95 Episode 95 "Operation "Hostage Exchange" by The Ki...

 The day of the hostage exchange...

The day of the "Hostage Exchange".
 Princess Sylvia, Yukino, Princess Carol, and their maidservant Kate were riding in a horse-drawn carriage to the border area of the "Kittle Governorate".

 The location is a road in the southwest of the Kittle Governor's Domain.
 This area is the borderline between the Kittle Keep and the Gurutra Keep.

This should be a good place.

 A little before the border, Sylvia stopped the carriage.
 When she got out of the carriage, she saw a black carriage parked at the end of the road.
 A soldier beside her reported. The soldier beside him reported, "That is the carriage of the Gurutra Patriarch.

 It seemed that the other side had already arrived.
 The carriage is flanked by a small man, a man in a robe, and a dozen or so other soldiers.
 They were standing on the other side of the border, in the territory of the Grand Protectorate of Gurtra, and were staring at us.

That's my brother, Tonia. The one next to him is ...... Cactus, the wizard she keeps close by.

 Princess Carol, supported by her maid of honor Kate, steps out of the carriage.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.
It is predicted that the King of the Frontier will use magic to control the minds of men.
"My Lord is expected to use other magic as well.

 Sylvia said, and Yukino nodded.
I'm sure you've heard of it. It's a good measure.

You're the king of the frontier. But if my prediction is correct, ......
It is possible that both my father and my sister Myrna are under the influence of 'mental control'.
...... So, to recover.
"The King of the Frontier has provided us with a good place to recuperate. My father and sister will be resting there for a while.
"What measures are you taking? The King of the Frontier!

 Kate, the maid of honor, shouted.
 Princess Carol, the master, nodded her head and said, "That may be the case.
 It was a big deal.

 Sylvia exchanged a glance with Yukino.
 Both of them were looking at the cavalry around Tonia-Gurtra.

 They were lightly armed cavalry. There must be about thirty of them.
 They had dismounted from their horses and were kneeling on the ground as a sign of courtesy to Sylvia and the others.
 They are not going to attack us right away.

(...... And we're well protected.)

 With that in mind, Sylvia and the others stepped forward and shouted.

"Dear Tonia Gurtra. Thank you for agreeing to negotiate with us!
"Ah. Princess Sylvia-Kittle. You are as beautiful as they say.

 "Oh, Princess Sylvia Kittle, you're as beautiful as they say," exclaimed Tonia Grutola across the street.

I'd love to talk to you up close! I would like to invite you to Gurtra territory. I would be happy to invite you to the Gurtra lands so that we can have a more constructive discussion about our territories.
I'd like to meet my father and sister first. Then we can talk.

 Sylvia looked straight at Tonia Gurtra and told her.

And ...... my body is no longer mine alone. I've already found someone who wants to serve me.
"...... What is it?
That's not something you want to talk about here. But first, I need to see my father and sister!

 In Sylvia's vision, the door of a black carriage opened.
 Two figures slowly descended from inside.

 One was a tall, white-haired man. Argos-Kittle.
 The other is a golden-haired woman named Mireina-Kittle.

"...... Father. Sister.

 Their steps are steady. They don't seem to be injured.
 But neither of them is looking at me.
 Sylvia has tears in her eyes, but both of them are expressionless.

It seems that they are under the control of the mind .......
What should we do, Miss Sylvia?

 I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. When I get the two of you back, I'll give you a shot as a demon general?
I'd like to do that, but ...... I'm worried about the power of the enemy cavalry.
I'm sure it's not just any cavalry. They may have been reinforced in some way.
"That's what the King of the Frontier said," he said. The King of the Frontier said so. He said it might be difficult to find the right moment to turn them over.
So you're going with the plan?

"Yes. Yukino-sama, please take care of Princess Carol. For the cavalry countermeasure, let's ask ...... that person (・・・・).

 Sylvia nodded.
 Sylvia nodded and shouted to Tonia Gurtra.

Thank you for taking care of my father and sister. We will also return Princess Carol who has been staying with us. May our territories continue to be at peace!
"...... Have a nice day, Master Sylvia.

 Princess Carol bowed her head to Sylvia.

"Please be well until our next meeting.
"Yes. I will see you soon.
"...... soon?
"Coming. Princess Carol.

 Princess Carol walks off with her maid of honor, Kate, in tow.
 Yukino is her escort.

 At the same time, the Guardians of Gurutra released Argos-Kitoru and Mireina-Kitoru.
 They move like dolls and come to Silvia.

"Oh, Sylvia." "My sister Sylvia.

 Suddenly, they started running.
 For some reason, they both have one hand behind their backs.
 My father's hand pulled out a dagger. My sister has a leather restraint in her hand.
 The two of them ran straight towards Sylvia, reached the territory of Kittle, and...

 The moment they entered the ward, the spell of "mental control" was broken.

"......? What am I doing, what am I doing?
"...... Sylvia? What is this place? What am I doing here?
"............ Father, ...... Sister!

 Sylvia unconsciously hugged her father and sister.
 The dagger and restraints fell from both of their hands.
 Tonia Gurtra must have put a "mental control" on them to make them capture Sylvia.

 However, within the wards that Shoma has put up, black magic is ineffective.
 Argos-Kittle and Mireina-Kittle were easily freed from his control.

"...... reminds me! I'm going to ...... exclude the Ten Wise Men.
"...... Yes. Father. The Gluthras have betrayed us. ......
Not now. Father. Sister. We've prepared quarters for you. ...... Please rest for now.

 Sylvia wiped away her tears and mumbled.
 Then she looked up at the sky and said...

"Thank you, ....... "Thank you, ....... The King of the Frontier, ......, Mr. Shoma. Sylvia Kittle reaffirms her ...... allegiance to you.

 She murmured and raised her hand.
 As a sign to the unseen comrades here.

 Tonia Gurtra's camp...

"Idiot! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

 Tonia Gurtra raised her arms and shouted.

I'm not sure what to do. They were not supposed to capture Princess Sylvia?
It seems that there are wizards on the other side of .......
"Wizards? A wizard? Someone who can break black magic?
But it's not just black magic I can use. I'm not just a black magician. I have Strengthening and Rushing spells from the goddess!

 The wizard Cactus-Denin flipped up his robes and shouted.

The wizard Cactus Denin fluttered his robes and shouted, "Now, command the cavalry! Order the cavalry to seize them!
"Yes, of course. All aboard!

 At Tonia Gurtra's signal, all the soldiers mounted their horses at once.

"'For the sake of the Great Patriarch Grutra!
"Stop! Do not listen to Tonia's words!

 I heard Princess Carol's voice.
 She was standing in the middle of the street with her arms outstretched. Her handmaiden, Kate, and the girl guarding her are with her.

We're here to avoid a fight! Princess Sylvia has no intention of fighting! Put away your weapons and go home!

 At the sound of the princess's voice, the soldiers stopped moving.

 But it was only for a moment. The soldiers had already received the order to capture Princess Sylvia and her group when the lord gave the signal.
 And the "strengthening" and "rushing magic" that Cactus-Denning had given them had warped their consciousness.

The "rush magic" literally gives the soldiers an invincible breakthrough power.
 Soldiers under this spell would feel no pain or fear. In addition, their arm strength and leg strength increase.
 At the cost of being overwhelmed by the need to push forward, but that's a small price to pay.

"All hands, charge!

 The cavalry rushes forward.
 Princess Carol remains motionless in the street with her arms outstretched.
 The cavalry changes course and pushes forward, avoiding Princess Carol. The princess's voice is drowned out by the sound of horses' feet. The soldiers keep shouting. "Charge!" "Charge!" "Charge! and "Rush!

 Immediately afterwards... a voice echoed through the streets.

Haruka Carmilla, the Demon General, commands you! Hayes of the frontier! Use cavalry formation number two!
Who are you? Where are the voices coming from?

 Tonia-Gurtra and Cactus-Denin look around.
 But they couldn't see the voice.
 From the sound of it, he must be close by. But they can't catch sight of him.

".................. Hey.

 At the same time, he sees something rise up from the ground.
 A rock? No, a wall.
 A wall made of stone suddenly appeared, blocking the path of the cavalry.

"Sir Tonya, there's an obstacle ahead!
"No problem if we go around it. Go around. Get around it, cavalry!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

 Following Tonia-Gurtra's orders, the cavalry changed course to avoid the wall.

 But just ahead, the wall was about to rise again.

Tonia Gurutra said to avoid it! Go around the obstacle!
"'Whoa, whoa, whoa!

 The captain of the cavalry shouts, and the cavalry change course again.

Captain! There's another obstacle beyond!

 The soldier shouts.
 The captain replies.

"Don't slow down, go around!
"Sir, there's another obstacle ahead!
"Keep moving, keep moving...
Go around.
Ahead again.
Just keep moving!

 Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

 With their invincible thrust, the cavalry would not stop.
 They continued to charge forward at full speed as ordered...

"Hey hey hey hey hey ────
"What the heck is that formation ────?
"My cavalry is ...... cavalry is ......

「「「「「 ohhh ohhh ohhh! Go! Advance! 」」」」」

It would be some time before the soldiers who faithfully followed the "rush order" realized their situation.