109 Episode 109 "A Certain Escape Plan and a Present f...

 A few hours later, on a road north of Dengokugan...

 A horse is running along the road at sunset.
 A woman is riding ahead of the horse. She is probably not accustomed to riding. She is not so fast.
 The woman is holding a large sack in her arms and desperately holding on to the reins.

"...... at least. If we don't get caught until we get to the promised place, ...... then.

 The woman gritted her teeth and mumbled.
 I know my pursuers are behind me.

 I've succeeded in getting the soldiers drunk.
 We were able to take the horses without them noticing.
 As planned, each person in charge fled in a different direction.

 They knew they would be pursued.
 All I needed was for one of them to reach the appointed place. That's what I thought.

"...... Bad luck, sir. I didn't know they'd come after my true love. ............

 If we get caught, it's over.
 Even though I was prepared for it, my body almost trembled with fear.

 There's no one on our side in this place.
 I've asked them to wait in a remote location so that the enemy can't detect our plan.


If ...... any stranger is listening to this voice, please ......

 She grasped the reins and spoke up.

I am a nameless person in the service of a nobleman. He is so young that he does not even know the world. I'm willing to give my life for him. Please let him escape to a place of freedom so that he can live. ...... Please.

"............ Hey.


 The woman looks to her left and right.
 There is no sign of anyone. The only thing around the road is a forest.
 The forest is dark and you can't see what's going on inside.

 It must have been her imagination.
 And so, as she moved her horse forward...

"──── Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey!

 There was a voice again, far behind her.
 At the same time...

 "What was that?

"What the hell was that?
"Hey. Calm down! Calm down!
Calm the horses. ...... No, don't go into the woods. Leave it alone! We're going after them now. ────

 The voices are fading.

"What was that? What was that?

 I don't know. But I was able to gain some distance.
 She looks up at the sky. Checking the stars for direction. The distance is almost there.

"...... Could that be the messenger of the first Dragon Lord? ......?

 She speaks to the one in the bag.
 There is no answer.
 She has no answers, only the certainty that she has made the right choice.

 She drives her horse frantically.
 Eventually, the woods on either side of the road part. The road ahead opens up.

 There are many figures ahead.
 Seeing them, she takes out a small flag tied to the saddle of her horse and waves it.

It was a signal to "them" - "the Kittle family".

 Sylvia's point of view...

"...... I see it! It's a signal flag!

 One of the soldiers shouted.
 One of the soldiers shouted.
 In the darkness, she saw a small flag. It was slowly moving in a circle.
 It was a signal, just as the secret book had said.

"I'll come for you.
"Please wait, Princess. "Wait, Princess. I hear the sound of horses behind the bannermen.

 General Hurka was right.
 A number of them are approaching, following the horse that is giving the signal.

I'll go first. Princess, follow me from behind!

"All right. Hulka.

 General Hulka and his men run ahead of us.
 Sylvia is at the back.
 In the darkness, I see a horse riding down the street. The rider is a woman. She's carrying a sack big enough to hide a child.
 I wonder if there is a nobleman inside.

I'm the Dragon Emperor of Kittle. I am Sorel, the lady of the Dragon Emperor's court. By order of the courtesan Kataria, I have brought a noble person with me!
I'll tell you what happened later. Are the pursuing soldiers enemies or allies? Are they friends or foes?
They are the soldiers of the Ten Wise Men!

 Hearing the woman's voice, General Hulka jumped out.
 With spear in hand, he stands in front of his pursuers.

I am the guardian of this road! Who are you?

 The pursuing soldiers stop their horses.
 They gritted their teeth and glared at Hurka.

Get out of the way! We have business with that woman!
I said, identify yourself first. Then we'll talk.

 General Hulka smirked.
 There are only a few of them. We have more men than you. We can't lose if we fight them head on.

I said move!

 A cavalryman leaps out from among the pursuers.
 One of the horsemen leaps out of the chase, a crimson spear in his hand, heading straight for Hulka.

If you interfere with us, you'll die, woman!
"Beware! This man is a direct subordinate of the Ten Wise Men, Calikhu Huen!

 At the same time as the woman shouted, a male enemy soldier thrust out his spear.
 Hulka catches him with his spear.
 Both spears tremble, and the horses lose their footing.

"I have been given a special weapon by Master Riedal.

 In the darkness, the helmet of General Hulka was illuminated.
 Hulka shouted and his horse jumped back.

 The spears of the enemy soldiers were bursting into flames.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha! This is the power of the direct soldiers who serve Lord Calikoo-Huen!

 This is the power of a direct subordinate soldier in the service of Lord Kalikyu Fuen! The General Hulka just barely avoided the spear that was being thrown at him.
 They are evenly matched in spear skill.

 But the flames from the enemy's spears burned Hulka's spear.
 The handle of the spear is scorched and begins to warp.

"If we continue like this...

 Sweat trickles down Sylvia's forehead as she stares at him.
 She reached for the saddle of her horse and noticed the stone spear tied to the saddle.

Hulka! Use this!

 Reflexively, Sylvia threw the stone spear at Hulka.

 At the same time, Hulka's burnt spear broke.
 Hulka reaches out and takes Sylvia's spear.

"What is this spear?
It was given to me by Lord Shoma!
"Then it's the strongest!

 Hulka did not hesitate to raise her stone spear.
 She also respects the King of the Frontier.

 Her fear of the enemy's Spear of Fire is fading away.
With the spear of the King of the Frontier, there is nothing to fear.

Come! Come and take the spear of my friend!
"What? What's the matter with that shabby spear?

 Hurka thrusts his stone spear.
 Hulka thrusts out her stone spear and catches the enemy's spear.
 The next moment...

The next moment... "Yaaaaaaaaaaryyyyyy!

 The stone spear shuddered.
 Hulka's eyes widened involuntarily.

 The stone tip and wooden handle were vibrating at high speed.
 The stone tip and wooden handle were vibrating at high speed.

"YAAA! Riri-riri-riri-riri-riri!

 Boom. Boom! Boom!

"Yaaaaliiiiii! Yaaaaaaryyyyyy!

 The swaying tip of the spear swept away the spewing flames.

What the hell?

 The enemy soldiers pulled their spears back involuntarily.
 The enemy soldiers involuntarily pull back their spears.

 But it doesn't reach him.
 The vibration of the stone spear shakes off the flames, entangling them and protecting Hulka.
 It was as if the spear itself had a will of its own.

What is that spear? What's with the spear?
Do you have a problem with your esteemed friend's spear?
"Yes! That spear is too strange!

 The enemy soldier kicks the horse's belly.
 I'm not going to let you get away with this!

It's too weird!

 Petty petty petty petty!

 The stone spear twisted like a whip and struck the enemy soldier's spear.

 The stone spear twisted like a whip and struck the enemy soldier's spear. Petty, petty, petty, petty!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

 Unable to withstand the impact, the enemy soldier dropped his spear.
 Furthermore, the enemy's horse, having been hit by the vibration of the stone spear, began to rampage.
 There was a thud, and the enemy horse fell to the ground.

What ...... is a great weapon. The King of the Frontier.

 Hulka was staring at the stone spear with a glint in her eye.
 Then she looked up.

"The enemy general is already incapable of fighting! What will you do? What will you do? I have a weapon that was given to me by my friend, and I will be your opponent!

 In response to Hurka's cry, the soldiers of the Grand Patriarchate of Kittle surrounded the enemy soldiers.
 The enemy nodded and threw down their weapons.

"...... is amazing. Shoma-sama.

 Sylvia held her chest as she watched Hulka fight.

 I know that Shoma used the Stone Fence as the Soldier of Will.
 So when he received the stone spear, he should have realized that it was a spear of will.

I'm not ready yet. When I go to the frontier, I have to get guidance from Lizette and the others.

 Sylvia got off her horse.
 Sylvia dismounted and went to the young lady she had protected.

 She was sitting on the ground, holding a large sack.
 As Sylvia approached, she hurriedly opened the sack.

 Inside was a young girl.

 She was probably no more than ten years old.
 Her hair was silver and her skin was pure white.
 She was wearing a large cotton bag. But it was embroidered and decorated in a high quality way.

 The girl has her eyes closed.
 Her chest is rising and falling slightly, so she must be alive.
 But despite all the commotion, she's still asleep. She's completely unresponsive.

"...... You're not hurt, are you? Thank God. ......
Who is he?
"............ The nobleman we took from King's Landing...

 The lady raised her head and looked at Sylvia.

"This is the current emperor. "This is the current emperor, the Dragon Emperor, Christiania.
"I see that you are currently sleeping at .......
"She is in a state of suspended animation due to the magic in her bloodline.
"In a state of suspended animation?
The first Dragon Emperor was said to have been able to use 'stagnation' and 'fertility' magic. The first Dragon Emperor was said to have been able to use Stagnation and Fertility magic. The only way to get out of the capital without being detected was to use forbidden magic...

 After she had said that much, the courtesan seemed to notice.

"I have a request to the Kittle family! Please save Master Kataria!
"Kataria?" "She is the one who made this escape plan. She's acting as a decoy to attract our pursuers. I need her potion to wake you up! My own is ...... which I broke on the way to escape. ......
I understand. I'll take care of it right away.

 Sylvia looked to her left and right.
 The sun was already setting.
 I don't know where the courtesan Kataria is, or where her pursuers are.
 In addition, this area is outside the territory of the Grand Protectorate of Kittle. Sylvia had no idea where she was.

 You'd have to fly to find Kataria.

I wish I could fly .......

 Sylvia took out an arrowshell from her pack.
 She pulled out another item that Shoma had given her, a rescue cloth, from inside.

It's a good idea. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to use it.
"What is this cloth?
"It was given to me by the King of the Frontier.
All right!
But make sure no one is flying. Shoma said he was going to scout the area.
"Don't worry. Don't worry, I won't do anything to hurt my esteemed fellow 'frontier kings'.

 General Hulka thumped his chest.

If that were to happen, I would be the servant of the King of the Frontier and I would be sorry.
"Don't be careless!
"That's what I'm prepared to do. Goodbye!


 The arrow that Hulka shot flew through the air.
 The vermilion cloth trembled in the wind.
 It's probably a trick to get the harpy to see this. Just when I thought that...

 Shboob. Pa──────!


 The arrow exploded in midair, bursting into nine flames.

"Here are the nine flames ....... You're not telling me that it was the cloth of nine flames?

 I'm not sure what to make of it.
 I'm not sure what to make of it.

What? "What's going on? What's all the fuss about? What's all the fuss about?

 However, the soldiers of the Ten Wise Men are in a daze.

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea.

 You're right, this is Shoma's magic item. It's convenient.
 I'm sure you'll find it useful.

I'm not sure what to do. Someone's flying towards us!

 Hulka pointed to the sky.

 Hulka pointed to the sky. In the sunset, a girl with fluttering white wings was coming towards us.
 The figure flying through the air looked familiar.
 One of Shoma's men. It's the Primordia Baby Phoenix.

I'm not sure what to do. I'm here.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

I'm sorry, but I've replenished my magic.
"You're quick. Mr. Prim.
I was just in the neighborhood. What can I do for you?
I'm looking for someone.
What's the rush?
I'll tell you the details later, but it seems that the woman who was escorting the nobleman is being pursued by the archer's cavalry. I have reason to believe that she must be saved. ...... I need to locate her as soon as possible.
"The Archer's Horseman: ......

 Prim nodded her head.

"Could it be the boy with the black hair and the yellow bow?
"Is that so?

 Sylvia looked at the maid.
The woman nodded repeatedly as she held the Dragon Emperor in her arms.

If that were the case, my king would already be on his way.
"...... What?
He hurt my family, Leroy.

 Prim nodded, with a serious look on her face that Sylvia had never seen before.

"Me and the Harpies were investigating the area. On the way, Leroy was hit by an arrow from the ground.
Is Master Leroy all right?
"Fortunately, he only suffered a minor wound to his wing. Fortunately, I was only slightly injured in the wing. I was eating beans that the king gave me to reduce the chance of arrows hitting me. Leroy was told to fly as high as possible and run away when he saw a stranger, but he didn't follow that advice. ......
"And you, Shoma?
...... I've never seen a king so angry.
...... Is that so?
Yes. The king even sent a reconnaissance fence down into the woods around here to look for the archer. If you find someone who looks like a soldier, you are supposed to call out to them.
...... So much for Shoma-sama.

 The Shoma Sylvia knows is not the kind of person who would go out of his way to put up a fight.
 He would never go this far. .......

You really care about your men, don't you, Shoma?
"He's my king. And the king has already found his opponent. He should be on his way to the archer now. If you'd like, I can show you... but first, tell me what the archer is capable of.

 Prim looked at the lady...

"If possible, I would like the name of the young girl sleeping there and the circumstances of what is happening. I would like to know the name of the little girl who is sleeping there and the circumstances of what is happening, in exchange for my help.

 He spread his white wings again and declared.