94 Episode 94 "Hegemony, Get an Old Sword"

 A few days later, in the village chief's house...

"Sorry to disturb you. "Dear King of the Frontier.
"Princess Sylvia is here. The date for the hostage exchange has been set.

 In the evening, Sylvia and Prim came running into my room.
 They each have a letter and a map.

The date is five days from now. The location is the southwest road.
"It's halfway between Kittle and Glutra. Your Majesty.

 Sylvia and Prim spread out a letter and a map in front of me.

The location is southwest of Kittle.

 I looked at the map.
I looked at the map. "The Gurtra Patriarchate is southwest of the Kittle Patriarchate.
 The other side specified the border between our territories as the location for the hostage exchange.

But they have a fort near the border.
"Yes, they do. It's a small fort, but they'll probably have troops there.

 Sylvia looked worried.
 She really needs to get her father and sister back.
 She really needs to get her father and sister back, but she doesn't trust the other "Gurutra Patriarch" at all.
 You can understand why she's worried.

There was no fort here before. The new guardian must have built it in a hurry.
On the other hand, the Kittle Patriarch has to go all the way to the end of his territory to find a fort.

 I looked at Prim.
 She pointed to the map and nodded.

The King is worried about the enemy's fortified troops attacking, isn't he?
"Yes. So, how far is Milva's Castle?
Prim's all set. We can get to the border of the territory in two days.
We don't need to go that far. Just place them along the road.
"...... castles are supposed to move!

 Sylvia is astonished.
 She hadn't seen Milva's Castle yet, by the way.

The buildings on the frontier do move. The hut where Princess Carol was resting has moved, and the castle is on the move, fighting off bandits and rogues.
I thought I was used to the awesomeness of the King of the Frontier, but ...... I was still naive. ......

 Sylvia is holding her forehead.
 Well, you'll get used to it.

I'm going to ask Milva's Castle to disperse, stay low, and hide in the woods. I'll give them some potions. There won't be many, so tell them to use them in case of emergency.
"All right. My king.
The castle is ...... dispersed? You want me to stay low and drink ...... potions?
That's what they do on the frontier these days.
...... I understand. I'll take that as a yes.

 Sylvia nodded.
 She seemed to have gotten used to it.

So, Prim, do you think ...... the enemy is using the same domination magic they used on the beastmen against Patriarch Kittle and Princess Myrina?
I'm sure they're using it.
Yes, I do. Then, after the hostage exchange, we'll have them rest in Milva's Castle. The magic will disappear when they are inside the wards.
"No problem, sir. We can hold them back by throwing them a welcome party.
The beastmen say that the dominion spell is cast by a man in a white robe who activates the spell when his fingertips touch his forehead.
That's tricky. ......
It's okay. I thought of a countermeasure in the original world.
...... After all this time, what world are you from, my king?
You can use a beehive to counter contact brainwashing magic. Is there any material that would make it difficult for magic to pass through?
I don't have any material, but I do have a spell to protect against magic. Let's draw it on the back of the hatimaki.
Okay. That's what we'll use for control magic.
...... I'm really glad you're not my enemy. ......

 Sylvia muttered.

You can find a lot of people who are looking for the best way to get the most out of their lives.
It's still not enough. The other side might have a Summoner.

 There's also the matter of the previous fight with Touki-Housset.
The Ten Sages may have an official summoner of the Goddess on their side.
 It is possible that Tonia Gurtra's sudden imprisonment of Governor Kittle and his daughter was based on the summoner's power.

"We're dealing with a formal summoner of the Goddess. You can never be too careful.
...... Goddesses, huh?
Apparently there are several of them, and they send out summoners to calm the world. I'm Rukia and Yukino is summoned by a goddess named Phine.
"Rukia ...... Feine. I've never heard that name before.
I've never heard of her either.

 Sylvia and Prim shook their heads.
 It seems that the goddess has never appeared in front of the people of this world.

"She's a goddess from another world. It's no wonder you don't know her.
She's from another world, ......, up in the sky?
Yeah, something like that.
...... That reminds me. One moment, please. Mr. Shoma!

 Princess Sylvia abruptly ran out of the room.
 A few moments later, the magic circle in the next room lit up.
She seemed to have returned to her castle by "ward transference".

 Ten minutes later.
 While Prim and I were still discussing, Sylvia came in again.
 This time, she's carrying a long, thin box in both hands.

"I'll give this to you, Shoma, in thanks for your help.

 Then Sylvia opened the box.
 What was in the box...

"Isn't that a ...... Japanese sword ......? A single-edged sword?
"It's a 'Meteor Sword' made from a stone that fell from the heavens in ancient times.

 Sylvia took the sword from the box and held it as an offering.
 Then she held it out to me.

It is a gift from the emperor of the time, when the past governor of Kittle took the position of vizier. I was going to use it as compensation for the Hostage Exchange, but ...... it is not appropriate for Tonia-Gurtra. By all means, Shoma, use it.
I've heard of it too. I've heard of it too. It's a sword made from meteorite iron that fell from the sky in ancient times. ...... In other words, it's from the realm of the gods. My king.

 Prim's face lit up with excitement.
 Sylvia holds a black, single-edged sword in her hand.
 It resembles a Japanese sword, but without the tsuba. The scabbard has a strange pattern engraved on it.
 Prim and Sylvia don't seem to know the meaning of the pattern.

So you're saying it's a sword made of meteorite?
"Legend has it that it was made in the time of the Dragon Emperor. And...

 Sylvia thought for a moment.

The reason I remembered that was because Shoma told me about the goddess.
"I see. ...... The sky is the domain of the gods, isn't it?
Yes. I thought this sword would be appropriate for Shoma, who was summoned by the goddess.
All right. I'll be glad to use it.

 Normally, this is just a sword made from a meteorite.
 But if meteorites in this world are considered to be from the realm of the gods...

 If I strengthen this sword with Naming Breath, it might become my trump card.

 ...... I'll save it for that time.

 Then me, Prim and Sylvia made a plan...
 I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a little nervous about this.
They also discussed how to protect Princess Carol after the "hostage exchange"...
 The next day, I met up with Yukino and taught her how to use my techniques...

 And finally, the day of the Hostage Exchange arrived.