunt, as did Princess Carol.
 These are troubled times. There are those in the woods and in King's Landing who know no moderation. It's a shame.

 Therefore, I would like to return Princess Carol to the House of the Gluthras.
 At that time, I would like to ask you to hand over Argos-Kitoru and Princess Mireina-Kitoru to me.

 The location and date will be decided upon at a later date.
 I would like to thank you for your protection of my master and sister so far.
 I look forward to your response.

 Sylvia Kittle, acting head of the Kittle family.

Are you insulting me? You've heard from Carol that I'm imprisoning those two. ...... You're being sarcastic and saying that you appreciate their protection!
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what you need to do. That's an excellent way to negotiate.

 A man in a pure white robe smiled.
 He kneeled down in front of Tonia-Gurtra, looked up a little and said, "I think we should capture them.

He looked up slightly, kneeling in front of Tonia-Gurtra, and said, "We do not speak of our captivity of the two of you, but we propose a peaceful solution, protecting the positions of both families. My father and sister are being held captive, and you seem so calm. That's impressive. Princess Sylvia...
Is that an insult to me?
No way. Isn't it basic tactics to know your enemy? I just want to know why Princess Sylvia is so calm. I'm just curious as to why Princess Sylvia is so calm. I'm wondering if she has a powerful ally nearby.
Of course not. There is no way there is. The Kitoru territory is surrounded by the Gurutra family and the Dengokukan, which is ruled by the Ten Sages. They are surrounded by enemies.
"There are subhumans on the northern frontier.
There are subhumans on the northern frontier, but what can they do in a barbarian land infested with demons?

 Tonia Gurtra waved her hand in annoyance.

"You can't trust subhumans. You can't trust sub-humans. The beastmen you controlled with magic never came back.
...... They're like wild beasts, you know.

 The man in robes spat uncomfortably.

"It takes time to educate a beast. But humans are different. Those who have been subjected to my domination magic will do as I wish once they return to their homeland.
"Stay away from me!

 The man in the robes stepped forward excitedly, and Tonia-Gurtra raised her voice.

"I know your 'control magic' is strong. But I will not let you control me! The wizard Cactus Denin!
"My magic is activated by touching the opponent's forehead, is it not?
Yeah. But ...... you are a sorcerer sent by the Ten Wise Masters. You may not be telling me everything I need to know.
"Indeed, my lord is the fifth of the Ten Wise Masters, Lord Balton.

 The robed man, Cactus, took a few steps backwards.
 The robed man, Cactus, takes a few steps backward, then puts his hands behind his back and smiles, as if to reassure Tonia.

And I am the one sent by the Goddess to bring this turbulent world to an efficient end. Tonia Gurtra was chosen as one of the heroes to help.
"...... I don't trust you.
All right. Use me. I only need the approval of my lord and goddess.

 The wizard Cactus pulled a strange crystalline pendant from his chest.

"The goddess Nemesis has chosen the Ten Wise Men. "The goddess Nemesis has chosen the Ten Wise Men, the strongest and most likely to rule the turbulent world. So we cannot be defeated. All you have to do is keep quiet and move towards your destiny of victory.
"Or do you want to back out now? Do you think you can survive against your sister, the people, and even the Ten Sages?
I know. You and I are on the same side.
That's all you need to know. Now let's get ready.

 The wizard Cactus snapped his fingers.

 The door to the lord's room opened and a dozen soldiers entered.

 All of them had their helmets with their masks pulled down so deeply that you could not see their faces.
 They walked with unhurried movements and lined up in front of Tonia.

These men have been enchanted to obey the commands of Lord Tonia. If you doubt me, order them to poke their throats with their own swords.
No, no. You don't have to do that. But you have another power.

 The wizard Cactus chuckled.

My skill allows me to give soldiers a powerful breakthrough. Like blindfolding a horse, I can make a man or horse run so that he can see only what is in front of him. It doesn't matter if there are enemies in front of them. Their ability to break through will be able to defeat the soldiers of the Kitoru Grand Guard at once.
"Using the 'hostage exchange'?
Yes. I'm not sure if the Kittles will settle down the way Princess Sylvia and the others want them to.

 The wizard Cactus then laughs.
 The wizard Cactus then laughs, and Tonia Gurtra laughs as well, as if she can't hold back her laughter any longer.
 The soldiers gathered in the hall also began to laugh, their chests heaving as if they had been ordered to do so.

"This is an act of justice to rule a turbulent world. Isn't that right?

 Tonia-Gurtra raised her fist in the air and shouted.
 The soldiers shouted, "Yes," "Yes! Yes!

"My foolish father did not understand the noble intentions of the Ten Sages! That's why he lost his life!

 Again, the voice said, "Yes.
 The wizard Cactus began to raise his arms.

"There is no one who can stop our plans!
"Yes. That's right, Cactus. There is no one who can stop us, Cactus, unless you have soldiers who can stop our cavalry or someone who can neutralize your black magic.
There is no one who can stop us. There is no one who can stop us.

 The wizard Cactus flipped up his robes and smiled.
 And then...

"The goddess who summoned us, Nemesis, said that the strongest are those who are formally summoned.
"Nemesis", "Gloria", and "Phine" - the three goddesses who were ordered by the Absolute God to summon otherworlders.
 There is no such thing as a summoner that they are not involved with. ...... That's what I said.

 In the hall where the lord and the soldiers are flaring up...
 I'm not sure what to make of that.